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Singing DBHS Counselor Sends Message of Hope in Weekly Videos

Kelli Gile

Diamond Bar High GLC Dave Desmond delivers weekly virtual sessions and music during COVID-19 quarantine.

Diamond Bar – Unprecedented times are challenging educators to go to great lengths for their students amid the global health crisis.

Take Diamond Bar High School grade level coordinator (GLC) Dave Desmond, for example.

For the past eight weeks, he has been sending video messages to homebound students using social media.

From his living room, Desmond presents counseling strategies in easily digestible bites, capped off by performing a song on his acoustic guitar.

“We’re still in coronavirus time and unfortunately it looks like we will be here a longer,” he said on April 9.

The 27-year veteran educator has literally opened up his home for the virtual sessions directed to his sophomore class and he doesn’t seem to mind.

“This isn’t something I would have done in the past,” he shared.

“I normally keep my private life to myself, but these are strange times.”

His only fear was playing and singing in front of the world.

“I thought, man, if there’s some way that me providing a little entertainment for my students will distract them from the general sadness of this time for a bit, well, that would be cool,” he said.

“And hopefully they’re listening to the counseling as well!”

His colleagues are also reaching out with regular communications via videos, newsletters, and emails.

“The other GLCs and I really miss seeing the kids and having that daily connection with our students,” he added.

Desmond said the team relies on seeing kids face-to-face and “counseling via the phone, email, or zoom is kind of tough.”

“This is just another way to let them know we care about them and are thinking about them.”

Each week, Desmond clicks through a PowerPoint presentation featuring topics normally discussed during the school year.

Themes have ranged from goal setting and college applications to financial aid and preparing for SATs.

Knowing that students are facing increased anxiety due to COVID-19, Desmond admitted that he’s also struggling while living in quarantine on the May 10 broadcast.

“Just like you, I’ve been having a tough time and I think it’s good for all of us to find ways to relieve that stress.”

With that, he began demonstrating how he’s been keeping busy around the house, beginning in the kitchen with a pink frosted cake he baked for Mother’s Day.

Next, he dashed to the dining room for a hand of gin rummy, a game he’s currently playing with his daughter.

“Break up the day by playing a game with your family,” he offered the teens.

“Hey, I just won – that was fun!”

He suggested using DBHS online mindfulness resources including meditation, listening to waterfalls, drawing, music, and even a koala cam.

“Doesn’t he look relaxed? Aren’t you more relaxed just watching this guy?”

Then Desmond pivoted to a doorway to demonstrate a few pull-ups, sprinted to the backyard to hit golf balls, and pull a few weeds.

“Maybe you can help your parents clean up the house a bit,” he suggested to the high schoolers.

Desmond even shared a weekend project he’s been working on.

“See this patch of dirt – it will soon be transformed into a putting green!”

Being sheltered-in-place is the time to set small goals each day including academic, physical and social activities, and finding a way to help the family, Desmond suggested.

“Make dinner or write a letter to grandma and grandpa.”

“But, one of my favorite things to do to manage stress is playing a tune,” he said wrapping up the segment.

And with that, he picked up his guitar and belted out “Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M.

Desmond coordinates his tunes with each video theme from a memorized playlist of about 50 songs, including “Where is My Mind” by the Pixies, “Midnight Special” by Credence Clearwater Revival, and “Help Me, Stranger” by Jack White of the Raconteurs.

“Hold on, Brahmas, we’re going to get through this!” he exclaimed with a fist pump to the camera.

His message during May’s Mental Health Awareness Month is for students to keep doing their best.

“Do your best to live your life with some sense of normality while staying safe, do your best to help your family and friends get through this odd, difficult time, and do your best to take care of yourself. There’s so much about this situation that is beyond our control, so focus on what you can control and be good to yourself and to everyone around you.”

LA County Fair Canceled Due to COVID-19

Staff Reports

Pomona – The LA County Fair, slated for Sept. 4-27, was recently canceled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. This is the first time the LA County Fair has been canceled since World War II. Since the fair’s opening in 1922, the fair has only been canceled once from 1942 to 1947 due to the war. The fair did close for one day on Sept. 22, 2001 after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, but it reopened the following day.

The 2020 LA County Fair was canceled due to the “limitations placed on large public gatherings by state and county public health officials because of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Renee Hernandez in a news release. “For the safety and well-being of guests, Fair officials are following the guidelines of public health officials who are advising against large public gatherings for the remainder of the year,” added Hernandez.

