Understanding Eastvale’s Code Enforcement

By City of Eastvale

EASTVALE, CA– The City of Eastvale’s Code Enforcement division was established to enhance the quality of life within the City by enforcing local laws set forth by the elected and appointed officials. Unlike law enforcement, Code Enforcement officers are City employees utilized to conduct field inspections of properties to ensure compliance with applicable zoning, safety, fire and nuisance codes; ordinances; and/or abatement regulations as outlined in the City’s Municipal Code. Be advised, that any violations to the Municipal Code may be subject to fines, fees and/or legal action. Eastvale’s Code Enforcement is able to respond to reported violations by submitting a complaint through the City’s E-Citizen Service Request System, phone or via email. Officers can also provide additional assistance to the public; however, some inquiries may require a referral to a different department or agency for resolution. It is also important to note that due to the confidentiality or sensitive nature of some cases, information may not be available to the public. In addition, Code Enforcement can provide community outreach, education, and other technical support to assist various departments, divisions, and agencies. To further assist residents with identifying some of the most frequent Code violations found in the City and become familiar with community-wide standards, the City developed the “Eastvale Community Neighborhood Preservation Standards” brochure which can be viewed by visiting www.EastvaleCA.gov.

Code Enforcement cannot respond or resolve the following issues:

  • Emergency situations that threaten human life, property and/or demand immediate attention. (For these emergencies, please call 9-1-1)
  • Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions – (CC&R) violations (Rules established by a developer or Home Owner’s Association that govern residences in a particular neighborhood.)
  • Private disputes between neighbors
  • Situations which are not specifically addressed in the Eastvale Municipal Code

To learn more about the City’s Code Enforcement division, or for questions or inquiries, please call Eastvale City Hall at (951) 361-0900 or you can email Code_Complaint@EastvaleCA.gov.