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Pastor’s Corner: To Tell or Not To Tell

Mark Hopper

Many years ago we took our children on a trip to California. We spent two days at Disneyland and then drove north to visit my brother and his family in Grass Valley. Our kids enjoyed time with their cousins and we enjoyed catching up with my brother and his wife.

One day we went to a pumpkin patch and each of our kids and the cousins selected their own pumpkin. They looked forward to carving and decorating their own pumpkins for Halloween when we got home. On our way back to Arizona we realized we would need to stop at the border for an agricultural inspection. We knew we would be asked by the border agent if we had any agricultural products that we were bringing into Arizona from California.

My wife and I had a lively discussion about what we should say to the agriculture inspector. If we said that we did not have any agricultural items – our children would get to keep their precious pumpkins. But, our children would also know we did not tell the truth. On the other hand, if we did tell the border agent that we did have some agricultural items – their personal pumpkins might be confiscated at the border and they would have nothing to carve for Halloween.

What would you say if you were faced with a similar situation? Do you tell or not tell? Do you disclose or conceal. Do you tell the truth and risk the loss of the precious pumpkins? Or to you tell a lie and hope you don’t get caught?

A man named Abraham faced a similar test. His wife was beautiful. He told her to lie and tell people she was his sister. He told the same lie when he was asked about her. Abraham was afraid someone might kill him and take his wife (Genesis 20). Years later his own son Isaac did the same thing following of his father’s example (Genesis 26)!

I know people are more important than pumpkins. I believe it is better to tell the truth and face the consequences than to tell a lie. There is a verse in the Bible that says, “Put aside falsehood and speak truthfully” (Ephesians 4:25). Your reputation is on the line and your children may follow your example. When we got to the border we decided to tell the inspector about our precious pumpkins. We held our breath – then he said no problem. Pumpkins are permitted! Let me encourage you to tell the truth. We were glad we did and you will be too.

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Diamond Bar Restaurant Week 2020

City of Diamond Bar

Photo Courtesy: City of Diamond Bar.

Diamond bar – Diamond Bar Restaurant Week returns next month, October 2-18, bringing with it even more reasons to dine out, pick up curbside, or get takeout meals from any local restaurant.

In light of the pandemic, this year’s promotion has been adapted to make it easier for restaurants and diners to participate. For restaurants, these adaptations include automatic inclusion, no participation fee, and waiving of discount or special offer requirement. For diners, it means they can order breakfast, lunch and dinner from any Diamond Bar restaurants of their choice and enter their receipts or share their photos on social media for a chance to win a number of prizes.

Launched in 2016, Diamond Bar Restaurant Week (DBRW) is a special campaign aimed at supporting local restaurants while highlighting the diverse and quality dining choices in town. It is co-sponsored by the City and the Regional Chamber of Commerce-San Gabriel Valley.

Dine and Win! Through our sponsorships, the “Dine and Win!” contest will have some very exciting prizes to be awarded at the conclusion of Restaurant Week.

How to Participate:
Simply dine out during Diamond Bar Restaurant Week at any eatery in Diamond Bar, and save your receipts!
How to Submit Receipts:
Enter Your Receipts for the Dine and Win Contest:
Mail: 21810 Copley Dr, Diamond Bar, CA 91765
See flyer on page 8.

Pastor’s Corner: The Man In The Mirror (Part Two)

Mark Hopper

In my previous article I shared about how we need to take a look in the mirror and see what changes we need to make in our own life. The words of the song Man in the Mirror and the story of the pastor with the rebellious daughter really drive home the principle that change needs to begin with you.

Many years ago I attended a helpful seminar on leadership. I picked up some useful ideas on how to be a more effective leader of our staff and our church. One of the speakers was Ken Blanchard, he was well known for his best-selling book – The One Minute Manager.  He shared an illustration that he often used with business leaders that has been very helpful to me as a husband, pastor and leader.

He said that when things are not going well, a foolish manager will look out his office window and place the blame on his workers. Why are sales and production declining? The employees must not be doing their jobs. On the other hand, when things are going well, a foolish manager will look in a mirror and congratulate himself for the great job he is doing.

