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Sheriff’s Deputy Killed by DUI Driver

Left: SBSD Deputy, Nicholas O’Loughlin, was off-duty & traveling south on Euclid Ave. in Chino when he was struck & killed by a drunk driver in the early morning hours of February 23rd. Right: Yijie Mao of Alhambra was arrested on suspicion of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and DUI causing injury, after police allege that he was found to be driving under the influence of alcohol and marijuana. (Photo courtesy Chino Police Department)

By City of Chino

Chino – Twenty-Eight year old San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Deputy Nicholas O’Loughlin of Chino Hills was killed in an off-duty traffic collision in the early morning of February 17, 2019.

Officers responded to the intersection of Edison and Euclid Avenues at 12:31 a.m. for a report of a traffic collision. The preliminary investigation indicates that O’Loughlin was traveling south on Euclid Avenue in a 2006 Chevy Silverado when he was struck by 26-year-old Yijie Mao of Alhambra who was traveling west on Edison Avenue in a 2014 BMW compact SUV.

 O’Loughlin was pronounced deceased at the scene. Mao was determined to be under the influence of alcohol and marijuana. He was booked at the Central Detention Center for gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and DUI causing injury. The road was closed for approximately nine hours while Traffic Investigators processed the scene. The investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Officer Bloch at (909) 334- 3018 or

1983 Murder Case is Back in News

Governor Brown Orders Retesting of Evidence

By Izabella Salinas

Chino Hills- In his last days in office, Governor Jerry Brown ordered retesting of four pieces of evidence from a 1983 Chino Hills murder case.

35 years ago, a man named Kevin Cooper was convicted for the murders of Doug and Peggy Ryen, their daughter Jessica, their neighbor Christopher Hughes, and the attempted murder of their son Josh. Cooper was given the death penalty and was scheduled for execution in 2004. However, the execution was blocked due to a federal appellate court in San Francisco ordering a review of the scientific evidence.

San Bernardino County District Attorney Mike Ramos argues that two existing tests have proven that Cooper is the killer. The tests show that Cooper was in the Ryen home, he smoked a cigarette in the Ryen’s stolen vehicle, and Cooper’s blood, along with the blood of one of the victims, was found on an abandoned T-Shirt along the road. The new testing would reevaluate this evidence.

“The purpose of this new testing is to determine whether another suspected person’s DNA, or the DNA of any other identifiable suspect based on a match in the FBI’s Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) database, is present on the items tested,” said Governor Jerry Brown in his executive order.

Cooper and his attorney argue that additional testing with new available technology will show he is in fact innocent.

This quadruple murder changed the perception of the community and instilled fear amongst people near and far.

“I never let my children sleepover at their friends’ houses solely because of this case,” said Eastvale resident Veronica Sahagun, “I heard the story and was mortified.”

Doug and Peggy Ryen’s son was the only survivor of the attack. Josh Ryen’s best friend Christopher Hughes was sleeping over the night of the murders.

“I invited my best friend Chris Hughes to spend the night at my house. If I had not, Chris would still be alive today,” said Josh in a letter to Governor Jerry Brown.

At the time, Josh was only eight years old and was initially unable to identify Kevin Cooper as the killer, but he can now positively say that Kevin Cooper is the murderer of his family and best friend.

“Kevin Cooper is a liar. He lies about everything. When he is caught in his lies, he lies more and more,” said Josh in his letter as he begs for the state of California to stop subsidizing Kevin Cooper.

“I take no position as to Mr. Cooper’s guilt or innocence at this time,” said Governor Jerry Brown.

A date for the retesting has not yet been set.

Left: Kevin Cooper was convicted for the Ryen/Hughes murders and was sentenced to death in 1985. Right: Cooper smiles from his cell on San Quentin’s Death Row in 2017.

I-15/Limonite Avenue Lane & Ramp Closures

By City of Eastvale

Contractor will be closing the freeway ramps and the Limonite Avenue Bridge on Tuesday and Thursday, January 15 and 17, 2019 from 9:00 pm to 5:00 am. The closures on Thursday, January 17, 2019 will only be used if the work is not completed on Tuesday.

CH Deputies are searching for suspect who assaulted homeowner with machete 

Deputies are searching for a suspect who assaulted a homeowner with a machete 

DATE/TIME: Tuesday, November 13, 2018 4:21 a.m. 
INCIDENT: Assault with a Deadly Weapon 

LOCATION: 13100 block of Le Parc Boulevard, Chino Hills 

VICTIM: Confidential 

SUSPECT: Unknown Hispanic Male wearing a grey hoodie 

SUMMARY: On Tuesday, November 13, 2018, at approximately 4:21 am, deputies from the Chino Hills Station responded to a residence in the 13100 block of Le Parc Boulevard following the report of a victim receiving an injury after being attacked by a suspect with a shiny object believed to be a machete. Upon arrival, deputies were informed by the victim that he heard his car alarm go off, went outside as he believed someone was trying to steal his truck when he encountered the suspect. The victim was transported to a local area hospital where he underwent surgery for a laceration to his right forearm. The victim described the suspect as a Hispanic male wearing a grey hoodie.  

