Chino Hills Crime Meeting

By Anthony Saude

Chino Hills – New California state legislature has changed and now crimes such as first degree burglary and battery with serious bodily injury will no longer be prosecuted as violent felonies. Police officials are saying that crime is exploding all over the state because criminals now know that they won’t be put in jail for those types of crimes. How does a criminal respond to these kinds of changes, they commit more violent crimes of course.

There will be a town hall type meeting held in the Chino Hills Community Center located at 14250 Peyton Drive on March 14 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. It is encouraged for all citizens to come out to discuss how we can take back the community from the criminals. The new legislature tells you what the law can’t do but the Chino Hills Police Department will be in giving advice on what we can do with some crime prevention techniques and education. They will be talking about burglaries and package theft in Chino Hills and some preventative measures home owners can take to prepare themselves in a responsible manner. They will also discuss how to go about reporting a crime with WeTip.

Another topic of Conversation that the police will discuss at the meeting is the cannabis industry and the new laws. Specifically they will be talking about the cultivation of Marijuana as it relates to the legalization of it recreationally.