Blanchard went on to say that when things are going well and sales are up and production is growing, a wise manager will look out the window and recognize the success is due to the hard work of his employees. And, when sales are down and production is declining, a wise manager will look in the mirror and ask himself – What am I doing wrong? What steps do I need to take to help our business improve?

There is a passage in the Bible where King David ignored the warning of his own advisors and demanded that his staff count the number of troops under his command. This action resulted in the death of a number of innocent people. David realized his mistake and asked God to forgive him and stop the devastation and destruction. He accepted responsibility for his arrogant behavior (Second Samuel chapter 24). If things aren’t going well in your life or business, let me encourage you to take a good look in the mirror. Ask yourself – what changes do you need to make in your life? Accept responsibility and change what you are doing. And if things are going well in your life or business, I hope you will give the credit to God and to the people who have made it possible. They will be glad you did and you will too.

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Pastor’s Corner: The Man In The Mirror

Mark Hopper

Many years ago, I heard a pastor share his story about his relationship with his teenage daughter. He was discouraged and concerned that his daughter was angry and frustrated with him. One day he took his whole family to a local park. As they sat on some tree stumps, he asked his wife and each of their children this question – “What changes do I need to make in my life that can help heal our family”? He said it hurt deeply as each of them shared some of their frustrations with him. His teenage daughter was the most vocal. She told her father that he was too busy and he never listened to her.

After each of them shared, he told them he needed some time to be alone and think about what they had said. As he got up to leave, his daughter stopped him and said she needed to ask him the same question. “What changes did she need to make in her life?” This was a turning point in their strained relationship. His heart was softened and he began to make some changes in his schedule and he spent more time with his daughter. The daughter’s heart was softened and she began to make changes in her life too.

There is a passage in the Bible where Jesus said, “Before you try to remove the speck from your brother’s eye, you need to remove the log from your own eye” (Matthew 7:1-5). If there is a problem in your family, marriage or other relationship – the place to begin is in your own life. Look in a mirror and ask yourself this question – what am I doing that is causing problems in our relationship? What changes do I need to make in my life that will help heal the wounds and restore my relationship with others?

There is a song from the 1980’s written by a famous singer with the title – Man in the Mirror. Some of the words are, “If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and then make a change. I’m starting with the man in the mirror. I’m asking him to change his ways”.

I love the phrase – Changed people change people. I believe that when you make positive changes in your life it will produce positive changes in others too.  Your words, attitudes and actions can have a positive or negative impact on others. Let me encourage you to look in the mirror and ask yourself – what changes do I need to make in my life. You can ask your spouse, children or a trusted friend too. Pray and ask God to reveal some things to you that you need to change in your life with His help. You will be glad you did and those around you will too.

Pastor Hopper has published a book with 365 of his articles and stories. The title is “Let Me Encourage You”. The cost is $25 which includes shipping. Order your copy at

Pastor’s Corner: Water Pressure

Mark Hopper

When was the last time you checked the water pressure in your house? Most people have never checked it. We just turn on the faucet and we are thankful to have running water in our homes. We assume the water pressure is fine until we have a problem. Recently a hose burst in our bathroom in the middle of the night. My wife heard a noise and woke me up at 3:00 AM.  The noise came from the bathroom at the other end of the house. The hose that supplied water to the toilet had burst and it looked like a fire hose was flooding the bathroom, bedroom and hallway. I quickly turned off the valve but the water damage was extensive. I wondered why the small hose had burst and flooded the rooms. The next day I checked the water pressure in our house and discovered it was 120 PSI – twice what it should be. A few weeks later I was able to replace the water pressure regulator which reduced the pressure down to a normal 60 PSI.

Just as high water pressure can damage your home and high blood pressure can damage your heart, outbursts of anger can cause serious physical and emotional damage to yourself and to others. Two different words are used to describe anger in Ephesians 4:31-32. One word is thumos which describes outbursts of anger when people lose their temper and vent their anger with words and deeds. The other word for anger is orge which is a slow, simmering temper that gradually builds up like a volcano until it finally bursts or explodes.  Both of these types of anger can be harmful and destructive just like high water pressure and high blood pressure.