The investigation is ongoing, and detectives are attempting to identify the suspect involved.  

The victim has been released from the hospital and is recovering from his injury. 

Anyone with information regarding this incident is urged to call the Detective Bureau of the Chino Hills Station (909) 364-200. Callers wishing to remain anonymous may contact the We-Tip Hotline at (800)78-CRIME (27463) or you may leave information on the We-Tip website at 

Refer: Detective Wendy Beaton 

Station: Chino Hills Station 

Phone No.(909) 364-2000 

Case No. DR#221803669

Arrest for felony evading and possessing a controlled substance for sale in Chino Hills

Saturday, October 20, 2018 / 10:01 P.M.

INCIDENT: VC 2800.2(a)- Felony Evading, HS 11378- Possess Controlled Substance for Sale

LOCATION: Roswell Avenue and Grand Avenue in the unincorporated area of Pomona

SUSPECT(S): Kevin Ceballos, age 21 a resident of Montclair

VICTIM(S): People of California


On Saturday, October 20, 2018, at about 10:01 P.M., Deputy B. Cervantes attempted a traffic stop at the entrance of a mobile home park. The driver, later identified as Kevin Ceballos fled, driving recklessly through the complex and collided with a tree. He ran from the vehicle and was later arrested. A large amount of narcotics packaged for sales was located at the end of the pursuit.

Sheriff’s Aviation, along with Chino and Montclair Police Departments assisted with the apprehension of Ceballos. The traffic collision is under investigation by the Californ ia Highway Patrol.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is urged to contact the Chino Hills Sheriff’s Station at (909) 364-2000. Callers wishing to remain anonymous may contact the We-Tip Hotline at 1-800-78CRIME (27463), or you may leave information on the We-Tip website at

Refer: Deputy Brian Cervantes or Sergeant Matthew Gordon

Station: Chino Hills

Phone No. (909) 364-2000

Case No. 021800824

Draft Environmental Impact Report Available

City Of Eastvale

Eastvale – This notice is hereby given that the City of Eastvale has prepared a Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR), which is being distributed for public review pursuant to the California Public Resources Code and the California Environmental Quality Act Guidelines (CEQA Guidelines). The City is the Lead Agency for the proposed project.

Project Title: Project No. PLN18-20026 – The Merge Retail and Light Industrial Development by Orbis Real Estate Partners [SCH No. 2018061065]

Project Location: The Project is located in the City of Eastvale, and within Riverside County, California. Specifically, it is located at the northeasterly corner of Limonite Avenue and Archibald Avenue.

Project Description: The proposed Project would involve the development of a commercial/retail and light industrial center on an approximately 26.28-acre site. The proposed entitlements are as follows:

CEQA Compliance/EIR Certification. The City must certify the EIR prior to, or concurrent with, any approval of the Project.

General Plan Amendment on 10.8 acres to change the land use designation from Light Industrial (LI) to Commercial Retail (CR) to facilitate a proposed change of zone (see below).

Change of Zone on 10.8 acres from Heavy Agricultural (A-2) to General Commercial (C-1/C-P); and on 15.4 acres from Heavy Agricultural (A‐2) to Industrial Park (I‐P).

Major Development Review for the development of 71,100 square feet of commercial retail buildings and 336,501 square feet of light industrial/warehouse buildings.

Tentative Parcel Map to subdivide the 15.4 acres of land with the LI zone into eight (8) parcels, and to subdivide the 10.8 acres of land with the CR zone into between eight (8) and ten (10) parcels plus common area.

Conditional Use Permits for the sale of alcohol for off-site consumption, and for drive-throughs including restaurants, car washes, and a drugstore pick-up window.

Variance to Eastvale Municipal Code Section 120.05.040 to allow for landscape reductions/modifications consistent with Riverside County Airport Land Use Commission recommendations.

Government Code Section 65962.5: The Project site is not located on a site which is included in a list of hazardous materials sites compiled pursuant to Government Code Section 65962.5. As part of the Project Phase I ESA, a search of selected government databases was conducted using the EDR Radius Report environmental database report system. The Project site does not appear on a list of hazardous materials sites compiled by the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) or the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) pursuant to Government Code Section 65962.5.

Environmental Topics Evaluated: The Draft EIR examines the potential impacts generated by the proposed project in relation to the following environmental topics: Land Use and Planning; Transportation/Traffic; Air Quality; Global Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Emissions; Noise; Geology and Soils; Hazards and Hazardous Materials; Hydrology and Water Quality; Cultural Resources/Tribal Resources; and Public Services and Utilities.

