Off to Antarctica My Final Continent

By Nancy Stoops At the age of seventeen I started my travels around the world and spent three months in Europe.  My love for travel has taken me to six of the seven continents.  On December the 6th I will leave for Antarctica my 7th and final continent.  I’m really excited about being able to […]

College Football

By Mark Hopper One of the fun things that happens at this time of year is college football. The season has gone by so quickly and there is already a lot of talk about which teams will qualify to play in the post-season bowl games. There is something about college football that appeals to me. College football is full of […]

Rent or Buy?

By Nef Cortez Most people start their independent living when they first move out of their parent’s home by renting.  They either choose to rent a room at another person’s home, or possibly move into a friend’s apartment. Many times they go from that living arrangement to sharing the cost of renting an apartment or […]

Thoughts on Gratitude

By Nancy Stoops I can’t believe the holidays are here already.  Thanksgiving is truly one of my favorite holidays.  I love the gathering of my special family and friends.  I think about having a whole lazy day with my favorite people and I get very happy.  We are all usually so rushed but on Thanksgiving […]

I Can Fix That

By Mark Hopper For many years, we had a gardener who mowed our grass each week.  He was faithful and conscientious and did a good job. However, one day I got the idea that maybe I should be mowing the lawn.  I could save money and get some valuable exercise too! I have hybrid-Bermuda grass […]

Finding Support During The Holidays

By Nancy Stoops The holidays for many of us are joyful and fun but that isn’t the case for everybody or every family. I think especially with the way our economy is this holiday season may be hard for many families.  I wanted to let you all know that I run free support groups.  I […]

Giving Thanks for Housing

By Nef Cortez Everyone that has a “roof over their heads” has a reason to be Thankful.  Many of us were able to sit around the dinner table and enjoy this Thanksgiving with family and friends. In contrast, there are many unfortunate people throughout the world that are spent this Thanksgiving Day 2017 without one […]

Happy Thanksgiving

By Mark Hopper One of the ways that I know that Thanksgiving is coming is when I see Pumpkin pies at Costco.  I love Pumpkin pie and I get excited to see them in season at Costco. Their pies are big and they taste good! My wife loves to decorate our house in different ways for the changing seasons.  She has special […]

Tax Reform and Housing: Part 2

By Nef Cortez This past Friday I had the honor and pleasure of attending an event where the headline speaker was Secretary of The U.S. Treasury Steven Mnuchin.  The event was focused on presenting the Administration’s position on Tax Reform. The event was hosted by the Corona Chamber of Commerce at the beautiful Eagle Glen […]

Tax Reform and Housing

By Nef Cortez The current effort to Reform the Tax Code can have some very disconcerting consequences to homeownership in California. The incentives that are built into the tax code benefit Homeowners directly in the ability to claim as a deduction the interest paid on a home mortgage, as well as the property taxes paid. […]

Are You Living to Die or Dying To Live?

By Nancy Stoops Our lives are truly about our mindset and how we view our lives.  I must ask you if you are living to die or are you dying to live.  These two ways for which people live sure do look and sound the same but they couldn’t be more different.  Take a look […]

Lost In A Hospital

By Mark Hopper One of the privileges and responsibilities of a pastor is to visit people in the hospital.  My goal is to encourage the patient and family when I go to visit them.  I often read a verse from the Bible and always pray with the patient and their family. However, I think there should be a […]

Straight Talk with Danice

Dear Dr. Akiyoshi, I am 28 years old and live with my parents.  My problem is that my parents are mean to me.  When I’m not doing things their way they put me down.  They say I am over weight, or that I shouldn’t go out with my friends because my face is having a […]

Deciding to Start Therapy

By Nancy Stoops Deciding to start therapy can be a very hard decision.  It’s hard to admit to ourselves that we can’t do it on our own and that we need some help.  The truth is even though we take care of ourselves sometimes we need the help of a good doctor or an antibiotic […]

A Different Perspective

By Mark Hopper   Recently, my wife and I had the opportunity to travel to Niagara Falls near Buffalo, New York.  We had never been there before and it was something we had talked about doing for a long time. The Niagara Falls were amazing! We actually visited the Falls three different times on our trip. […]

Payoff Home Loan Early!

By Nef Cortez You can save tens of thousands of dollars, possibly even hundreds of thousands, in the repayment of your home loan by using a very simple money management trick.  The typical home loan that is taken out in the purchase of a home is written or amortized over a 30 years period.  The […]

Fall Colors

By Mark Hopper Last year my wife and I traveled to New England to see the Fall colors.  We flew to Boston and then drove through the mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire.  We were amazed to see the beauty of the fall colors. This year, we traveled to upstate New York on a similar […]

Safety and Homeownership

By Nef Cortez One of the most important considerations when one is looking to buy a home is the safety of the community in which the home is located.  Diamond Bar has consistently ranked as one of the safest cities in the US, and without a question, in California. I attended Supervisor Janice Hahn’s first […]

Fighting Depression with Gratitude

By Nancy Stoops I work with many people suffering from depression.  It seems like their minds are filled with what is wrong with their lives and lots of self –pity.  Having lost most of my family I understand what feels like paralyzing sadness.  I’m referring to the kind of emotion that makes you feel like […]

Straight Talk With Danice

Dear Danice Akiyoshi, My boyfriend and I moved in together 9 months ago. He is supposed to keep our cars clean and the outside of our house looking nice at all times.  He is also supposed to supply our dinner every other week.  My job is to keep the inside of the house clean and […]