In the same passage there are two different words – kindness and compassion. These are helpful and constructive. They are the antidote of anger.  Kindness and compassion seek to resolve problems and restore relationships. Words and acts of anger damage and destroy relationships. If anger is simmering beneath the surface in your heart or revealing itself in harmful words and deeds, let me encourage you to get help.  A new ministry called Domestic Kindness is equipping churches to be part of the solution to domestic abuse. Find them at Let me encourage you to ask God and ask those you have hurt to forgive you. Ask God to give you a heart of kindness and compassion that comes through faith in Christ. You will be glad you did and your family and friends will too!

Pastor Hopper has published a book with 365 of his articles and stories. The title is “Let Me Encourage You“. The cost is $25 which includes shipping. Order your copy at

The Eye Of The Beholder

Michael Armijo

It was a warm yet windy day filled with strong sorrow. The air reflected a deep sense of respect as people gathered to say goodbye to a friend whose spirit had left the earth.

As everyone gathered, the vibrant, wooden casket lay atop the ground as the family huddled closely around. The youngest, a young man, gazed at the casket while tears flowed from his swollen eyes. He walked up and laid his cheek on the rigid, shiny, wooden box, as his white-gloved hands gently caressed the top of the last home his father’s body would ever have. He laid gentle kisses on the top of the casket, as his unconditional love was reflected in front of all those who watched. A gentle whisper was heard a row back, “Did you see that? How sad.”

When I heard those words, I felt something deep inside that disagreed; something that didn’t see the message of sadness when the boy showed his emotions. Instead, I saw an act of love. A love so strong, it displayed the true meaning of unconditional love. Something deep inside that didn’t care if the world looked on or what people felt. A feeling of purity, of joy, and of strength.

I believe the old saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” I believe we all see life in certain light, and sometimes, in certain darkness. I also believe that when we express the darkness which surrounds our lives, it spreads like a contagious and cancerous disease. It attaches by simple contact, clings like a dependent child, and deteriorates in a short amount of time.

I’ve learned that opinions are only perceptions of a person’s immediate thinking, and reflections of someone’s inner self. What we see is usually what we feel, what we feel deep inside. Without realizing it, we express past experiences, deep histories, insecurities about our future, and we reflect the perception of our own lives.

I also believe that when we see life in its darkest hour, we have the opportunity to see life through the brightest light. For some, it’s a short path traveled to a place inside that holds our mind hostage from our heart. For others, it’s a level of confidence that sits deep within that’s been damaged by a careless act from another.

I believe that the true meaning of life can only be understood through the light of beauty and the inner joy that sits deep in our hearts. I believe the vision of what will come can only be seen through the eyes of a believer. I feel the truest form of emotion can only be felt when a person can feel the presence of a higher power, a stronger entity, something or someone greater than themselves.

I understand that life is not always what it is expected to be. It changes moods like a spoiled child. But I also understand that life can be what we want it to be; all we have to do is apply our hearts in front of our minds. Following what we truly feel, not what we think we see, is the only way to put aside our petty angry thoughts and our insignificant bitterness. Because just as the young man who helped bury his father, the tears that flow from our swollen eyes are tears of love that can only be seen when beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Planes of Fame Airshow 2020

Planes of Fame Airshow Fans

Planes of Fame Air Museum is proud to present the Planes of Fame Air Show on May 2-3, 2020 ‘Victory Through Air Power’. Celebrating the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII we will be  featuring over 50 historic aircraft, including the B-25 Mitchell, P-47 Thunderbolt, P-38 Lightning, F4U Corsair and P-51 Mustangs flying for your enjoyment. We invite you to join us in honoring the history, contributions, and sacrifices of our Veterans.

