Impossible (Part 2)

By Mark Hopper A few weeks ago, I shared that the foundation of the Christian faith is the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.  Easter Sunday is the day that Christians around the world celebrate this important and remarkable event. For many people it just seems impossible. Why would anyone believe that a dead person […]

Diamond Bar “Fix and Flip”

By Nef Cortez Are there fix and flip opportunities in Diamond Bar? It appears there are. Generally, fix and flip opportunities are more common in communities that are long established, where the housing stock is older, and the combination of time and deferred maintenance intersect to provide the “perfect storm” that allows for the fix […]

Healing Your Heart and Spirit

By Nancy Stoops It takes an incredible amount of courage to start therapy.   Many people start therapy but leave just as they are really starting to deal with their core issues.  In order to really heal, a person must not only face their demons but take them on and beat them.  This is a scary […]

How Did I Get Here?

By Mark Hopper I was sad when I heard the news that Billy Graham died.  He was 99 years old.  I never met the man, but he had a profound influence in my life and my family. According to the news reports, Billy Graham spoke to over 200 million people who attended his crusades during […]

Giving Up Isn’t Allowed

By Nancy Stoops I’ve always known since I was five years old or so I was put in this world to make it better and to help others heal.  People often wonder why I’m so very positive even though I have lost most of my family.  I feel I don’t have the luxury of giving […]

Lost And Found

By Mark Hopper You have read in my previous articles how much we enjoy getting to spend time with our grandchildren.  We usually babysit one day a week. They love to come to Grammy’s house and we love to have these special visitors. In addition to playing with toys and baking muffins at our house, we […]

Diamond Bar Housing

By Nef Cortez The Diamond Bar housing market has achieved a median sales price which is at an ALL TIME high! The roller coaster ride that has been housing sales prices in the last 30 years is now achieving new record high levels.  Factors that drive this market to its current high include a shortage of […]

The Recent School Shooting

By Nancy Stoops The horrific shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14,2018 is something that will be so very difficult for so many to recover from.  I remember being in court seeing my brother’s picture after he was murdered by a bullet to the head.  I know it took a very long […]

Planning Ahead

By Mark Hopper My wife and I will be celebrating our 47th anniversary soon.  That is a lot of anniversaries to celebrate and it is a lot of Valentine’s Days to remember, too. You would think that we would have learned to plan ahead by now.  But that is not the case.  Sometimes things just […]

Everyday Heroes

By Nancy Stoops There is so much good left in our world.  I run into wonderful people daily.  In my eyes you don’t have to acquire super powers or wear a cape to be a hero.  For me, a hero is somebody that models all the good characteristics one should have.  A hero is a […]


By Mark Hopper In C.S. Lewis’s famous book, “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”, there is a remarkable scene where the evil White Witch killed the powerful Lion named Aslan.  Aslan had willingly surrendered himself to the Witch.  She and her minions had bound, ridiculed and humiliated the Lion and she had personally killed […]

Eaten Out Of House…

By Nef Cortez ​…And Home!.  Many a person who is a head of a household makes this outcry when facing the burdens and responsibilities of having to provide for their families.  They feel so burdened by trying to make ends meet, such as the home mortgage, the taxes, the insurance, utilities, and food.  However, there […]

You Can Depend On You

By Nancy Stoops Just recently I had an experience that reminded me of how very capable I am and how I can depend on myself.  After my fabulous trip to Antarctica, I found out the airline to fly me home was on strike.  It seemed like I was so alone in this and must admit […]

Fun With Grandkids

16By Mark Hopper We enjoy taking care of two of our grandchildren one day a week.  They like coming to “Grammy’s” house.  I don’t know why it is not my house too, but to them it is known as “Grammy’s” house. One of the reasons they like to come to our house is that we have […]

Diamond Bar Home Sales Update!

By Nef Cortez Homes Sales Down! Home prices up! Usually when sales volume goes down, so do home prices. The fact that the number of homes sales in Diamond Bar decreased for a second consecutive quarter is not an indication that there is a lowering of demand for homes in this community. It is more […]

Being an Original

By Nancy Stoops I have always been different from others and have needed to do things my way.  I always knew that I would need a lot of education so that I’d be able to work for myself and make a great living.  I have always been a leader and never have done much following. […]

Interest Rates Going Up?

By Nef Cortez Housing affordability is greatly affected by the interest rate that one can secure when obtaining their loan. Interest rates go up and down, and are largely influenced by forces that affect all markets: Supply and Demand. Due to the Great Recession of 2008, long term mortgage interest rates have been low for […]

Antarctica the Seventh Continent

By Nancy Stoops Part of my holidays I had the pleasure of hanging out with some new penguin friends.  Yes I travelled to the continent of Antarctica my seventh and final continent.  Now I can finally say I have been to every continent and have the proud honor of being a world traveler.  I have […]

More Family Connections

By Mark Hopper Two months ago, my wife and I traveled to New York to see Niagra Falls in western New York and visit some of her cousins near Albany on the eastern side of the state.  My wife really enjoyed reconnecting with her cousins. She had not seen some of them in over 40 years. Over the past few years, we […]

Rent or Buy?

By Nef Cortez Most people start their independent living when they first move out of their parent’s home by renting.  They either choose to rent a room at another person’s home, or possibly move into a friend’s apartment. Many times they go from that living arrangement to sharing the cost of renting an apartment or […]