Updated Info On Olympic Trials In Walnut

Staff Reports

The Walnut City Council will be having a council meeting on Wednesday, December 13 at 7 p.m.  The question many are asking is: “Will the Olympic trials be on the agenda for open discussion this time?”

Earlier this year, Mt. San Antonio College (SAC) won the bid to have the Track and Field Olympic Trials at the campus. Whether or not they are able to get the school ready for the trials is still up in the air at this time. A stadium still needs to be built and the deadline to build in time for the trials is quickly approaching. It has been reported that the City of Walnut may not be in favor of the trials being held in their city. The reasons to date have been unclear and it has not been open for discussion as to why it hasn’t been on the agenda at past City Council meetings. Rumors are that it mostly likely won’t be approved by the council, which could cost Walnut and the cities in the surrounding areas an estimated $40 million dollars. That number is conservatively based on what Oregon claims they will lose because they didn’t win the bid.

The lack of information that has been released on the subject led to a misunderstanding that a final vote would take place at the Council Meeting on December 13. We were informed that there will not be a final vote and at this time, it is unclear if an open forum discussion will even be on the agenda. We also recently received information that the city may be seeking an injunction to stop construction of the stadium, which is needed to support the trials. It seems as though driving a truck loaded with dirt on a Walnut city street has been deemed unsafe and permits have not been issued to do so at this time.

Reports indicate that the entire estimated amount of $40 million in revenue won’t be given solely to the City of Walnut. It leaves us to wonder if that played into the decision to stall the construction until the point of no return? That is a question that we hope will be addressed at a city council meeting at some point. The estimated $40 million in revenue could benefit Walnut and the surrounding communities since Walnut doesn’t have hotels in the city. But unfortunately, the surrounding communities are not involved in the decision process.

So local business owners, sports fans and anyone that supports the building of the Mt. SAC stadium, mark December 13 at 7pm on your calendars so you can attend the City Council Meeting.  If the city does decide to have an open discussion about the project, let your voice be heard.