Significant Environmental Impacts: Based on the analysis in the Draft EIR, the Project would have significant and unavoidable impacts to air quality, GHG emissions, and traffic and circulation, as identified below and described in detail in DEIR Sections 4.3, 4.4, and 4.2, respectively.

Air Quality:

NOx Regional Threshold Exceedance (Operational-Source)

Contributions to Non-Attainment Conditions

AQMP Inconsistency

 GHG Emissions:

Greenhouse Gas Emissions:

SCAQMD MTCO2e Threshold Exceedance


Existing, Opening Year, and Horizon Year Intersection and Roadway Segment Level of Service (LOS) ImpactsHorizon Year Freeway Ramp Merge/Diverge Areas LOS Impacts

Horizon Year Freeway Ramp Merge/Diverge Areas LOS Impacts

Reviewing Locations: The Draft EIR can be accessed on the City website at:

Copies of the Draft EIR are available for review at the following locations during regular business hours:

Eastvale City Hall, 12363 Limonite Ave., Suite 910, Eastvale, CA 91752; Monday – Thursday, 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.; (951) 703-4421.

Eastvale Library, 7447 Scholar Way, Eastvale, CA 92880; Monday – Wednesday 3:00 to 8:00 p.m., Friday 3:00 to 6:00 p.m., Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. This branch is closed Friday and Sunday; (951) 703-4421.

Riverside County Clerk, 2720 Gateway Drive, Riverside, CA 92507; Monday – Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., (951) 486-7000.

Public Comment Period: The Draft EIR and its technical studies are available for the CEQA required 45-day public review and comment period from Tuesday, September 18, 2018 through Friday, November 2, 2018.

Written comments on the Draft EIR and technical studies must be received no later than 4:30 pm on Friday, November 2, 2018.  Please submit comments to:

Eric Norris, Planning Director

Planning Department

City of Eastvale

12363 Limonite Avenue, Suite 910

Eastvale, CA 91752



Eastvale Holds Elections November 6, 2018

By Michael Armijo

Eastvale – Its election time again so you’ll see many candidate signs, flyers, mailers and people knocking at your door. But it’ll only be in certain areas as the City of Eastvale had converted to the “district” option of voting instead of their traditional “at large” option of voting. This means a few things:

  1. The city will have representation by all parts of the city. So as the city is cut up into 5 areas. There can only be a candidate who lives in those district areas that are up for election.
  2. The marketing costs will be more affordable. So if a “rich” candidate, or someone who has the ability to raise more money than the others, dominated past elections they can no longer do so. It levels out the political playing field financially.

What has also changed is the election cycle. State law now requires all elections to be held in November, with the exception of Primary elections, which are historically held in June. This has been a great cost saver to cities who ran their elections outside of the county election cycles. Now cities who paid for elections in odd months can now streamline their costs.

In Eastvale there are 3 districts up for election: District 1, 3, and 4. In District 1 the current council representative is Todd Rigby. He was unchallenged by the deadline last month so he will retain his seat. In District 3, Howard feng, Chris Hook and incumbent Councilman Clint Lorimore square off. In the final District, 4, Bart Moreno and Jocelyn Yow will compete. The elections are set for this November.

A little history on the decision to divide the city into districts: The City Council previously took action at the April 27, 2016 City Council meeting to initiate the process of converting to by-district voting beginning with the November, 2016 election. The Council approved Resolution No. 16- 09 initiating the by-district process.

The City Clerk is the local elections administrator and coordinates with the County of Riverside in the conduct of Municipal elections. This includes, but is not limited to, the preparation of necessary resolutions calling for General and Special Municipal Elections and declaring the result of the election, the coordination of the candidate nomination process and the receipt and processing of initiative, referendum and recall petitions. Regular elections are consolidated with statewide elections, scheduled on the first Tuesday of November of even numbered years to fill expired City Council terms. All election services are provided according the California Elections Code, according to the city of Eastvale’s website.

Council Members receive $400 per month stipend as compensation for their service.

Qualifications for Candidacy; to qualify as a candidate for member of the City Council, you must reside and be registered to vote within the jurisdiction at the time nomination papers are issued. More specifically, you must be:

Be registered voters at their current residence in the City of Eastvale

Residing in the district in which they are running

A citizen of the United States

18 years of age or older

Not disqualified from holding office by the Constitution or laws of the State of California.

To become a candidate, you must first be issued a Nomination Paper which specifies the office you are seeking. You must obtain the signatures of at least 20 and not more than 30 registered voters within the City of Eastvale. A number of additional forms are required to be filed.
The nomination period ran from July, 2018 through early August, 2018. Write-in candidates must file a statement of write-in candidacy, a nomination paper and a Statement of Economic Interests, as well as other forms, during the period of early September through late October. Signatures and voter registration information on the nomination paper are verified in the same manner as a regular nomination paper. Write-in candidates’ names do not appear on the ballot or in the sample ballot pamphlet.