The LA County Fair sees approximately “1.1 million guests during its 19-day run and has an estimated economic impact of $324 million annually in Los Angeles County, with $58 million in the City of Pomona and securing more than 500 full-time equivalent jobs,” according to the news release. The Fair is expected to celebrate their 100-year anniversary in 2022.

Fairplex President and CEO Miguel A. Santana says that the decision to cancel the event was not easy to make. “My heart is heavy, for our guests who come out to make memories, our vendors who rely on the Fair circuit for their income and our employees who work so hard all year-long to create this special event,” Santana said. “The LA County Fair is an iconic event that celebrates the best of Southern California. It is beloved by many. But we had to take into consideration the health and safety of everyone.”

Los Angeles County Fair Association Board of Directors’ Chair Heidi Hanson agreed by saying they had no choice but to cancel, even though it was hard to do. “The one thing we can promise is that the LA County Fair will be back, better than ever – especially as we plan for our Centennial,” added Hanson.

Los Angeles County First District Supervisor Hilda L. Solis also spoke about the cancellation, since the Fair resides in her district. Solis said it will be disappointing, but necessary to miss the end-of-summer celebration, according to the release.

“Like many of you, I grew up eagerly anticipating each year’s opening of the LA County Fair, and I cherish my family memories of this special yearly event,” said Solis. “Unfortunately, we have had to make the difficult decision to cancel the LA County Fair due to our current public health crisis. We must make these short term sacrifices to preserve the health of the people we love. We do this to protect our communities. I am certain that once we get through this challenging time, we will come back stronger and even more appreciative of the things we love and hold dear.”

Los Angeles County Fifth District Supervisor Kathryn Barger also commented on the closure, since a portion of the Fairplex is located in her district.

“Like every fan of the LA County Fair, I am saddened to hear of its cancellation this year. I love the Fair and have many fond memories from my experiences with family and friends,” Barger said. “But we are in the middle of a major public health crisis and our priority is the safety and well-being of all of our residents. Through our efforts to slow the spread, I know we will soon be able to enjoy activities like the LA County Fair again.”

That sentiment was echoed by the head of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Dr. Barbara Ferrer, PhD, MPH, MEd. “Our recovery journey is underway, but it will be a slow one. Working together to slow the spread of COVID-19 is our new normal for the foreseeable future. But I have faith that if we continue to make these difficult but necessary decisions now, we will be able to enjoy all that the LA County Fair has to offer next year.”

Those who have already purchased season pass boxes were informed that they can receive a refund. The following three refunds options are available: credit toward the 2021 Fair plus one extra season pass; turning their purchase into a donation to the Fairplex COVID-19 emergency fund for the community; or a full refund. Information on refunds can be found at

The Fairplex in Pomona, CA has been the home of the LA County Fair for years, in addition to the 300 year-round events. However, they announced they are canceling the remainder of its self-produced events for the rest of 2020, including June’s Cheers Wine, Beer and Food Festival; Fourth of July spectacular KABOOM!; Oktoberfest; and the Day of the Dead celebration En Memoria.

However, the Fairplex has continued its community benefit mission by working with partners to offer coronavirus testing, hold drive-thru food pantries and offer free childcare for the children of healthcare workers, first responders and essential workers at its Child Development Center. For more information on Fairplex, visit

WVUSD Closes Due to COVID-19

Staff Reports

Walnut – On March 13, Superintendent Robert P. Taylor announced that all Walnut Valley USD schools will be closed for five weeks, effective Monday, March 16. The schools will re-open on April 20.

“I appreciate your support during this challenging time,” said Taylor in a statement he sent to all parents and guardians. “As the parent of three children, I certainly empathize with the stress, fear, and inquiry that this time period has caused for many parents/guardians.”

Taylor said that the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) recommended that all schools in Los Angeles County close and/or be dismissed for a minimum of two weeks due to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). After this announcement, the WVUSD Board of Trustees held an Emergency Meeting to discuss their plan of action. According to Taylor, the Board “approved a resolution through an emergency measure” that granted the Superintendent the authority to “take all appropriate action to respond to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.”

“I have decided to dismiss (‘pupil free’) schools effective immediately, followed by all schools being closed through Spring Break (5 weeks),” stated Taylor.

