Reminder! Steer Clear of the 91!

Staff Reports


A reminder to all motorists; a full closure of eastbound and westbound 91 between the 71 and I-15 will occur from Friday, February 19, 2016 at 9 pm to Monday, February 22, 2016 at 4 am.

The full weekend closure of the 91 will allow crews to perform three major construction activities: 1) Demolish the west side of the Maple Street Bridge over the 91; 2) Install support beams for the new westbound Maple Street flyover ramp bridge; and 3) Pave the new eastbound 91 alignment near I-15.

“By fully closing the roadway, we will be able to consolidate these significant construction efforts into one weekend, rather than multiple weekends or extending this over a month of weeknights,” said RCTC Executive Director Anne Mayer. “Consolidating the work activities within one weekend will reduce the number of closure hours by more than 50 percent. The project’s design-build method allows for flexibility in planning work, such as this weekend closure,” she said. Another benefit, Mayer noted, is that the full closure will help ensure the safety of the 91 Project crews and the traveling public by eliminating cars and construction equipment on the road at the same time.

Because of the impact that a full closure will have on this heavily traveled roadway, motorists are urged to “steer clear” of the area during this closure. To minimize major travel delays and impacts during the closure, RCTC strongly recommends that motorists plan ahead, avoid travel in the area or stay home. Motorists traveling on the 91, the 71 or I-15 near the project area during the closure period can expect travel delays of three to four hours. If travel cannot be avoided, motorists can use the 57, 60 and I-10 as alternate routes.

The Green River Road interchange will remain open to motorists, and during the weekend closure, emergency vehicles will be able to travel on the 91, as needed, to respond to police, fire and medical situations.  “Corona residents can rest assured that police, fire, CHP and ambulance personnel will be fully briefed about the weekend closure and are ready to respond,” Mayer said.

In case of rainstorms or inclement weather, the closure will be postponed to the next weekend, weather permitting.  For more information, please call the helpline at 877-770-9191, or visit