Voter registration forms are available at all public libraries, post offices and City Hall. To receive a registration form by mail, please call the Riverside County Registrar of Voters office at (951) 486-7200 or the City Clerk’s office at (951) 703-4420. Completed registration forms can be hand-delivered to the Registrar’s office located at 2724 Gateway Drive, Riverside, CA 92507 or Eastvale City Hall located at 12363 Limonite Avenue, Eastvale, CA 91752 or dropped off in any U.S. mailbox. No postage is necessary. For additional voter registration information visit


Man Lunged Towards Student

Staff Reports

Eastvale – On August 23, at about 3:30 P.M., it was reported a student was walking home from school in the area of Sumner Avenue and Pheasant Knoll Road, in Eastvale.

The student observed a white male adult walking towards him, who subsequently sat on the ground in some bushes concealing himself from view. As the student walked past the subject, the subject lunged towards the student and grabbed his ankle. The student broke free and immediately ran away.

The subject was described as a 50-60-year-old male with a grey beard. He was wearing a red hat, unknown type jacket with gold/tan vertical stripes on the sleeves, and light blue pants (dirty and ripped). He did not have a weapon.

The Eastvale Police Department is dedicated to maintaining a high quality of life and encourages citizens to report any suspicious activity they observe. Parents are also encouraged to remind their children to always be aware of their surroundings and to walk in pairs when possible.

Citizens may also submit a tip using the Sheriff’s CrimeTips online form.

The investigation is ongoing and anyone with information about this incident is encouraged to contact the Investigations Bureau at the Jurupa Valley Sheriff’s Station at (951) 955-2600.


1 Dead in Auto Accident in Norco

Staff Reports

Norco – There was a fatal accident in Norco on Sunday morning, one person died in the single-pickup truck crash that occurred on the southbound side of the 15 Freeway in Norco, authorities reported.

According to CHP logs and Cal Fire/Riverside County reports the accident took place at approximately 7:09 a.m. on an otherwise quiet morning.

The victim who at the time of the report who was still unidentified at the time this was released, was ejected from a white Toyota pickup truck. The pickup truck landed on its side in the area of the Second Street off ramp of the freeway,

The person was pronounced deceased at the scene. The witness who reported the incident said the pickup truck nearly hit their vehicle before the accident occurred, according to CHP logs.

There was no indication that there was a passenger with the driver in the pickup when the accident took place. If anybody else was a witness to the accident it is encouraged you contact the CHP and give them a statement.


Eastvale Band Wins Battle Of The Bands

By Anthony Saude

Eastvale – Some may say that Rock and Roll is dead and hasn’t been mainstream for quite some time and is just for old people. Well I say that is because you haven’t heard the Thursdays in Suburbia perform on stage or in the studio for that matter. The members of this band are still enrolled in high school in the City of Eastvale.

The band members met at Rock Stars of Tomorrow Musicians Academy in Chino Hills and formed a band just one year ago. What they have accomplished in their short time is together and at their age is nothing short of astounding. Their most recent accomplishment is taking home the gold in their first competition as a group at the Battle of the Bands Vans Warped tour.

These talented musicians have been honing their ever evolving skills at Rock Stars of Tomorrow for most of their young lives. Liam Eastwood, 15, guitarist and Aiden Kunhardt, 14, drummer have been taking lessons there since they were 6 and 7 years old. The hard work and dedication has been on display at places like The Whiskey in Hollywood, House of Blues, Chain Reaction and several festivals all over the area including a memorable performance at a Picnic In the Park Concert in front of their hometown crowd in Eastvale.

“Our future plans are to finish our original music and get our EP out to the public as soon as possible just two more songs to finish that project. We’ll see where that will take us. Hopefully opening for someone big like Red Hot Chili Peppers or Foo Fighters.” said Margie Eastwood, the bands manager.

“The band just played what could be their last concert for a while on August 2nd in Rancho Cucamonga. The band will be spending a lot of time in the studio right now so they could finish their EP project as soon as possible. All the members of the band are very gracious and appreciative of all the support their loyal fans have shown up to this point.

Although the band thoroughly enjoyed the Vans Tour competition and wouldn’t trade the experience for the world, they aren’t planning on any competitions in the near future. The band just wants to play anywhere and everywhere and share their music with as many music lovers out there as possible.

When asked the band members who they would like to play with either living or dead they said;

Serena Tario Singer 15

I would play at the Rose Bowl in front of Jim Morrison


Aiden Kunhardt drummer 14 playing drums since he was six

I dream of playing at the Forum in front of thousands of people.