From March 16 to 18, students will be dismissed, and it will be considered a “Pupil Free” day. However, the entire school will be closed from March 19 to April 17. Additionally, all extra-curricular activities and athletics have been postponed.

“We continue to prioritize the health and wellness of students and staff as our highest concern,” said Taylor. “Given the advisement of Public Health, medical experts, and other state and county entities, we have decided to allow an appropriate amount of time for students, staff, and families to follow advice of medical practitioners and experts, practice healthy habits, and lessen opportunities for the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).”

“I recognize that my decision will impact everyone differently,” continued the Superintedent. “Our District will be working with staff to lessen the academic gap that typically occurs over extended recesses from school. Next week, parents and students will be notified of curricular resources that can be utilized during the school closure.”

In addition, he said that additional information will be provided next week, and all schools will answer questions and discuss next steps. “While this is an extremely difficult decision, I also am confident that it was made with the best interest of our staff and students in mind,” stated Taylor.

COVID-19 Patient Visits Walnut, Dies in Pomona

Staff Reports

Walnut – On March 11, the Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center (PCHMC) announced that a patient who passed away at their hospital confirmed positive for novel coronavirus (COVID-19). This was the first reported COVID-19 death in Los Angeles County.

On March 9, the patient went to the hospital by ambulance and was in full cardiac arrest. Staff provided lifesaving care to stabilize her condition. Based on her travel history and symptoms, the patient was placed in isolation and infection control protocols were implemented according to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LACDPH) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). LACDPH authorized to obtain samples for COVID-19 testing, but the patient died shortly after “due to complications from their illness,” according to a PCHMC statement. On March 11, LACDPH confirmed the patient tested positive for COVID-19.

A family member disclosed the patient’s travel status, which included a residence in the City of Walnut. However, the County confirmed that the individual “did NOT circulate around the City of Walnut and stayed primarily at the residence,” according to Walnut Public Information Officer, Melanie Tep. She stated that the City is communicating with LA County’s Department of Public Health for more information regarding the patients’ travel details. “We will communicate more information as it becomes available from the County.”

In addition, the LA County Department of Public Health confirmed that the patient’s family members are currently in quarantine.  PCHMC is also following LACDPH guidelines for the staff that came into contact with the patient.

“We extend our deepest condolences to the patient and family,” said Daniel Gluckstein, MD, Medical Director of Infectious Disease at PVHMC. “At this time, our top priority remains protecting public health and ensuring the safety of our patients, visitors, Associates, physicians, volunteers and community.”

“We understand people are feeling anxious about potential exposure to coronavirus, but we want to reassure our patients and their families that the risk of exposure from this case is low,” stated a PVHMC statement. “PVHMC remains a safe, high-quality facility to seek medical care.”

The City of Walnut issued a reminder stating that Public Health continues to recommend that the public do the following to protect themselves and others from respiratory illnesses:

• Stay home when you are sick.
• Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the bathroom; before eating; and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.
• Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
• Limit close contact, like kissing and sharing cups or utensils, with people who are sick.
• Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces using a regular household cleaning spray or wipe.
• Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash. If you do not have a tissue, use your sleeve (not your hands).
• Facemasks are most effective when used appropriately by health care workers and and those directly caring for people who are sick and by people who are sick (source control).
• Get a flu immunization if you have not done so this season.

Planes of Fame Airshow 2020

Planes of Fame Airshow Fans

Planes of Fame Air Museum is proud to present the Planes of Fame Air Show on May 2-3, 2020 ‘Victory Through Air Power’. Celebrating the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII we will be  featuring over 50 historic aircraft, including the B-25 Mitchell, P-47 Thunderbolt, P-38 Lightning, F4U Corsair and P-51 Mustangs flying for your enjoyment. We invite you to join us in honoring the history, contributions, and sacrifices of our Veterans.

USAF Heritage Flight

Performers include: USAF A-10 Thunderbolt II Demo and Heritage Flight, Pacific, European & Korean war era Flight Displays, Gregory ‘Wired’ Colyer T-33 Aerobatics, Philipp Steinbach GB1 GameBird Aerobatics, Sanders Sea Fury Aerobatics, John Collver AT-6/SNJ Aerobatics, Rob Harrison the Tumbling Bear and more!

USAF A-10 Thunderbolt II Demo Team

There will be a Kids Zone, static displays and plenty of food & vendors!

