Don’t Laugh

By Mark Hopper   Recently we had a clean up day to get ready for our church’s 50th birthday party.  There was one specific area on our property that really needed some sprucing up. The ground cover was thinning out and we agreed to order some new mulch and bark to make it look better.The area that we […]

There Is No Win In Quit

By Sean Ortiz Have you ever started something and quit?  Maybe it was difficult or you believed you could not do it.  Why do we need to learn to not Quit… In our marriages, with our children, in our relationship with Christ.Because there is no Win in Quit.  We won’t grow.  We won’t see the victory.  […]

Sources of a Down Payment

By Nef Cortez How much money does a person have to have in order to buy one’s home? The answer to this question, of course, varies in many ways. One variable is in what city one decides to make their home. That decision, of course, will affect the price of homes that a person has […]

A People, Not a Steeple

By Mark Hopper   I have shared in my last few articles that our church’s 50th birthday party is coming up on Saturday, October 21st.  I was asked to look through some old photos and put together a short visual history of our church. I enjoyed my assignment and spent several hours looking through many photos that went […]

Helping Homeless Veterans

By Nef Cortez Homeless veterans make up close to 10% of the Homeless population.  Although it is a very large number, it has decreased substantially from what it was 7 years before by approximately 40%.  The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans (NCHV)lists  a very good outline of the types of services individuals or groups can […]

Visit My Booth at the Walnut Family Festival

By Nancy Stoops Can you believe fall is here and we are getting ready for Halloween?  One of my favorite things about this time of year is the Walnut Family Festival.  This year I will not only have a booth but Midnight the therapy dog and myself will be in the parade.  The date of […]

A Special Birthday- Part 2

By Mark Hopper   The idea of starting a new church in Diamond Bar was the dream of a man named Wally Norling. He was the District Superintendent of the Evangelical Free Church in Southern California.  He loved to plant new churches in new communities that were popping up all over Southern California 50 years ago. Wally personally approached […]

An Invitation for All Natural Healers

By Nancy Stoops Last year I facilitated and ran a very successful wellness event for the city of Walnut.  We had a hundred people attend this event.  Due to the success of this event I have been asked to do four wellness events for 2018.  I’m so honored and very excited and looking for healers […]

Balanced Parenting

By Nancy Stoops   Our children are one of the few things in our lives that don’t come with a manual and definitely can’t be returned.  Parenting is the most important job you will have in this world.  I work with many parents trying to teach them how to be balanced and more effective.  Balance […]

The Solar Eclipse: Part 2

By Mark Hopper   I shared in my previous article that my wife and I went to see the total Solar Eclipse in St. Joseph, Missouri, on August 21, 2017.  This was the first total solar eclipse to cross the entire USA in about 80 years.  It was exciting to be part of it.   […]

Straight Talk With Danice

Dear Danice Akiyoshi ND, My wife is a terrible back seat driver.  She complains about my driving every time she’s in my car.  She says things like, “everyone is stopped ahead, and maybe you should take your foot off the gas.”  “You’re getting too close to that truck.”  “Why are you being so aggressive, let […]

Housing Inventory Shortage Solutions

By Nef Cortez The Housing Inventory Shortage is becoming a bigger problem in many ways.  Economics 101 taught us that the change in either side of the Supply-Demand equation will create a change in outcomes to the marketplace. In this case, the Housing inventory is the supply, and being an illiquid investment, it does not […]

Free Counseling is Available

By Nancy Stoops For the past twenty years I have had the honor of facilitating a free counseling group every Monday evening.  Our group meets at the Walnut Teen Center and Gymnasium located at 21003 La Puente road in the city of Walnut.  We meet year round from 6-8p.m. every Monday unless it is a […]

The Solar Eclipse: Part 1

By Mark Hopper   I shared in a previous article that my wife and I were on our way to see the Solar Eclipse.  We sensed the excitement and anticipation as we waited at airports for our flight.  There was a “buzz” in the air. We flew to Des Moines, Iowa, and spent two days […]

What Ever Happened To Play?

By Nancy Stoops It is frightening how many children are brought to me each for anxiety.  When did children start taking meds for anxiety? When I was growing up I didn’t even know what that word meant.  It was play that saved me from my hard days and that was how I worked through my […]

Little Friends

By Mark Hopper I was driving in Yorba Linda recently and saw a sign in front of a church.  It was Rose Drive Friends Church.  I have heard many good things about the church.  The sign in front of the church read, “Now Enrolling: Rose Drive Friends School & Little Friends Preschool”.  The phrase “Little Friends” caught my attention.  […]

Housing the Homeless Part 3

By Nef Cortez The National Alliance to End Homelessness reports that there are currently over 500,000 homeless people in the United States. We have all seen “the homeless” as we drive to and from work, while running errands, at freeway off-ramps, underneath freeway overpasses, along the Santa Ana River near Anaheim Stadium. The 1/2 million […]

Being Back In School

By Nancy Stoops   I work with so many young people that have recently started school again.  They are all feeling a lot of stress due to the transition from summer to school.  The homework is coming at what seems to be a rapid pace. It’s important for these students to take one day at […]

Back To School

By Mark Hopper Everywhere you look these days, there are reminders that school will be starting again soon. My credit card company is encouraging me to use my credit card for back to school shopping. I guess they don’t know our children are actually out of college! Retail stores are advertising back to school sales […]

Housing the Homeless Part 2

By Nef Cortez Last week I wrote Part 1 of Housing the Homeless. Questions were posed as related to Organized Real Estate’s efforts to participate in the fight to end homelessness. As evident in cities across the country, it is a big problem that has had very negative effects on the quality of life for […]