Reece Borski bassist 16

I just want to play anywhere and everywhere


Liam Eastwood guitarist 15 Playing guitar since he was 7 years old

I would play in front of Red Hot Chilli Peppers with John Frusciante at the old House of Blues in LA so I could ask for criticism on both my technique and songwriting.


Rock and Roll is alive and well in the Inland Empire and it seems, soon, in many other parts of the country and who knows, maybe the world.


Abandoned Baby Found Dead in Corona

Staff Reports

Corona – Corona Police reported that an abandoned infant was found dead in the city of Corona.

The baby was found in the area of Cajalco Road and Interstate 15 on Friday afternoon, according to police. The call came in and officers were dispatched to the scene at 2:36 p.m.

When the officers arrived, the infant was already deceased according to the authorities. The cause of death is still being investigated but won’t be known until an autopsy has been been performed.

The investigation into the child’s death is ongoing and anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Mario Hernandez at 951-279-3659 or email

Corona police have said there are several “Safe Surrender Sites” where parents can safely surrender an infant within 72 hours of birth — no questions asked. Those places include hospitals, fire stations and police departments.

The safe surrender law allows a parent or legal guardian to confidentially surrender an infant, three days old or younger, to any hospital emergency room or other designated Safe Surrender site. As long as the baby has not been abused or neglected, the person may surrender without fear of arrest or prosecution for child abandonment.


Suspect Arrested for Sexually Assaulting a Child in Public Library Restroom

Staff Reports

Riverside – Earlier this month a father and his two young children were at the SPC Jesus S. Duran Eastside Public Library.  The Library is located at 4033 Chicago Avenue in the Eastside neighborhood of Riverside. At around 5:00 pm, his six-year-old son went to the restroom on his own. Video cameras at the library captured the boy walking toward the restroom as an unknown Hispanic male suspect watched. The suspect followed the boy into the restroom and sexually assaulted him. Following the assault, the suspect quickly fled the library on foot and ran through a nearby shopping center and proceeded toward University Avenue.

The victim informed his father of the assault and the father immediately notified library staff. Riverside PD was called and officers responded to the library and began their investigation. An exhaustive search for the subject was conducted in the surrounding area however the police were unable to locate the suspect.

Detectives from the Sexual Assault – Child Abuse Unit assumed the investigation and were able to quickly identify the suspect as Juan Francisco Palacios, a 29-year-old male transient living in Riverside. Once identified, detectives coordinated their efforts to locate Palacios with members of the Riverside County S.A.F.E. (Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement) Task Force, Riverside County Probation, and the Riverside Police Department’s METRO Team (SWAT). The METRO Team also utilized their partnership with the United States Marshals Service in the search for the suspect.

A short time later, Riverside PD was contacted by the main branch of the Riverside Public Library, located at 3581 Mission Inn Avenue, who reported that a subject matching the description of Palacios was at the library. When officers arrived, the subject was safely detained and identified as the suspect they were looking for. Palacios was arrested and taken to the police station for questioning by detectives. He was later booked into the Robert Presley Detention Center on a single charge of sexual assault against a minor under the age of 10 and probation violations. Palacios is currently on probation for possession of child pornography and is required to register as a sex offender.

If anyone has information regarding this investigation, please contact Detective Daniel Mercadefe at (951) 353-7120 or, or Detective Stacie Ontko at (951) 353-7121 or


City Of Eastvale Appoints Interim City Manager

Bryan Jones

By Anthony Saude

EASTVALE–The Eastvale City Council voted to appoint Assistant City Manager, Bryan Jones to the post of Interim City Manager. The change will went into effect on June 28. With the departure of City Manager Michele Nissen’s to become the Assistant City Manager for the City of Corona, the appointment was unanimous during a closed session vote.

Bryan is a trustworthy and forward-thinking leader who displays strategic perspective that will help guide our city, Mayor Clint Lorimore said. Together we will continue to improve the quality of life for all who live, work, and play in Eastvale. Bryan is passionate about identifying ways to help move and connect people, businesses, and communities so that we can all thrive. Bryan draws from nearly 20 years in both the public and private sectors and understands that success depends on them working together. He has led cutting-edge land use and transportation infrastructure projects throughout California and North America. With a background as a professional engineer and certified planner, Bryan is well positioned to understand the unique opportunities Eastvale faces from a land use, transportation, and economic development perspective.

“We have a talented and dedicated team who truly cares about the community they serve and I am confident we will continue to thrive together,” said Assistant City Manager Bryan Jones. “I always liked building things so I got a degree in civil engineering, through some of my projects I realized I like building communities so I went back to school and in 2012 I received my Masters Degree in Public Administration.”

“I’m honored and humbled to have been entrusted with the responsibility of Interim City Manager,” said Jones. “Fostering relationships with both residents and business in Eastvale is a priority for me.  I am a career Community and team builder and I look forward to serving our City Council and carrying their vision to fruition.”