In addition to many other fantastic airplanes that will be performing and on static display, there will be a special panel discussion with some of our honored Veterans. Follow our Planes of Fame Facebook page to receive up to the minute news on Performers, attending Aircraft and Veterans!

Start your Air Show weekend early! Planes of Fame Air Museum opens at 10:00 am on Friday May 1st. Regular admission to the Air Museum includes a tram ride out to the display area as well as access to Planes of Fame Air Museum. Participating aircraft will be arriving throughout the day. Display area closes to the public at 4:00 pm.

Planes of Fame Air Show, Saturday and Sunday May 2-3 2020  8am – 4pm   See all of your favorite airplanes fly!

Get there Early, you don’t want to miss the ‘Victory Through Air Power’ Opening Ceremony and National Anthem Commemoration!

F4U Corsair. Over 40 WWII aircraft will fly.

Free Admission Kids 11 Years & Under, General Admission $30, Preferred Parking $20,

Grandstand Seats, Sunrise Photo Access Passes and RV Parking are available to purchase online at: WWW.PLANESOFFAME.ORG

SAVE $5 on General Admission Tickets when you purchase online! (Limited Time Offer)


For more information please contact :

Harry ‘T’ Geier

Director of Marketing Planes of Fame Air Museum

14998 Cal Aero Drive, Chino, CA  91710

Tel – 909-597-7576

Artist Corner

Luis Oscar Martinez a.k.a. Knucklehead

By Racine Guajardotattoo-artist-louie-web

Growing up in the San Gabriel Valley, Luis came from a big family and was heavily influenced mostly by his Tio Gary who was not only tattooed but would also tattoo on everyone he knew. At the young age of 13, Luis took his Tio’s homemade tattoo machine and started tattooing on his brother and friends. Once his Tio found out about his tattooing, he then started to teach Luis techniques which he has now incorporated into his own style. Luis has now established a successful career as a tattoo artist, working over 20 years in the business. Initially, he started working at a shop, and about 7 years ago has now opened his own shop called Knuckleheads Tattoo, with the recent re-location in Colton, CA.

Luis respects all other artists in the industry, but states, “what makes me different are my social skills, I am not only an artist but also a shrink,” as he smiles, he also says, “I like to help people so it doesn’t bother me to listen.” Luis also tattoos for PINK, specializing in covering breast cancer scars as well.

When asked what he thinks people should know about him, he states, “I think people should know you can’t judge a book by its cover, my cover is decorated and cool.” He has also prided himself in not only being a successful tattoo artist, but dedicated himself to being the best father stating, “They are my life.”

Luis describes his style as being well rounded. He loves to freehand his work as a true artist using the motto, “if you can think it, I can ink it.”

You can find Luis at his new shop, Knuckleheads Tattoo at 1231 E. Washington St. Colton, CA 92324, follow him on Instagram at Knuckleheadtattoo, as well as FB under Louis Martinez.

July 2016 SGV News

2016-07-SGVNews-COVERSGV News covers Diamond Bar, Walnut, La Puente, Rowland Heights and surrounding areas of the San Gabriel Valley; portions of the western Inland Empire; and northern Orange County. Click this link to access the complete issue in PDF format: 2016-07-SGVNews-WEB

June 2016 SGV News

2016-06-SGVNews-COVERSGV News covers Diamond Bar, Walnut, La Puente, Rowland Heights and surrounding areas of the San Gabriel Valley; portions of the western Inland Empire; and northern Orange County. Click this link to access the complete issue in PDF format: 2016-06-SGVNews-WEB

BPUSD’s Rubio Accused of Violating Board Policies, Recall Suggested

By D. Radillo

Photo courtesy: Blanca Rubio, a Baldwin Park Unified School District board member, was recently accused of violating board policies at a BPUSD board meeting.

Photo courtesy:
Blanca Rubio, a Baldwin Park Unified School District board member, was recently accused of violating board policies at a BPUSD board meeting.

Baldwin Park – During a February school board meeting, Baldwin Park Unified School District (BPUSD) board member, Blanca Rubio, was accused by a 33-year employee of violating school board policies and a laundry list of wrongdoings, which include: her husband was given a job and promotion; for allegedly covering up his arrest for being under the influence and possession of a narcotic; replacing the district’s law firm with another who had given her campaign donations, and for soliciting donations to current school board vendors for her Assembly seat campaign, according to a youtube video of the board meeting: (

Mike Orona, who served as an employee for the BPUSD for over 33 years, accused Rubio of violating school board policies and questioned her “personal ethics” when she allegedly solicited campaign funds for her Assembly election, which is this Tuesday, June 7, 2016. The solicitation was to a current BPSUD school vendor. “I was contacted by some contractors who perform services for the Baldwin Park School District. Blanca Rubio personally solicited them for money. Board policy strictly prohibits them from this type of activity. So again, you talk about unethical practices and conflict of interest,” Orona added at the meeting.

