Your Platform

Dennis Morales X-ORIGBy Pastor Dennis Morales

“And I told them of the hand of my God which had been good upon me…” Nehemiah 2:18.

You have a platform.  It’s essentially something that enables you to be heard.  Speakers often stand upon a “soapbox” or a “stage” to be heard and make plain their message to their hearers.   Whether it is adversity, struggle, or triumph, it is a platform for faith.

Nehemiah was in captivity and was the king’s cupbearer.  He used his seemingly ill position as a platform for faith and to bring awareness of Gods plan.  As a result, Nehemiah was given favor with the king and necessary resources to fulfill God’s plan and rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.  Nehemiah’s opposition was ever present and men sought to discourage his faithful plan, but Nehemiah had faith and trusted in God.  Nehemiah knew God was for him and God turned the enemy’s plot to nothing (Neh 4:14-16).  The people rallied and completed the walls in record time.  God is faithful in adversity.

I am reminded of Bethany Hamilton who entrusted herself to her faithful Creator. She didn’t quit living when she lost her arm.   She gave her life to God. She deposited her life for safekeeping into His hands; and now, God has given her an international platform from which to share her story and bring Him glory.  What is your platform today?  Trust God to give you strength and lead you today (Proverbs 3:5,6).

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