Having more than a decade serving in local agency public sector in leadership positions, Bryan has led land use projects such as high-quality retail centers, office campuses, industrial parks, transit oriented development, downtown revitalization, and mixed-use projects. Bryan has a Master’s in Public Administration from Norwich University focused on Leadership and Sustainable Financial Strategies, and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from University of California Davis with a Communications minor.

“I am confident that Bryan will do an excellent job in this position,” Mayor Clint Lorimore said. “I know that I am filling some pretty big shoes in this position but I see it as an opportunity to continue the expectation of excellence Eastvale has come to expect,” said Bryan.

Two Drivers Dead in 91 Freeway Accident

By Anthony Saude

CORONA — An accident on the 91 freeway in Corona claimed the lives of two drivers. One of the drivers, a male, was running away from the accident when he was struck and killed by oncoming traffic.

Initially a two-car crash was reported just before 10 p.m. on the westbound Riverside Freeway. According to the California Highway Patrol the accident took place just east of Lincoln Avenue.

Witnesses told the CHP the driver of a black Dodge sedan appeared to be under the influence before he crashed into a white sedan. After his vehicle hit the white sedan the driver exited the vehicle and started running down the freeway in the westbound lanes to get away from the accident. After only a short distance the driver, who has not been identified, was hit by several cars and died at the scene.

A source close to the victim driving the black sedan stated that “to the best of his knowledge the driver didn’t drink at all”.

The transition from the northbound Corona (15) Freeway carpool lane to the westbound Riverside Freeway Fast Track was shut down for several hours due to the wreckage and investigation.


Eastvale Man Among First West Nile Virus Cases in 2018

Staff Reports

Eastvale – A 74-year-old Riverside woman and 50-year-old Eastvale man are the first confirmed human cases of West Nile Virus in Riverside County this year, said Dr. Cameron Kaiser, county public health officer. They are also one of the first confirmed human cases in California this year.

The illness was confirmed this week based on test results and other clinical information. Both patients required hospitalization, thankfully both are expected to recover. There are no indications the two cases are related.

The virus is transmitted to humans and animals through a mosquito bite. Mosquitoes become infected when they feed on infected birds. Health officials emphasized that the risk of serious illness to humans is low. Most individuals who are infected with the virus will not experience any illness. Elderly individuals and those with compromised immune systems are at greatest risk for serious illness.

“While West Nile is rarely life-threatening, it can be occasionally serious,” Kaiser said. “Unlike the common cold which is easily transmitted, the West Nile virus can only be spread by mosquito bites, and there are easy steps to take to reduce your risk of getting bitten.”

Here are some ways to protect yourself:

  • Avoid spending time outside when mosquitoes are most active, especially at dawn and dusk, and wear long pants, long-sleeved shirts and other protective clothing outside.
  • Apply EPA-registered insect repellent that contains DEET.
  • Make sure doors and windows have tight-fitting screens. Repair or replace screens that have tears or holes.
  • Eliminate all sources of standing water on your property, such as old tires, buckets, flowerpots and toys that can support mosquito breeding.-
  • Empty and scrub the water sources. Some mosquitoes can even breed in the amount of water that fits in a bottle cap.

There were 33 human cases reported during 2017 in Riverside County. In 2016, there were 10 confirmed human West Nile Virus cases in the county and there has not been a death from the illness since 2015.

Anyone who becomes ill after exposure to mosquitoes should contact their health care provider.  The Disease Control office can be reached at 951.358.5107 for more information on West Nile Virus.  For more about mosquito abatement, click To download full press release, click here.

To prevent the West Nile Virus spreading in Eastvale, the Northwest Mosquito & Vector Control District performed adult mosquito spray treatments on Friday, June 29, 2018 to lower the mosquito population affecting recreational and residential areas along the Santa Ana River in the City of Eastvale. The spray application was conducted between the hours of 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. at the following locations:

  • Riverwalk Park and Bike Trail located next to the Santa Ana River
  • Eastvale Community Park
The District treated these areas with Aqua-Reslin (EPA Reg. 432-796), which is approved for use in mosquito control by the US EPA.  They have been working hard to use Integrated Pest Management Practices in these areas, and the majority of their efforts focus on preventing mosquito breeding and killing mosquito larvae before they become flying adults. However, due to elevated trap counts, they have decided that adult mosquito control via truck mounted ground fogger is their best means to control the current mosquito populations in these areas. Signs were posted on June 27, 2018 in the areas that will be sprayed to inform the public of these activities.

Information regarding the treatment will be posted on their website at If there are any questions or concerns please contact the District at 951-340-9792.