“I am personally questioning her ethics and personal judgment regarding her husband John Lopez,” Orona stated at the board meeting. He was referring to the rehiring of Lopez while Rubio was a school board member.

Orona goes on to accuse Rubio of violating educational code 1090. “This action may be punishable as a crime,” Orona added. “GOVERNMENT CODE SECTION 1090 1090.(a) Members of the Legislature, state, county, district, judicial district, and city officers or employees shall not be financially interested in any contract made by them in their official capacity, or by anybody or board of which they are members. Nor shall state, county, district, judicial district, and city officers or employees be purchasers at any sale or vendors at any purchase made by them in their official capacity.” Orona was referring to this code as a conflict of interest and violation of the Government Ed Code as Ms. Rubio was a board member during her husband’s rehire and soon after promotion.

Orona goes on to point out John Lopez’ arrest for a controlled substance.

“This individual, John Lopez (Rubio’s husband), was recently arrested at Margaret Heath Elementary for being under the influence and in possession of dangerous and narcotic drugs,” Orona said. He then accuses Rubio of “trying to cover it up.”

“(During this arrest) where was Blanca during the danger and violent threats to the school,” Orona said. “She chose the option of remaining silent and prevent the public of knowing this was her husband,” he said.

Orona concluded with the request of starting a recall against Rubio and requested that the political leaders in attendance begin an investigation. In addition, Orona said he would send copies to the District Attorney’s office and request an investigation.

The youtube video of the February School Board meeting can be seen here:

Blanca Rubio and Mike Orona both did not respond to emailed questions prior to press time.

May 2016 SGV News

2016-05-SGVNews-COVERSGV News covers Diamond Bar, Walnut, La Puente, Rowland Heights and surrounding areas of the San Gabriel Valley; portions of the western Inland Empire; and northern Orange County. Click this link to access the complete issue in PDF format: 2016-05-SGVNews-WEB

March 2016 SGV News

March 2016 SGV NewsSGV News covers Diamond Bar, Walnut, La Puente, Rowland Heights and surrounding areas of the San Gabriel Valley; portions of the western Inland Empire; and northern Orange County. Click this link to access the complete issue in PDF format: March 2016 SGV Newspaper

Animal Control Checking Licenses in Los Angeles County

Staff Reports

Los Angeles County – Officers from the Department of Animal Care and Control (DACC) will be conducting field licensing checks in the unincorporated areas of West Covina (zip code 91792), and South San Gabriel (zip code 91770) beginning on Wednesday, Oct. 21.

The field checks will ensure that residents’ dogs and cats are in compliance with licensing requirements, the mandatory spay/neuter and microchip ordinance. Officers will also be checking state-required rabies vaccinations and licenses for dogs and cats over four months old.

According to the county officials, beginning January 1, 2014, puppies may be vaccinated at three months old, but still are not required to be vaccinated until four months of age.

“Securing a dog or cat license is essential to assisting animal control agencies if a pet becomes lost,” officials said.

Pet owners are advised to be in compliance with licensing and the mandatory spay/neuter and microchip ordinance if they reside in any unincorporated area of Los Angeles County (or contract city that has adopted the County’s ordinance).

Residents not in compliance will be subject to license fees and delinquency charges, including a $40 field enforcement fee to offset the cost of the Department’s field services.

“In order to avoid penalties, be sure your pet is licensed,” officials urge residents.

New animal license applications are available online at, or by visiting any local Los Angeles County animal care center. Owners of pets whose license is not delinquent can simply renew the license at county website: .

In addition, DACC offers low-cost vaccination/microchips clinics (microchips are now $15, which includes an AVID registration) and low-cost assistance (for individuals who qualify) for spay and neuter surgeries.

“Sell Your Casa” With Gil Rivera

Gil Rivera offers a 4% Total Commission for Sellers. For more information, call (877) 888.SOLD (7653), email, or visit Call today for a free market evaluation.

