Take That, Cancer

By Sarah Sanchez My best friend of 20 years was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  This was a huge shock to us as she is only 26-years-old and there is no history of breast cancer in her family.  She is a beautiful young woman who does not have kids yet, and has her whole life […]

Who Determines Our Path?

By Michael Armijo   While driving one day, I noticed a young man sitting on a park bench. You could tell he was in despair, the way he was just sitting there, staring at the ground.  He looked like he had given up. The man was wearing a muddy shirt, dirty tan pants, a large […]

When I Wake Up

By Anthony Saude Every day when we wake up, thoughts rush into our minds at an almost frightening pace. For some, those thoughts are sadly centered on the negative circumstances they may be experiencing in their lives. Still, for others it is quite the opposite; their thoughts are centered on the positive things happening in […]

What Can I Do?

By Anthony Saude What can I do is a very common question for myself and others. I have found that there are seasons in our lives when we are always asking it. There is always an answer or answers to this question whenever I ask it. Sometimes the answers make a lot of sense until […]

The Carpenter

By Michael Armijo   I received an email a while back that has always resonated with me.  I find myself thinking about it from time to time, as the words it contained often remind me to work hard and be proud of what I’ve accomplished.  It has encouraged me to continue to keep my heart […]

Beautifully Balanced

By Michael Armijo I remember watching an Oscar nominated movie where two characters discussed a life impacting situation: “There’s one in a million chance we’re getting over that fence” the main character said. “Then there’s a chance” said the other. When I think of this story I am reminded of special human beings who hold […]

Death Is A Gift

By Anthony Saude   Just a short while ago I was talking with my wife about my relationship with death. I told her I either have a very healthy one or it is totally dysfunctional. At my age most people have had a fair amount of death and sadness in their lives and I am […]

Big Boy Pants

By Anthony Saude When I got married I knew absolutely nothing about what that would mean to me as a man nor did I want to. I would just be me and do what I do and she can deal with that. She married me, right? Men aren’t like women; we don’t think and plan […]

You’re My Favorite

By Nick Anis   One of the challenging aspects of parenting is NOT playing favorites with your children.  I remember when I was growing up how sad I felt that my father and mother favored my brother.  Mom and Dad bought him a bicycle, I had to buy my own.  They bought him a car, […]

Grass Is Greener

By Sarah Sanchez My dad wrote a story when I was younger that was based off the popular phrase: the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. His story talked about not letting distractions get in the way of following our hearts, and that we should start watering our own yard instead of looking […]

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

By Michael Armijo   While at the ATM drive-through, a woman straddled both lanes in a two-lane isle.  I’ve been there a thousand times and not one person has ever straddled these lanes, they just pick one.  Sometimes the line moves quickly, other times you have to wait while the cars next to you move […]

Stop The Cycle

By Sarah Sanchez  A young girl walked down the stairs of her house on a Monday morning before school. Everyone had gone to work already except her dad. She walked by the living room to find her dad passed out on the couch.  This was a normal view lately; he would become depressed and drink […]

When Are You Having A Baby?

By Sarah Sanchez    The common question asked is: “When are you having a baby?” Our response is usually vague: “Soon”, “not now”, “one day maybe”   Or you may hear an excuse, Of what is now priority: Careers, traveling, finances, These “excuses” have seniority   The truth? We think about babies More than you […]

You Choose

By Anthony Saude My wife and kids are not only the most important people in my life, they are also the most frustrating. You can ask them for yourselves about the important part but I would request you don’t mention the frustrating side. That might not go well for me. I love them so much […]

It Takes A Village

By Michael Armijo “I am not insane.  I am angry.  I killed because people like me are mistreated every day.  I did this to show society push us and we will push back.”  This statement came from a note a boy wrote in Mississippi after he went to school and open fire killing two classmates […]

When “Dad” Becomes a Noun

By Anthony Saude When children are small being their dad is an action – simply put a verb. You will be “dadding” hard all day every day. It is our job to live like nobody else does so that our children can have a beautiful childhood experience. There is so many things to teach them […]

Heaven Is In The Sun

By Michael Armijo Faith in God is so incredibly hard to describe.  It something you have to believe in, something that can’t be physically proven, something that you just have to say to yourself “I know He exists.”  But how do you begin? Where does it all start?  How do you convince someone that there […]

Green Eggs and Ham

By Michael Armijo I’ve looked at society and the everyday human being, and I’ve come to a conclusion:  I just don’t understand. I don’t understand why some people act the way they do.  They insist on playing games with others and sometimes, so adamantly, they convince themselves that life really is the misery that they […]


By Sarah Sanchez    My to do list keeps on growing So much to do, people to see My life is one big schedule Penciling in the places to be   I drive as my mind is spinning Same route, another day Home already? How did I get here? I’m on autopilot, as they say […]

One Year Of Love

By Michael Armijo   There’s a song by Queen called “one year of love” that brings me peace. The song talks about how the singer who  had “one year of love, which is better then a lifetime alone.” I’ve chosen to apply this song and this philosophy to my life and to the death of […]