USAF Heritage Flight

Performers include: USAF A-10 Thunderbolt II Demo and Heritage Flight, Pacific, European & Korean war era Flight Displays, Gregory ‘Wired’ Colyer T-33 Aerobatics, Philipp Steinbach GB1 GameBird Aerobatics, Sanders Sea Fury Aerobatics, John Collver AT-6/SNJ Aerobatics, Rob Harrison the Tumbling Bear and more!

USAF A-10 Thunderbolt II Demo Team

There will be a Kids Zone, static displays and plenty of food & vendors!

In addition to many other fantastic airplanes that will be performing and on static display, there will be a special panel discussion with some of our honored Veterans. Follow our Planes of Fame Facebook page to receive up to the minute news on Performers, attending Aircraft and Veterans!

Start your Air Show weekend early! Planes of Fame Air Museum opens at 10:00 am on Friday May 1st. Regular admission to the Air Museum includes a tram ride out to the display area as well as access to Planes of Fame Air Museum. Participating aircraft will be arriving throughout the day. Display area closes to the public at 4:00 pm.

Planes of Fame Air Show, Saturday and Sunday May 2-3 2020  8am – 4pm   See all of your favorite airplanes fly!

Get there Early, you don’t want to miss the ‘Victory Through Air Power’ Opening Ceremony and National Anthem Commemoration!

F4U Corsair. Over 40 WWII aircraft will fly.

Free Admission Kids 11 Years & Under, General Admission $30, Preferred Parking $20,

Grandstand Seats, Sunrise Photo Access Passes and RV Parking are available to purchase online at: WWW.PLANESOFFAME.ORG

SAVE $5 on General Admission Tickets when you purchase online! (Limited Time Offer)


For more information please contact :

Harry ‘T’ Geier

Director of Marketing Planes of Fame Air Museum

14998 Cal Aero Drive, Chino, CA  91710

Tel – 909-597-7576

OC Teacher Arrested For Unlawful Sex With Minor

Photo Courtesy:  SAPD Alvar Albert Gonzalez

Photo Courtesy: SAPD
Alvar Albert Gonzalez

Staff Reports

Santa Ana – On Fri., Sept. 4, after a joint investigation between the Santa Ana Police Department and the Santa Ana Unified School District Police, Detectives arrested Alvar Albert Gonzalez, 45, of Santa Ana, for possessing/producing obscene matter and unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor.

According to the Santa Ana Police Department, the female victim first met the suspect when she was in his class her freshman year at Santa Ana High School. In 2013, Gonzalez arranged to meet the 16-year old victim in his classroom during school lunch breaks. There, Gonzalez allegedly engaged in consensual sexual intercourse with the victim on over nine occasions. This activity was initially not reported.
In 2014, Gonzalez approached a second female student and kissed her. As a result of that incident, Gonzalez was placed on administrative leave by the Santa Ana Unified School District. While investigating this incident, Santa Ana Unified District Officials discovered inappropriate electronic images of youthful looking females on Gonzalez’ electronic media storage devices. Detectives identified one of these females by name, located her, and obtained her statement. Further investigation revealed additional images depicting criminal activity between Gonzalez and the victim occurring in 2013.
At this time, Detectives continue to investigate the possibility that there are additional victims. The Santa Ana Police Department is requesting members of the public to call Detectives if they suspect Gonzalez had inappropriate contact with other students. Please call Santa Ana Police Detectives at (714) 245-8542.
Gonzalez was booked into the Santa Ana Jail, and is being charged with Possessing/Producing Obscene Matter of a person under 18, and Unlawful Sexual Intercourse with a minor).

Orange County: Burglary Arrest Assisted By Airship “Duke”

Photo Courtesy:  SAPD OC Sheriff’s Airship, “Duke,” assists Officers in burglary arrest.

Photo Courtesy: SAPD
OC Sheriff’s Airship, “Duke,” assists Officers in burglary arrest

Staff Reports

Santa Ana – On Mon., Aug. 31, at approximately 8:50 a.m., a resident reported seeing a suspicious male knocking on his neighbor’s door. When the male received no answer at the door, he went through the side yard to the rear of the residence and out of sight.