Gil Rivera offers a 4% Total Commission for Sellers. For more information, call (877) 888.SOLD (7653), email, or visit Call today for a free market evaluation.

By Sarah Sanchez

Southern California – In this day and age, it’s important to know all aspects of your business. For Gil Rivera from Sell Your Casa Realty, he definitely knows every aspect of buying and selling a home. Rivera is a reliable, experienced, and affordable Realtor, Broker, and Certified Appraiser.

Rivera sells houses, condos, and two- to four-unit investment properties in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. He also does real estate appraisals for banks, estates, taxes, trusts, divorces, attorneys, refinances, and home purchases.  Rivera also has assistants that work with him who are fluent in Spanish and Chinese, which helps him to reach people of different dialects all over Southern California.

With a 24-year proven track record of success, Rivera has sold homes in 26 different cities throughout Southern California.

“I can do this because I appraise homes in so many different cities and have the knowledge and expertise associated with your marketplace. Give me an opportunity and you will surely be happy you did!” Rivera said.

Rivera’s philosophy is to “treat my clients the way I want to be treated.” In fact, Rivera said that he became a Realtor because he did not like the way his Realtor treated him when he was buying his home. Rivera shows respect for his clients at all times. He listens to what they say, so that he can better serve them.

Rivera also does not push his Buyers into a sale. “I always tell Buyers: ‘You will know right away when we walk into the house that’s meant for you.’  Rivera said, “Whether it takes a week or months, my Buyers will always be satisfied with their purchase and are never pressured into it.”

Rivera’s Sellers love the fact that he offers a discounted commission, but with full service. Rivera offers a 4 percent Total Commission for Sellers, which includes 2.5 percent to the Buyer’s Agent and 1.5 percent to Rivera’s office. Most Realtors negotiate a 6 percent commission because they have to split the fees with their brokerage. But, Rivera passes on the savings to the Seller. This will save the Seller thousands of dollars in commission fees.

Rivera’s team offers full service for that discounted rate, including high quality flyers, professional photos, open houses (as allowable by the Seller), and extended advertising coverage on the Internet and social media.

Rivera absolutely loves what he does. He loves selling homes to Buyers because he helps fulfill their dreams of home ownership. His favorite part of selling homes to is transferring the keys to the excited new owners.  Rivera also loves selling homes for Sellers. He enjoys the individuality that each property offers and promoting the positive attributes of the home.

Rivera says, “Many agents spend their time showing houses….I sell them!”

For more information, call 877-888-SOLD (7653), email, or visit Call today for a free market evaluation.

Huff Supports National Bullying Prevention Month

Senator Alarmed by Reports That Many Students Face Daily Harassment, Especially Those with Life Threatening Food Allergies


Photo Courtesy: Twitter

Photo Courtesy: Twitter
Senator Bob Huff

Courtesy of Senator Bob Huff

San Dimas: Senator Bob Huff (R-San Dimas) announced his support earlier this month for National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, aimed at reducing or even preventing bullying on school campuses, playgrounds and elsewhere. The effort, created by the organization STOMP Out Bullying, observes October as a time to raise awareness and education.

“I am greatly concerned by statistics that show one out of every four students in America deal with the threat of bullying every single day of their lives,” said Senator Huff. “Being the target of a bully is a scary fact of life for far too many children and teenagers. The good news is we can take action to prevent harm done to our children. One of those steps is to raise awareness to the issue and then confront it.”

According to statistics:

  • 1 out of 4 kids are bullied
  • 9 out of 10 LGBT students experience harassment at school
  • Depending on their ages, up to 43% of kids and teens report being cyberbullied
  • 8% of kids stay home from school each day due to the fear of being bullied
  • 1/3 of children with life threatening food allergies are bullied

One particular form of bullying concerning Huff is that which is aimed at children who suffer from life threatening food allergies. A recent study from the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics discovered the following: “31.5 percent of the children and 24.7 percent of the parents reported bullying specifically due to food allergies, including threats with foods, primarily by classmates.”

“Children who suffer from food allergies face serious consequences, which could include grave outcomes, if they are bullied with the very food that can kill them,” said Senator Huff. “This is a serious threat that has recently come to my attention through my previous legislative work on this issue.  School should be safe for all students and hearing stories from children who have been spit at in an attempt to get them sick is heartbreaking.  I am looking at possible legislation to address this particular form of bullying before it gets worse.”

