Love at Sublevel

BY PASTOR ROB NORRIS Love one another, even as I have loved you (John 13:34). Danny Akin, a seminary president with the bold audacity to write a book on sexual intimacy, shares this true, touching story: A woman had been diagnosed with breast cancer so severe that the doctors had no choice but to do […]

Who Determines Our Path?

BY MICHAEL ARMIJO While driving one day, I noticed a young man sitting on a park bench. You could tell he was in despair, the way he was just sitting there, staring at the ground. He looked like he had given up. The man was wearing a muddy shirt, dirty tan pants, a large trash […]

Eastvale: A Letter From The Editor-in-Chief

I recently received a letter from a local citizen in response to our “A Hero Falls In Eastvale” article (Eastvale Community News, Vol. 6, Is.6, Sept. 2014). He has challenged me on the article’s definition of heroism, and I present his letter for you now, exactly as received; and although he signed the letter, I’ll […]

Eastvale: Three Feet For Safety Law Effective

STAFF REPORTS   Eastvale – Yesterday, on Sept. 16, the “Three Feet for Safety” law went into effect in California. This law requires all motorists to provide at least three feet of clearance between their vehicle and a bicyclist when passing the bicyclist traveling in the same direction. Existing law requires motorists to pass bicyclists while […]

Eastvale: CNUSD Renames One School and Announces Another

BY JENNIFER MADRIGAL Eastvale – Corona-Norco Unified School District (CNUSD) will rename Yorba Elementary as Ronald Reagan Elementary. After researching the area’s history, CNUSD Board Member, Bill Newberry, found that the Yorba Family Rancho was actually on the other side of the Santa Ana River. The District had decided to name the school Yorba Elementary […]

Eastvale: New Acting City Manager Selected

Photo Courtesy:  City of Eastvale

Staff Reports Eastvale – During the closed session discussion at the Sept. 10 City Council Meeting, council members unanimously selected Robert Van Nort to serve as Eastvale’s Acting City Manager. Van Nort’s term as Acting City Manager becomes effective immediately. Van Nort served as the City’s first Interim City Manager immediately following incorporation in October […]

Just Do It

By PASTOR ROBERT JEWETT People have a natural tendency to do things their own way. Thus, God instructs us to not lean on our own understanding, nor be wise in our own eyes (Proverbs 3:5, 7). God graciously reminds us that his thoughts and ways are far higher than ours (Isaiah 55:8-9). Since God knows […]

Inside Baseball

BY PASTOR ROB NORRIS   “I know that you want truth to be in my heart. You teach me wisdom deep down inside me,” Psalm 51:6. Sometimes in the midst of correcting your kids, you can easily lose sight of the main reason you discipline them in the first place. It’s not just to get […]

Eastvale: Boy Scout Seeks Merit Badge


BY K.P. SANDER   Eastvale – The Eastvale Community News received the following letter and editorial piece from a local boy scout in search of a Merit Badge for Communications. We hereby print the [rather charming] information, per his request, and look forward to hearing that the badge was awarded accordingly. Dear Editor: My name […]

Eastvale Community News 09.2014 Complete Edition


The Eastvale Community News covers local news for Eastvale, Norco, Corona, and Chino. Click this link 2014-09-EastvaleAll to access the complete August issue in pdf format.

Eastvale: Heartbreak For Eastvale With Three Drowning Accidents

James Pan - please crop

BY JENNIFER MADRIGAL Eastvale – Eastvale has been rocked recently by two separate drowning tragedies. The first incident occurred on Tues., Aug. 12, in the 7200 block of Canopy Lane. According to the Riverside Sheriff’s Department, 7-year old James Pan had been playing in the backyard pool with a male adult and four other children […]

Eastvale: Thank You Mega Mixer Sponsors

BY MICHAEL OFFUTT, DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC RELATIONS   Eastvale – The second annual Mega Mixer Business Expo, which was held on August 21 at the Eastvale Community Center, was a great success. It most certainly could not have happened without the support of our sponsors, and they deserve our thanks and appreciation.   Chairman’s Sponsor: […]

Eastvale: City Council Recap

BY JENNIFER MADRIGAL Eastvale – This month there were two City Council meetings. The first meeting was held on August 13 at Rosa Parks Elementary. All Council members were in attendance and the meeting started at 6:30 p.m. Pastor Rob Norris from The Crossings church led the invocation, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance, led […]

Eastvale: 9/11 Memorial Ceremony and Moment of Silence

Staff Reports  Eastvale – It doesn’t seem possible that 13 years have passed since the horrific events of Sept. 11, 2001 permanently changed the face of our nation. The City of Eastvale will join organizations and individuals across the country and across the globe to remember and honor the thousands of innocent men, women, and […]

Eastvale: Meet New Councilman Tessari


Staff Reports Bio Courtesy City of Eastvale Eastvale – Recently selected to replace Jeff DeGrandpre at the August 6 City Council meeting – by unanimous vote – Joseph M. Tessari has taken the vacant council seat in Eastvale to fill the remainder of the term. Tessari is a Marine Corps veteran who served with the […]

Eastvale: Help The Kids and Save On Your Next Mattress


Roosevelt High School is holding it 4th Annual Mattress Sales Fundraiser on Sunday, September 21st, 2014 at Roosevelt High School from 10am to 5pm.  If you’re in need of a new mattress, don’t miss this opportunity to save 40%-50% off retail prices.  All profits from this event go directly to the students.

Eastvale: Notice of Street Construction – Update

City of Eastvale   Eastvale – We are pleased to inform you that the City of Eastvale has awarded a contract to All American Asphalt to provide slurry seal treatment on Archibald Avenue and on various residential streets in your neighborhood. The project will consist of minor asphalt pavement removal & replacement, crack seal, slurry […]

Summer is Over, Let the Stress Begin

BY PASTOR MARK LEE As the temperatures decrease, the days become shorter, and the kids return to school, one thing becomes increasingly clear: summer is over. For a brief period of time, many of us are excited to get back to our regular routines. We look forward to everything getting “back to normal” until the […]

Walnut Valley: Best High Schools In America

Diamond bar seniors

 BY KELLI GILE     Walnut – Walnut Valley Unified School District (WVUSD) is pleased to announce that both Diamond Bar and Walnut high schools have been ranked in the top 100 of all high schools in America, by the Daily Beast publication. Diamond Bar High School ranked #54 overall in the nation, and #7 […]

The God Who Sees You


BY PASTOR TIM EATON   Do you feel overlooked, forgotten, invisible, or underappreciated? Does it seem like no one understands what you are going through? There is at least one person who takes note of you, and what you are going through. We remember the song about Santa Clause, “He sees you when you’re sleeping, […]


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