Chino Deputy Sheriff Arrested in Drug Trafficking Scheme

Staff Reports

Chino – A Los Angeles County deputy sheriff, a Chino resident allegedly agreed on two occasions to oversee the delivery of narcotics and other contraband in exchange for cash payments was arrested, along with three other men, on federal narcotics charges.

Special agents with the Federal Bureau Investigation arrested Deputy Sheriff Kenneth Collins, after they allegedly agreed to provide “security” for the transport of nearly 45 pounds of cocaine and more than 13 pounds of methamphetamine. During the FBI’s undercover investigation, Collins allegedly agreed that he and his team would take calculated steps to prevent law enforcement from intercepting the drugs – in exchange for cash payments as high as $250,000.

Collins and two other men were charged in a federal criminal complaint filed last week. In justifying the high fees for his services, Collins allegedly told an undercover FBI agent “we’re cops” and “all of our transports make it through.”

Those named in the complaint are:

  • Deputy Sheriff Collins, 50, of Chino;
  • David Easter, 51, of the Hyde Park District of Los Angeles; and
  • Grant Valencia, 34, of Pomona.

The fourth man arrested, Maurice Desi Font, 56, of South Los Angeles – is expected to be charged in a second criminal complaint.

The four defendants have been charged with conspiracy to distribute controlled substances. This case is part of a long-standing and ongoing commitment to root out corruption, particularly when it involves sworn law enforcement officers.

The FBI and LASD have been working together to address any internal problems with the full cooperation of Sheriff McDonnell in the continuing effort to reform the department. Collins and the other used their position to conduct criminal activity for large sums of money. Further investigation will continue in order to determine whether others may have been involved, this should not be viewed as an indictment of the many dedicated servants at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, some of whom brought this unlawful activity to our attention. The FBI’s commitment to weeding out corruption by public officials and restoring trust in our law enforcement professionals is important for healing process in the local communities to begin.