Responding officers requested the assistance of Orange County Sheriff’s Airship, “Duke.”

According to the Santa Ana Police Department (SAPD), the suspect – matching the description provided by witnesses – was located by Duke in the rear yard of a residence where two window screens had been removed.

When Duke arrived on scene, the suspect observed the airship and ran out of the yard, entering the passenger side of a vehicle. Duke directed responding units to the vehicle, and a car stop was conducted. The male subject fled from the vehicle and ran through the apartment complex at the northeast corner of Fairview St. and Segerstrom Ave.

The female driver – Bianca Renee McNair, 25, of Santa Ana, was taken into custody without incident at the stop.

A SAPD motor officer located the suspect – Stephone Jawonn Fellows, 27, of Los Angeles – in the apartment complex and had to deploy his taser to take him into custody. Further investigation showed that Fellows had successfully forced entry into the garage of a residence in the 3000 block of South Griset Pl.; however, it appears the crime was interrupted by the arrival of Duke on scene.

Both suspects were arrested for Burglary and Conspiracy to Commit a Crime.

Orange County Barber Arrested For Lewd Acts With Minor

Public assistance requested in identifying additional victims


Photo Courtesy: SAPD Ruben Olguin

Photo Courtesy: SAPD
Ruben Olguin

Staff Reports

Santa Ana – On Fri., Aug. 14, at approximately 11 a.m., Santa Ana Police Detectives arrested Ruben Olguin, 51, of Santa Ana, for Lewd Acts with a Child. Olguin was arrested from his place of employment, the Salon De Belleza Nuevo Guadalajara, located at 118 E. 4th St. in Santa Ana.
According to the SAPD, this past July, a 14-year old victim and his mother went to their usual barber – Olguin – at the Salon De Belleza Nuevo Guadalajara. The victim and his mother had been to the same barber several times and trusted him. Olguin took the victim to a private location in the back of the Salon to wash and shampoo the child’s hair. There, it is alleged that Olguin molested the victim while the mother waited in the front of the store.
Olguin is currently being held at the Orange County Jail with bail set at $100,000.
Due to Olguin’s access to children and the public, the SAPD is asking for the public’s help in identifying any additional victims or witnesses who may have observed him acting inappropriately.
Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Detective Corporal Javier Aceves at (714) 245-8542 or Orange County Crime Stoppers at 1-855-TIP-OCCS.

Orange County: West Nile Virus Active

Photo Courtesy: Mosquito breeding sources

Photo Courtesy:
Mosquito breeding sources

Staff Reports

Orange County – The Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District (OCMVCD) would like to make residents aware, in portions of Northeastern Orange County, that mosquito and dead bird samples have tested positive for West Nile virus.
In 2014, Orange County reported the highest number of human infections of West Nile virus in the nation with 280, including nine deaths. OCMVCD uses more than ten years of sampling data collected during routine monitoring and testing of mosquitoes, dead birds, and human infections to determine areas of greater risk throughout the county.
To date in 2015, OCMVCD confirmed West Nile virus-positive test results from the cities of Anaheim, Cypress, Fullerton, Huntington Beach, Orange, San Juan Capistrano, Santa Ana, Tustin, and Yorba Linda. So far this year, OCMVCD has reported a total of 81 positive mosquito samples and ten dead birds. There are no reported human cases at this time. A total list of all positives can be found at
Mosquitoes acquire the virus when they feed on infected birds, and subsequently pass the virus along when they bite humans. There is no cure for West Nile virus.
Partnership to Protect Your Community: All mosquitoes need standing water to complete their life cycle. Even though OCMVCD Inspectors are conducting investigations to find mosquito breeding in communities all over Orange County, standing water sources remain unidentified. These unidentified sources are maintaining mosquito populations and threaten your quality of life. OCMVCD is asking for your help to find and eliminate hidden sources.
How You Can Help: It takes just two minutes of your time to help prevent future outbreaks of West Nile virus. Simply inspect your property and dump or drain any water found, and take the necessary steps to prevent the source from refilling. In addition to common breeding sources, above and underground remnants of our agricultural past (standpipes, well heads, irrigation channels) may be present on your property and can breed mosquitoes. This easy practice is the most effective method of controlling mosquitoes. If you observe any standing water not on your property, alert OCMVCD. An inspector will be dispatched to catalogue and treat the source with mosquito control products.
Residents can also take an active role in reducing the threat of West Nile virus by taking the following steps:
· Eliminate any standing water around your home.
· Ensure that swimming pools, spas, and ponds are properly maintained.
· Change the water in pet dishes, birdbaths, and other small containers weekly.
· Request FREE mosquitofish for placement in ornamental ponds.
· Make sure all window and door screens on your house are in good repair.
· Wear a repellent containing DEET®, Picaridin, Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus, or IR 3535.
· Contact the Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District to report dead birds or neglected pools by calling (714) 971-2421 or (949) 654-2421, or visit

