Eastvale Chamber: Hello Eastvale

Hello Eastvale:

 It is an honor to serve as Vice President of the Eastvale Chamber of Commerce. After residing in several locations throughout the United States, no city has been as infinitely unique as Eastvale. The dynamics and autonomy of Eastvale has brought solace to many families’ lives, including mine. This leads to why I chose to participate in community development and why the core principles of the Chamber of Commerce have been fervently pursued by the current Board of Directors: Contribute to the economic success and business development for the community of Eastvale.

 The business community’s success is essential for the City to thrive and continue to make Eastvale an attractive area to live. Thriving businesses inside the community will bolster City revenues (increased sales tax growth), contain goods and services demanded within the community, provide local residents with jobs, and increase local home values – subsequently increasing Eastvale residents’ net worth and quality of life. All of the concepts indicated are what Eastvale residents strive for and what the Eastvale Chamber of Commerce will unequivocally pursue.

 The Chamber’s affable relationship with City government has assisted in encouraging the City to increase business development inside the community. The Chamber speaks on behalf of the business community as a unified voice.  It also disseminates state legislation and protects local businesses from excessive regulation, which prevents economic growth.

 There is no paucity of home development within the City of Eastvale; furthermore homeownership is the number one catalyst to economic prosperity, but owning a home can also provide the necessary leverage capital to start that business many Eastvale residents have dreamed of.

I have personally visited several home office and brick-and-mortar businesses and listened to the success stories. The Chamber wants to assist these same business owners and provide the necessary tools for success.

One tool the Chamber provides is business education, and workshops will be extended to Chamber members throughout the year in the hopes of providing pragmatic business solutions.

 The Chamber has a dedicated and loyal leadership that is working diligently to lead this community to economic success and support community businesses, all the while continuing to align with City objectives for the benefit of this amazing city. All membership dues and proceeds are reinvested into the community.   

 I want to close with a quote from former President Ronald Reagan, who said, “America is a shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere.”  Let’s make Eastvale that shining city upon a hill and continue to work toward making it the best community in California.


Tobie Anderson

Vice President

Eastvale Chamber of Commerce