Eastvale PD Routine Patrol Uncovers Drug Dealer
Caption: Eastvale Police Department has deputy’s patrolling businesses later in the evening as part of their commercial burglary suppression nightly patrols

By Anthony Saude

Eastvale – Eastvale Police Department has deputy’s patrolling businesses later in the evening as part of their commercial burglary suppression nightly patrols. This is the type of proactive action taken that the City of Eastvale should take pride in.

On June 8, at approximately 10:00 PM, a deputy of the Eastvale Police Department noticed a suspicious vehicle with an occupant parked at the Eastvale Gateway Shopping Center in the 6000 Block of Hamner Avenue in Eastvale.

The deputy approached the vehicle and made contact with the driver, he was able to identify him as Willie Abarca, a 43-year-old Eastvale resident. After further investigation by the deputy it was discovered that Abarca was currently on formal probation for drug sales in San Bernardino County. Abarca was also identified as being an active member of a well known criminal street gang.

The deputy conducted a vehicle search and discovered approximately two ounces of methamphetamine and other paraphernalia indicative of methamphetamine sales in Abarca’s possession. The deputy arrested Abarca and he was booked into custody at the Robert Presley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga and charged with methamphetamine sales.

For full press release, visit: or our website at


Public Park Ends Up With Admission Fee, Sit-Down Restaurant And Bar

Staff Reports

Norco – The Riverside County Grand Jury is allegedly indicating Norco turned the 122-acre SilverLakes property that was intended for “public park, recreational and open space purposes” into a money-making venture that charges admission and features a full-service restaurant and bar.

The grand jury is calling on the district attorney to probe Norco officials’ handling of the project, the panel stated in a report issued last week.

“The SilverLakes Equestrian and Sports Complex is not a public park” as envisioned in a 2002 federal court order restricting use of the land north of the Santa Ana River along Hamner Avenue, the report states.

Norco officials dispute the grand jury’s contention and say the development is in compliance with the court-ordered restriction.

“They are interpreting it wrong,” City Manager Andy Okoro said by phone Tuesday, May 22.

The city intends to issue a detailed written response in a few weeks.

The park opened in September 2015. It hosts concerts, equestrian competitions, soccer tournaments and regional cross-country meets, among other events. The complex boasts 24 soccer fields, five equestrian arenas, a 12,000-square-foot outdoor cafe, a 10,000-person capacity concert venue called The BackYard and a 150-seat restaurant called The FieldHouse.

It drew 1.4 million visitors in 2017, said Cheryl Link, Norco’s city clerk.

However, SilverLakes has had a long and often troubled history.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission sued an investment company that owned the property until the late 1990s, alleging unethical practices, the report said. A judgment concluded that some Norco residents who invested in a Ponzi scheme associated with the property had been defrauded of their money. That led to the 2002 U.S. District Court order restricting the property’s use, once it was sold. The city acquired it.

Development was delayed for years, though, and it didn’t help that a 2010 flood along the Santa Ana River caused major damage. After site repairs, construction was finally underway in 2013, before wrapping up in late 2015. The developer is the Balboa Management Group.

While investigating Silverlakes, the grand jury took testimony from the city manager, former Norco elected officials and “concerned” Norco residents. Sara Lipchak, who headed the grand jury, said she could not elaborate.

The grand jury determined that the 2002 development restriction remains in place and the city unsuccessfully sought to alter it in 2004. The panel suggested that the city in 2012 misled the Riverside County Superior Court, which validated the city’s development strategy based on a submitted plan that was “substantially different from what was actually constructed.”

The grand jury report said that the “plans had no reference to constructing a full-service commercial restaurant and bar.”

The grand jury urged:

  • The district attorney to investigate why Norco officials accepted the developer’s bid to build a park with a major commercial component and provided “misleading documents” to the Riverside County court to obtain approval for “a commercial sports park rather than a genuine public park.”
  • Norco to stop charging admission to the park — $8 per walk-in visitor and $10 per carload.
  • Norco to add “actual recreational assets and amenities” such as shade trees, picnic tables, playgrounds, barbecue grills, tennis courts and bike trails.

Brian Petree, deputy city manager, acknowledged the admission charges, but said those are reserved for large weekend events and payments generally are not required from people who visit the park at other times.

As for the restaurant, Petree said it is an appropriate component because it has a concession operation that provides food and drinks for park visitors and is not unusual for a park of SilverLakes’ size.

“We’re not talking about a neighborhood park here. We’re talking about a regional facility,” he said. “And so, you have to look at it in that aspect.”

New Treatment For Ovarian Cancer Begins In Corona

Staff Reports

Corona – Ovarian cancer is the fifth leading cause of cancer death among women in America today. It is estimated that over 22,000 women will be diagnosed with in 2018.

To combat this disease, new treatments are being developed every day and Dr. Mehdi Kebria of City of Hope’s Community Practice Sites in Corona and Rancho Cucamonga is helping to lead the way.

