“His Way”

By Pastor Dennis Morales

““For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,” says the LORD.” Isaiah 55:8

My sons are 5yrs and 7yrs old.  They are the best of friends.  But even the best of friends can have disagreements sometimes.  I was watching my boys play a board game then all of sudden they started quarreling.  What were they quarreling about?  They were accusing each other of not playing correctly.  They both made the same argument.  What was it? “You have to play it my way!”  I think sometimes we are guilty of the same attitude when it comes to our decisions.   Naaman is a classic example in the Bible (2 Kings 5).  He was an army commander for the king of Syria.  His wife’s servant girl was led captive from Israel.  She suggested that he seek healing by consulting Elisha, the prophet.  Naaman was ready to do anything, but he didn’t want to go to Elisha, he wanted Elisha to go to him.  Because of his position, Naaman expected to be served.  Elisha sent Naaman instruction to bathe seven times in the Jordan River.  Naaman felt disrespected and refused at first, then later he humbled himself and went to the Jordan.  That is when Naaman found healing.  Naaman finally humbled himself and did things God’s way.  That’s when Naaman found healing.  How many times have you told God “I want to do it this way!”  But later we always find that His way is the best way.     “Selfish” pride should never be what guides us.  Humility seeks God’s ways (Psalm 25:9).  Though you may not always see the result in view, God’s ways make “better sense.” (Isaiah 55:9).

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