91 Project in Corona Prepares for El Niño Weather Conditions

By Eliza Echevarria Perez

CORONA – Construction crews working on the 91 Project in Corona are geared up for the arrival of El Niño storms.

During the first full week of El Niño conditions, the Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC) is increasing its Freeway Service Patrol (FSP) vehicles on the 91 and on Interstate 15 to help stranded motorists.

The specially marked FSP tow trucks roam local freeways, including the 91 Project construction limits in Corona, to assist stalled motorists at no charge by jump-starting batteries, providing fuel and fluids, changing flat tires and performing other minor repairs.

The trucks also can tow vehicles from the 91 and I-15 to CHP-approved locations.

The extra tow trucks will continue as needed later this week and during the 2016 El Niño season, through special funding provided by RCTC for the 91 Project.

Motorists who experience a vehicular breakdown should stay in their vehicle, turn on their hazard lights and wait for the FSP or the California Highway Patrol to summon help.

All tow trucks are white and display the FSP logo. Drivers wear blue uniforms and safety vests with the same logo, have an ID badge on their shirts and are certified by the CHP.

The RCTC has also undertaken a series of activities to help ensure the safety of motorists and crews within the project area:


  • The team conducted a detailed review of the construction limits and identified potentially sensitive areas, including those prone to flooding and erosion. Special attention is being paid to these sensitive areas.
  • Erosion control measures, such as the placement of fiber rolls, have been put into place, and crews are routinely checking drainage systems to make sure they are fully functional. Detention basins also have been created to hold excess water.
  • The project team is monitoring weather forecasts and discussing during weekly and daily planning meetings.
  • Construction crews have taken part in training sessions to increase awareness and responsiveness during the rainy season.
  • Motorists are asked to report any problems related to drainage, potholes or flooding within the project limits on the 91 or on Interstate 15 by calling the helpline, 877-770-9191, sending an email to sr91project@rctc.org or using the “Contact Us/Feedback” section of the website, sr91project.info.
  • Motorists should allow extra travel time during rainstorms. Drivers also are reminded that although the speed limit is 55 MPH within the construction area, it is important to adjust travel speeds to match rainy weather conditions, visibility and traffic. In addition, traffic fines are doubled in construction zones.