Orange County: Officers Arrest Bank Robbery Suspect

Photo Courtesy:  SAPD Alleged Bank Robber, Dia Chanh Diep, 43

Photo Courtesy: SAPD
Alleged Bank Robber, Dia Chanh Diep, 43

Staff Reports

Santa Ana – On Tues., Aug. 4, at approximately 4:57 p.m., a male Asian suspect entered the Bank of America located at 102 W. 4th Street in Santa Ana.  He presented the teller with a note, which stated he had a gun and demanded money. Out of fear for her safety, the teller provided the suspect with an undisclosed amount of U.S. currency. The suspect fled the location on foot.

With the assistance of Orange County Sheriff’s Air Support, “Duke,” the suspect was located and Officers were directed to the area of 600 W. Santa Ana Blvd.  When the Officers arrived, they were lead to a possible suspect by a security guard. The suspect was ultimately located and detained.

The suspect was positively identified during a field show-up as Dia Chanh Diep, 43, a transient. Money believed to have been taken in the robbery was located with the suspect.

Robbery Detectives and the FBI were both notified and assisted in the investigation. The suspect was arrested for bank robbery and booked at the Santa Ana Police Jail.

Photo Courtesy:  SAPD Alleged Bank Robber, Dia Chanh Diep, 43

Photo Courtesy: SAPD
Alleged Bank Robber, Dia Chanh Diep, 43

Photo Courtesy:  SAPD Alleged Bank Robber, Dia Chanh Diep, 43

Photo Courtesy: SAPD
Alleged Bank Robber, Dia Chanh Diep, 43

Orange County: Streetcar Project Takes Next Step

Image Courtesy:  City of Santa Ana

Image Courtesy: City of Santa Ana

Staff Reports

Santa Ana – The OC Streetcar project marked its latest milestone this week as the Orange County Transportation Authority Board of Directors agreed to a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the city of Santa Ana, outlining the roles and responsibilities associated with the development, implementation, operations and maintenance of the project.
The OC Streetcar is planned for travel through the cities of Santa Ana and Garden Grove, and intended to provide easy connections for people traveling from trains and buses to employment, retail and recreational areas.
According to the City of Santa Ana, the streetcar is scheduled to operate along a route of approximately four miles. The route will run from the Santa Ana train station, through Downtown Santa Ana and the Civic Center, along the Pacific Electric right of way, and connect to a new multimodal transit hub at Harbor Boulevard and Westminster Avenue in Garden Grove.
“This agreement is another big step toward the realization of Orange County’s first modern streetcar,” said Santa Ana Mayor and OCTA Director, Miguel Pulido. “The streetcar will improve the way people move through the heart of our county and provide needed transportation alternatives for a modern work environment.”
Up to seven streetcars are planned to run along the route, stopping at 12 stations. By 2035, the streetcar is expected to carry more than 6,000 riders a day. Initial estimates put the project cost at $250 million, with OCTA pursuing local, state and federal funding.
The streetcar is expected to move into the design phase later this year with construction planned to begin in 2017. On the current schedule, the streetcar would begin running in 2019.
To read the full MOU, visit

