Our Life: May Day

By Michael Armijo May Day is what alarms me. Not because of the significance in history, but the beginning of another “bad memory” time in life. May Day was a traditional day of celebration for laborers across the world, but can also be remembered as a distress call from someone in despair. For me, May […]

Why Remember?

By Michael Armijo   It was a story about a 9-year-old boy, Travis, whose mother died one day while at home. Without telling a soul, little 9 year-old Travis covered her body with a coat and placed sheets of notebook paper over her face. He then fixed his own meals – mostly frozen pizza, cereal, […]

A Place Called Brilliance

By Michael Armijo I believe in the old premonition that we all have a special purpose in this world, but I also believe that each of us holds a special talent. We all possess “special powers.” It’s not fable-like, or something you’re “born with,” but more of a skill that we hold. A passion we’ve […]

Our Life: “Missed” Opportunities

By Marissa Mitchell I used to think it was a shame when everything good that could happen, didn’t happen. Meaning, every time that I had an opportunity or potential opportunity present itself before me, if I did not avail myself of it, well, that was a shame. It was a waste. It was something to […]

Our Life: Lost In “Reality”

By Marissa Mitchell Looking at the way in which people are fettered to their phones, their computers, their watches, their iPads, their televisions, it’s a wonder that anyone would ever be able to stay present in the moment. Today, I spent most of my waking hours in front of some sort of screen, running around […]

Our Life: It Takes A Village

By Michael Armijo “I am not insane.  I am angry.  I killed because people like me are mistreated every day.  I did this to show society push us and we will push back.”  This statement came from a note a boy wrote in Mississippi after he went to school and open fire killing two classmates […]

Getting Fit

Courtesy Women’s Health Mag.com Getting stronger is a beautiful thing. It’s what helps you see more definition and build more metabolism-boosting muscle. But according to new research in Current Biology, it also causes you to burn fewer calories during each workout. For the study, researchers examined 300 men and women, specifically their levels of physical activity and the number of calories they […]

History 101

Fighting On Iwo Jima Ends By History.com On this day, the west Pacific volcanic island of Iwo Jima is declared secured by the U.S. military after months of fiercely fighting its Japanese defenders. The Americans began applying pressure to the Japanese defense of Iwo Jima in February 1944, when B-24 and B-25 bombers raided the […]

The Ledge

By Sarah Sanchez I have a friend who gave an analogy to explain her depression to me. She said that some days she felt like she was standing on a ledge, barely holding on. She said that sometimes she felt like letting go of that ledge, but as she “let go” she felt others still […]

Times Two

By Racine Guajardo What was amazing was the blessing that would be created by two.. Cliche to say but I never knew a love like this existed so pure and true.. Conception to birth, bringing you to face everything on this earth.. Shielding you from all evil, I dare anyone to step to you.. You see one person, yet I stand […]

When did fear become your master?

By Michael Armijo When I sat at my desk I felt this uneasy queasiness overwhelm me. It was a nauseating feeling as though someone had kicked me in the stomach, and although the beating was over, I could still feel the soreness. It lingered as long as my failure to act lingered. I knew I […]

Our Life

Friends—the best ones make you reexamine yourself. By Julia Rohrabaugh I remember getting this call from my mother telling me my friend had died. He was so close he was like a brother. He had been in so many childhood memories; he’s one of the people that made home what it was. I expected him […]

History 101

Hitler descends into his bunker By History.com   On this day, Adolf Hitler takes to his underground bunker, where he remains for 105 days until he commits suicide. Hitler retired to his bunker after deciding to remain in Berlin for the last great siege of the war. Fifty-five feet under the chancellery (Hitler’s headquarters as […]

Our Life

If Not Today Than When?  By Michael Armijo I’ve learned many things about life from people who have passed away. For example:  I had a friend who always did something each weekend. He was always somewhere. During football season my Sunday excitement was to call him and ask: “where are you?”  He’d always respond with […]

Our Life

Time for 2017  By Julia Rohrabaugh Time. It’s not something to take lightly, but it’s also not something to spend your quiet moments pondering about. This idea of time, that one second gone is one you’ll never get back, can be frightening. Our time is precious, so we want to control how we spend it. […]

Did You Know?

Healthy New Year’s Resolutions to Boost Your Immunity  By StatePoint This New Year, one important resolution is to focus on supporting a strong immune system for a happy and healthy 2017. “Building a strong immune system can improve and even extend your life,” says Larry Robinson, PhD, and vice president of Scientific Affairs, Embria Health […]

History 101

Sooners win 30th game in a row By History.com This day, On January 2, 1956, Oklahoma University’s champion football team, the Sooners, defeat Maryland 20-6 in the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida, winning the national championship and scoring their 30th straight victory in the middle of a winning streak that went on to stretch to […]

Street Art

 By Julia Rohrabaugh Children are taught graffiti is vandalism. The beauties of graffiti and the possibility for it to be an encouraging tool is washed out by its more common occurrences of destruction. Exploring new places, specifically the urban scene, awakens people to the power of street art. When they’re taking a morning commute every […]

Embracing Change

By Julia Rohrabaugh During the four years of gaining my Bachelor of Science from UC Davis, my peers and I were asked to define ‘life.’ One of the main concepts we could all agree on was that life is constantly in a state of change. Whether you’re a recent college graduate, don’t have a secure […]

Did You Know?

Infuse Your Holiday Traditions with a Touch of Sweetness  By StatePoint As the holidays approach, you’re probably starting to think about ways to make the season a little bit sweeter for friends and family. After all, it’s the perfect time of year to indulge your sweet tooth. Here are some fun, festive and tasty ideas […]