Senator Huff represents the 29th Senate District covering portions of Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino Counties.

September & October 2015 SGV News

2015-09AND10-SGVNewsSGV News covers Diamond Bar, Walnut, La Puente, Rowland Heights and surrounding areas of the San Gabriel Valley; portions of the western Inland Empire; and northern Orange County. Click this link to access the complete issue in PDF format: Sept. & Oct. 2015 SGV Newspaper

August 2015 SGV News

2015-08-SGVNews-COVERSGV News covers Diamond Bar, Walnut, La Puente, Rowland Heights and surrounding areas of the San Gabriel Valley; portions of the western Inland Empire; and northern Orange County. Click this link to access the complete issue in PDF format: August 2015 SGV Newspaper

Local Women’s Group Donates Army Of Stuffed Animals

Photo By: Raymond Mendoza GFWC Federated East Valley Women’s Club President Mary Matson (center) stands with her members and their donation of stuffed animals, which was given to Volunteer Chaplain Carol Gardner (fourth from the left) for San Antonio Regional Hospital's program of comforting hospital-ridden children and the elderly.

Photo By: Raymond Mendoza
GFWC Federated East Valley Women’s Club President Mary Matson (center) stands with her members and their donation of stuffed animals, which was given to Volunteer Chaplain Carol Gardner (fourth from the left) for San Antonio Regional Hospital’s program of comforting hospital-ridden children and the elderly.

By Raymond Mendoza

SGV – Going to the hospital can be a scary experience for anyone, but for children and the elderly it can be especially daunting and seemingly unfriendly.  To help keep their minds off their ailments, the Federated East Valley Women’s Club is donating more than 100 stuffed animals to provide some much needed comfort.

According to Mary Matson, President of the Federated East Valley Women’s Club – which is also a part of the General Federation of Women’s Club (GFWC) – her group heard about the need for these stuffed animals from Volunteer Chaplain, Carol Gardner, at San Antonio Regional Hospital in Upland. Matson said this is the first time the club has ever donated stuffed animals to a hospital, but that the cause was seen as worthwhile and uplifting.

“It means comfort for all of our patients,” Gardner said. “Just to hang onto something fluffy – it reminds them of home and it brings them peace.”

Gardner also noted that she was glad the club got donations like stuffed animal snakes, pigs and tigers, because young boys are sometimes less enthusiastic about stuffed animals that are meant for girls.

Gardner said she and the hospital staff were thrilled with the donation from the Federated East Valley Women’s Club, and that the group has agreed to give an annual donation of stuffed animals to continue to provide comfort to various patients.

“These (stuffed animals) will be given to children when they come into emergency, and they will take them home when they leave,” Matson said. “They will also be given to ambulances drivers to carry on their truck, as well as to an accident scene. We know that this will be a heartwarming experience for us, in knowing that we are helping calm a scared child.”

On Thurs., Sept. 3, the club met at the Peppertree Café in Glendora for anything but a normal meeting, since this time they were hauling their bags of stuffed animal donations with them – all ready to be used as comfort devices.

Matson said that the organization has a myriad of different charitable prospects and that currently the group donates to Relay for Life, Operation Smile, various academic scholarships, Chips for Kids, Military shelters, Read Across America, forest restoration, USO and Wounded Warriors, Ronald McDonald House, Roosevelt Elementary School with Box Tops for Education, Hope Partners, UNICEF International, eyeglasses for the Lions Club, cell phones for Soldiers, Domestic Violence Projects, and Santa’s Helpers for Villacorta Elementary School in La Puente.

Matson noted that they most recently raised $2,290 for the American Cancer Society at Diamond Bar’s annual Relay for Life event, and received a thank you note from UNICEF for their Nepal Earthquake relief donation.

The club shows no signs of slowing down after their most recent donation since Matson said they have their sights already set on a new venture – helping homeless veteran women and their children by donating to the National Veteran’s Organization.

Matson said her club jumps at any chance to help out the needy and that they will continue to help various organizations in the San Gabriel Valley area, in any way that they can.

“There are many more projects that we have and will do, depending on the need.”

Matson invites anyone in the area interested in joining the club to call her at (909) 418-0418.