Orange County: Rockin’ Round The Zoo

Santa Ana Zoo holding black-tie Fundraiser

Photo Courtesy:  City of Santa Ana

Photo Courtesy: City of Santa Ana

Staff Reports

Santa Ana – The Friends of Santa Ana Zoo (FOSAZ), a non-profit organization, are pleased to announce tickets sales, media and sponsorship opportunities for its 23rd annual “Rockin’ Round the Zoo” at Zoofari High fundraising event.
Tickets to this year’s exclusive black-tie gala under the stars are $250 each, or $2,500 for a private table of ten. All tickets must be purchased in advance of the event, which will take place Sat., Aug. 29, from 5:30 p.m. to midnight at the Santa Ana Zoo in Prentice Park – located at 1801 Chestnut Avenue in Santa Ana. Space is limited and tickets will not be sold at the door.
With an expected attendance of more than 400 guests, the glamorous Zoofari fundraising event includes valet parking service underwritten by Tudor House Productions, a first-class dining experience catered by Parties by Panache, and a hosted bar including a special “Love Potion #9” signature drink made with Tito’s Handmade vanilla vodka, root beer and vanilla ice cream. Partygoers will enjoy photos with Elvis, 1950s themed décor by R.W.B. Party Props, dancing to the sounds of Groove Factory, and an opportunity to bid on wonderful trips, beautiful baskets, and one-of-a-kind gifts during the event’s live and silent auctions hosted by renowned auctioneer, Kimberly Fladeboe Anderson. Honorees this year include FOSAZ Board Members Patti Mickey, Patty McClendon and Steve McGuigan.
“For more than 20 years, Zoofari has played an integral role in raising the funds needed for all the special projects and improvements going on here at our favorite community zoo, including educational programs, breaking ground on new animal habitats, tackling important conservation initiatives, introducing new rides and upgrading service facilities for our guests to use and enjoy,” says Cathi Decker, event host and Executive Director of FOSAZ.
“Zoofari is a first-class fundraising event that demonstrates the love and investment the local community, surrounding businesses and FOSAZ have for the Zoo,” says David Exline, President of the FOSAZ Board. “This year’s Rockin’ Round the Zoo at Zoofari High promises to be another endearing and festive evening our guests will cherish, and a night of giving that will have a lasting and positive impact on the Santa Ana Zoo for years to come.”
To find out more about 2015 Rockin’ Round the Zoo at Zoofari High, discuss potential sponsorship opportunities or to reserve seats and purchase tickets, call (714) 953-8555, ext. 10, or visit
The Santa Ana Zoo is home to more than 150 animals, including 50 of the most interesting and engaging monkeys and several endangered species, like the Golden Lion Tamarins. The gates open daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  General Zoo admission is $10.00 for adults, $7.00 for seniors and children 3-12 years. Children under 3 are free. The Conservation Carrousel Rides are $3 each, Zoofari Express Train Rides are $4 each, and combo tickets are $6 each. Children under 2 are free to ride with paid adult on the Train and adults standing with children on the Carrousel are free. For more information call (714) 836-4000 or visit our website at:

Orange County: Disney Employee Arrest

Cast Member attempts to trade park tickets in exchange for sex with minor


Staff Reports

Santa Ana – On July 1, a Disneyland Resort employee allegedly posted an ad on Craigslist seeking women willing to engage in sexual acts in exchange for tickets to the Resort parks.

According to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office (OCDA), the suspect – Darreck Michael Enciso, 27, of Adelanto – is accused of communicating with a Huntington Beach Police Department (HBPD) Undercover Officer, whom he thought was a 14-year old girl, interested in the tickets.  On July 9, Enciso showed up at the designated meeting place on Beach Blvd. in Huntington Beach with condoms and Disneyland park tickets in his possession.

Enciso was arrested and charged with one felony count of attempted lewd acts upon a child, one felony count of contacting a child with the intent to commit a specified sex crime, and one felony count of meeting a minor with the intent to engage in lewd conduct.