One of the promising new treatment options Dr. Kebria is helping to pioneer for ovarian cancer is a targeted form of chemotherapy known as Hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC).

HIPEC is a highly concentrated, heated chemotherapy treatment that is administered during surgery. Unlike traditional chemotherapy, which circulates throughout the body, HIPEC delivers chemotherapy directly to cancer cells following the surgery.

Because the chemotherapy is concentrated to one area it does not have the side effects, such as hair loss, of regular chemotherapy. HIPEC has been shown to increase survival by up to five years and in some cases can lead to a complete recovery. Thanks to advances like these in treatment, the occurrence and mortality rates for ovarian cancer has been decreasing.

For more information on HIPEC and other cutting edge treatments including immunotherapy and minimally invasive robotic being developed by City of Hope, please visit


Mothers Day Party Ends in Tragedy

By Anthony Saude

CORONA – Corona police detectives are investigating a double shooting that happened on Mother’s Day.
It happened on the 1200 block of West 10th Street in Corona, around 8:45 p.m. on Sunday.

There was a Mother’s Day celebration going on in the parking lot of the apartment building between several apartment units. It was being attended by many of the residents. That’s when someone drove by, and opened fire at the crowd of people.
A father’s 22-year old son was killed and he was injured but survived the shooting.

“My baby,” said a distraught Phuong Leng, the victim’s mother, fighting back her tears. “Somebody killed my son.”
There were children playing with fireworks at the party at approximately the same time as the gunfire. Naturally Leng’s first thought it was some of the small fireworks the kids were playing with.  Just kids’ playing is what everybody in attendance first thought when they heard the noise.
When people in the crowd started shouting and running, she knew they weren’t fireworks. When she was able to make her way outside she saw her husband was suffering from a gunshot wound to the arm. Thankfully he would survive the incident but her son was pronounced dead a short time later at the hospital.
Corona police detectives say witness reports claim an argument was happening just moments before the shooting began.
The surviving victim will likely provide important information as they search for a suspect.
There are surveillance cameras throughout the property, but there’s been no description of the suspect given, and no description of a getaway vehicle either.
It was reported that the family thinks that it may have been a case of mistaken identity. The suspect may have been trying to shoot somebody else.
Detectives are investigating the shooting, and request anyone with information regarding the incident to call the Corona Police Department at (951) 736-2330.

Police Need Your Help With Fatal Accident

By Anthony Saude


Eastvale – Crime never goes away, and the Eastvale Police Department’s Traffic Division is asking for the public’s help with an investigation that occurred four years ago.

On Friday, April 25, 2014, just after midnight, Eastvale officers began a Hit-And-Run investigation at the intersection of Limonite Avenue and Hamner Avenue. The collision turned fatal. Officers learned a black, unknown make sedan, struck a bicyclist after failing to stop for a red light. The sedan fled the scene on Limonite Avenue and was never located. Witnesses attempted to provide information that day, but at this moment, no one is in custody. The day’s tragic events took the life of a young man, Troy Davids, and left his family mourning his loss.

The commitment to the investigation has never diminished for the Eastvale Police Department. They are now asking for residents in the community for your help. All information and the previous leads the public provided have been exhausted. The traffic division for the police department is encouraging anyone with information to come forward and contact them at 951-955-2600.


On Friday, April 25, 2014 at 12:12 a.m., Eastvale Police Officers responded to a reported injury traffic collision at the intersection of Limonite Ave. and Hamner Ave., in the City of Eastvale.  During the preliminary investigation it was revealed that an unknown make or model black sedan, traveling westbound in the eastbound lanes of Limonite Ave., failed to stop for a red traffic signal light.  As a result, the black sedan collided into a bicyclist, who was traveling southbound on Hamner Ave.

After the collision, the black sedan continued westbound on Limonite Avenue in the eastbound lanes of traffic. The sedan was last seen turning south on Scholar Way. Officers arrived within minutes of receiving being dispatched to the scene. When they arrived at the scene neither the black sedan, nor the driver of the sedan were in the area any longer. They were never located.

Witnesses on scene described the suspect vehicle as a black, four door sedan. The suspect vehicle fled the scene of the traffic collision westbound on Limonite Avenue and made a left turn onto Scholar Way.

As a result of the collision, the bicyclist ultimately succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced deceased at a regional hospital.

The Eastvale Police Department is seeking help from the public in identifying the suspect and suspect vehicle of this traffic collision.   Specifically, the Eastvale Police Department is seeking the help of a good Samaritan, who was driving a tan Chevrolet Suburban. The police believe  that they may have seen the suspect vehicle and driver as is it fled the scene of the collision.

Anyone with information on this case is encouraged to call Deputy Cuadra at the Jurupa Valley Sheriff’s Station at (951) 955-2662.