Glendora: It’s A Dirty Job

Photo Courtesy: Troy Case/LASD

Photo Courtesy: Troy Case/LASD
First responder, Deputy Noe Ramos

Staff Reports

Glendora – On Sun., Aug. 30, at approximately 8:40 p.m., a vehicle went 300 feet over the side of a cliff at Glendora Mountain Rd. and Glendora Ridge Mtwy., about six miles north of Glendora in the Angeles National Forest.

Deputies Noe Ramos and Jeff DeMooy of the San Dimas Sheriff’s Station were the first on scene. A first aid and CPR instructor, Ramos heard there were six people still in the Audi, so he scrambled over the side and made his way down the embankment to the car, assisted by DeMooy. Passers-by quickly joined in the effort to get help to the crash victims as soon as possible.
According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, it was soon discovered that two of the car’s occupants – the ones not wearing seatbelts – were ejected from the car. Ramos stayed with the six injured passengers for hours and medically triaged them until they could all be extracted from the crash site and taken to the hospital. Breathing dirt and helicopter fuel got him “a little dirty” said Ramos.
Ultimately, six people were rescued through the teamwork of numerous Los Angeles County Sheriff San Dimas Station Deputies, San Dimas Mountain Rescue Reserve Sheriff Deputies, Los Angeles County Fire Department Firefighters, Angeles National Forest Rescuers, and California Highway Patrol (CHP) Officers.
While there were no fatalities, some of the injuries were very serious.  The joint effort included the Los Angeles County Fire Department airlifting several of the crash victims to area hospitals. Two Los Angeles County Fire Department helicopters spent about two hours on scene in hazardous conditions, and a fire truck was used to add special lighting for rescuers. The incident is being investigated by the CHP.
Our local mountain roads lead to some beautiful vistas and excellent outdoor recreational activities. This incident is a stark reminder of the hazards of these challenging roads. The passengers in this car did not anticipate or appreciate this outcome for their Sunday evening drive. Please reduce your speed and wear your seat belts. The life you save may be your own.

Smooth Aire Heating And Air Conditioning

Where quality beats price


By Claire Lewis

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University of California Is For Bears, Bruins And Banana Slugs, Not Cash Cows

Photo Courtesy:  Wikipedia

Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia
California’s 29th District Senate Republican Leader, Bob Huff

By Senator Bob Huff (R-San Dimas)
The University of California should be a beacon of opportunity for California students; but in recent years, there’s been a clear trend at UC campuses to turn away too many of our own California students in favor of higher paying, out-of-state students and foreign elites. This crowding out of our own high school graduates from UC schools is a trend that can’t be allowed to continue.

The numbers tell the story: UC officials claim state budget cuts have forced them to admit more and more out-of-state students. This makes some fiscal sense, because those out-of-state students pay nearly triple the tuition charged to California residents.  But this year, fully one out of three freshman students admitted to UC campuses are from out-of-state.  And, despite past assurances I’ve gotten from UC officials, some of those out-of-state students are receiving financial aid that’s been paid for with California taxpayer dollars. Not only is that not fair to California families, if this trend continues we could soon see the day when the majority of students entering the University of California aren’t from California.

And while UC officials claim that state budget cuts are forcing them to turn more and more to out-of-state students and the dollars they bring, that’s not the whole story.  After all, there’s more to fiscal management than simply grabbing more dollars. There’s also controlling costs, and that’s where UC officials don’t have a very good story to tell. In the past 20 years, UC has tripled its hiring of non-faculty administrators.  That’s a big increase in spending for some very expensive bean counters and pencil pushers.  And it’s a tough increase to justify.  For comparison’s sake, over the same period UC was busy tripling its administrative staff, the California State University actually cut its administrative staff by a third.
We can do better. Our students deserve better. That’s why I signed on this year as co-author of SCA 4, a proposed Senate Constitutional Amendment which places a ten percent cap on UC out-of-state admissions.   SCA 4 also freezes UC tuition for the next five years, and bars out-of-state students from receiving financial assistance from California families.  SCA 4 protects our students while imposing a little fiscal discipline on UC’s educational bureaucracy.

SCA 4 likely won’t make it through the Legislature this year, and that’s a shame, because now the people will be denied a chance to vote for its important student protections.
Education is the great equalizer, because education is what turns opportunity into real world success. If we truly want to battle income inequality and increase opportunity for Californians, it’s time to protect UC’s educational opportunities for California students.

Senator Bob Huff serves as the Senate Minority Leader and represents the 29th Senate District covering portions of Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino Counties. Follow Senator Huff on Twitter @bobhuff99.