Shop Eastvale This Holiday Season

Eastvale Chamber President Jorge RazoJorge Razo, President

Eastvale Chamber

It’s the end of the year and important family time, but you still need to pay attention to your business. Our networking breakfast and holiday mixer is approaching. So it’s important for business owners remember: START MARKETING TODAY!

Remember to Shop Eastvale and support your local city and chamber. We have partnered up with the City of Eastvale to remind our community to shop locally and keep those local dollars inside the city wherever possible.

Don’t forget to effectively market your business and prepare for the upcoming year. Here are a few tips to effectively market your business:

1. Cut out what’s not important.

Be as clear and efficient as possible. Watch verbosity, keep the words to a minimum. The customer probably doesn’t want to hear about the company’s history, so don’t explain it unless they ask for it. We are all trying to network and market to many people.

2. Explain things before you thoroughly. Use layman’s terms. Big words may impress but it wont always make the sale. Explain so people understand. Educate them.

3. When possible, use analogies.

Comparing a complicated scenario to a common problem is helpful.

4. Be funny.

Making people laugh relaxes them. They like emotions, and laughter is one of the best emotions.

We hope these tips help, and with this month’s events, which are open to all community members, Chamber members have the opportunity to begin marketing their businesses and services while spreading the word on what they do.

So please be sure to bring plenty of business cards, flyers, coupons, or samples of your products. Keep the conversation lean by giving each person you meet a 45 second commercial with literature to complete your presentation so you, and they, can market to other members at the event.

I hope to see many of you out there letting people know of the business products and services you provide, as the time is NOW to get out there and market. If people don’t know you exist, how can you provide your services and products to them? Shop Eastvale and remember that It’s YOUR community, the more you put into it, the more you’ll get back from it.