Housing the Homeless Part 2

By Nef Cortez Last week I wrote Part 1 of Housing the Homeless. Questions were posed as related to Organized Real Estate’s efforts to participate in the fight to end homelessness. As evident in cities across the country, it is a big problem that has had very negative effects on the quality of life for […]

Straight Talk With Danice

Dear Dr. Akiyoshi, I’m going out with a new guy that I met at my spinning class.  He always takes me out for smoothies after class and seems like he is very health conscious.  He drinks lots of water during our work out and eats fruit and protein bars as snacks.  Last weekend we went […]

Feeling Overwhelmed

By Nancy Stoops We tell ourselves that we are given what we can handle.  Sometimes it sure does feel like we are given way more then we can or should have to handle.  I laugh to myself and think my creator must think I’m superwoman and must think so much of me to give me […]

Rescuing a Lizard

By Mark Hopper I recently heard in the news that a woman called “911” because she was being strangled and bitten by her Boa Constrictor.  Fortunately, she was rescued by local law enforcement and survived this frightening event. My story is on a much smaller scale and not as dramatic.  Actually, I was not attacked by […]

A Can Of Paint

By Mark Hopper   I have discovered that after Spring cleaning comes Summer painting!  We recently hired some people to remodel our bathrooms.  The look great.  New fixtures, new tile and new paint!  It is amazing how nice they look. However, when you get new paint in one room, you notice how old the paint […]

As Good As It Gets

By Nancy Stoops   Have you ever had a moment that just feels totally perfect?  Do you ever go through chunks of time feeling so in sync with the world?  Isn’t it just wonderful when you feel that blissful momentum just carrying though.  These are the times I believe that things feel as good as […]

A Manila Envelope

By Mark Hopper   Recently, I received a large Manila envelope in the mail from my brother.  He is my favorite brother. Actually, he is my only brother! He sends me a birthday card every year and signs it – “Your Favorite Brother”. I wasn’t sure what he was sending me .  My birthday is […]

Calling For Responsible Pet Owners

By Nancy Stoops   It is on behalf of dogs everywhere that I write this article.  Being the proud owner of Midnight, the black lab/black shepherd mix shown with me in my photograph is truly a joy and honor.  Midnight is nine-years-old and very healthy.  Midnight and I take lots of long walks in our […]

Diamond Bar Home Prices Still Up!

By Nef Cortez Home prices of those transferring ownership in Diamond Bar during the second quarter of 2017 maintained the high levels reached in the first quarter.  These prices maintain historically high levels not seen since the housing market peak of 2006. Including single family residences (SFR), townhomes, and condominiums, the current median sales price […]

Anxiety And Our Youth

By Nancy Stoops M.A., M.F.T. I have been a psychotherapist for seventeen years and have worked with people of all ages with various issues.  I’m constantly amazed when I have a child or teen brought to me for anxiety issues. We seem to have created a generation that feels very inadequate and struggles with growing […]

Hayden & Rhodes

By Pastor Mark Hopper   For decades states along the Colorado River like California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada and Colorado had fought in court over how much water each of them should receive from the the river.  In the 1960’s the United States Supreme Court determined that Arizona was entitled to a specific amount of water […]

Homeownership is Good for Parents Too!

By Nef Cortez I wrote last week on “Homeownership is Good for Kids!” I explained how in many ways, homeownership impacts children’s development in positive ways. In my 41 year career in the real estate industry, I have seen many instances of this lived out, where my clients bought a home and were able to […]

All Great Things Are Possible If You Believe In Yourself

By Nancy Stoops What is it that seems to set you apart from somebody you consider a successful human being?  Do you find yourself always doubting your capabilities?  Are you really willing to always settle for less than you really deserve?  Don’t you understand that you have wings and that you really could fly if […]

Men and Women

By Mark Hopper My wife and I recently enjoyed a restful vacation at an older beach community.  The setting was lovely and the weather was great.  We really enjoyed our time there. We stayed at a condo a short walk from the beach.  Sometimes we would drive to a nearby coffee shop or breakfast place […]

Straight Talk With Danice

By Danice Akiyoshi, N.D.   Dear Dr. Akiyoshi,   I recently suffered a terrible break up.  I didn’t want my family to see me crying all the time so I started taking long walks.  My walks soon turned into running and I have now lost 23 pounds.  Now everyone is asking me if I’m suffering […]

Homeownership Is Good For Kids

By Nef Cortez Homeownership has long been lauded as an important factor in the success of children in school and subsequently in their careers. Much research and many studies have been completed with analysis on the beneficial impacts of homeownership on children. This fact has long been used by the real estate and lending industries […]

Where’s My Bag?

By Mark Hopper Recently, my son and I took a father son golf trip.  My wife came along to cook for us and to clean our golf clubs each day (just kidding). My son and I enjoy playing golf and sharing time together.  He is a good golfer and can really hit the ball a […]

Straight Talk With Danice

Dear Danice Akiyoshi, My teenage son (13) thinks he doesn’t need to shower because he goes swimming in the pool.  He will go three or four days without taking a shower and it’s getting pretty bad.  Everything I say goes in one ear and out the other.  Do you have any suggestions?  I’m getting desperate. […]

Celebrating the Simple Things

By Nancy Stoops I believe each day that we have the honor of being alive is call for celebration.  Every morning as I awake and see the sun rising and filling the sky with majestic colors I am reminded of how lucky we are.  As I step out in the morning with Midnight my therapy […]

A Bird In The Hand

By Mark Hopper   There is a familiar saying that says, “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”.  Basically it means that it is better to hold on to something you already have than to risk losing it by trying to get something more. I have come up with a better […]