Enciso was scheduled to be arraigned on Mon., July 13.  If convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of four years and eight months in prison, as well as mandatory lifetime registration as a sex offender.  He is reportedly being held on $100,000 bail at the Santa Ana Central Jail.

The Disneyland Resort reportedly terminated Enciso following his arrest.

The OCDA and the HBPD are seeking the public’s help in identifying potential additional victims of Enciso, who is accused of posting several similar ads on Craigslist.  Anyone with additional information is encouraged to contact Supervising District Attorney Investigator Mark Gutierrez at (714) 347-8794, or HBPD Detective, Angela Bennett, at (714) 536-5960.

Orange County: 4th Of July Trouble

Photo Courtesy:  SAPD

Photo Courtesy: SAPD
Ryan Matthew Brown

Staff Reports

Santa Ana – On Sat., July 4, at approximately 9:40 p.m., Santa Ana Police Officers responded to the 2500 block of North Linwood Avenue to assist first responders with a male who was lying in the street, unresponsive.  Officers arrived to find Orange County Fire personnel performing CPR on a 55-year old male.

The victim was transported to Western Medical Center in Santa Ana, where he was pronounced deceased.

In their preliminary investigation, Homicide Detectives found that a fight occurred during a large neighborhood Fourth of July party.  The victim was a participant in the fight, but it is unclear is the male sustained an assault injury, or died as a result of a medical condition.  The cause of death is pending autopsy.

Anyone with information regarding this incident as asked to call SAPD Homicide Detectives at (714) 245-8390, or Orange County Crime Stoppers at (855) TIP-OCCS.

In another incident that occurred on Wed., July 1, at approximately 6:47 p.m., SAPD Officers responded to the 900 block of West 17th Street in reference to a fireworks complaint.  Officers were advised that a resident at a complex had thrown a makeshift bottle bomb at a juvenile victim as he was walking in the alley.

Remnants of the device were recovered at the scene which consisted of a legal firework that was modified to explode inside of a bottle.

At the time of the initial investigation, the suspect – Ryan Matthew Brown, 37, of Santa Ana – fled the scene through the rear of his residence.  Officers returned to the suspect’s home at approximately 10:30 p.m., and took Brown into custody without incident.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department Bomb Squad assisted officers with this investigation, and Brown was booked on felony charges of Using a Destructive Device Causing Bodily Injury, and Willful Cruelty to a Child with Possible Injury or Death.

Orange County: Nation’s Birthday Celebrated With A Bang

Staff Reports

Santa Ana – Join the Mayor and City Council for family style fun and a spectacular fireworks show at the City of Santa Ana’s 2015 Independence Day Celebration.  The event will be held at Centennial Park on Sat., July 4, from 4 to 9:30 p.m.

“Santa Ana’s annual tradition on the 4th of July is to have fun, show your patriotism, picnic at the park, enjoy great music, learn about history, and watch a spectacular fireworks show over the Centennial Park lakes,” said Santa Ana Council Member, David Benavides.
The Independence Day celebration will feature live performances by the Full Spectrum Band and Santa Ana High School. The celebration will also feature a History Walk with costumed characters from our nation’s history educating children, a kid’s zone play area with three bounce houses and games, Civil War cannons, and recognition of our Armed Forces. The fireworks show will begin at 9 p.m.  Bring a picnic basket or enjoy the various food vendors throughout the park. Admission is free and guests are encouraged to arrive early to find a spot in the park.
Council member, Roman Reyna, who leads a group of youth to volunteer in helping produce the event, said, “I am particularly thrilled that every year we get Santa Ana Youth more and more involved in these types of events. This is the best way to engage and motivate our youth to become leaders.”
Centennial Park is located at 3000 W Edinger Ave, in Santa Ana.  For more information, contact Enrique Marban at, or call (714) 571-4254.

Orange County: Citizen Helps To Arrest Robbery Suspect

Anonymous caller sees suspect vehicle shown in TV news story

Photo Courtesy:  SAPD Heriberto Escalera Contreras

Photo Courtesy: SAPD
Heriberto Escalera Contreras

Staff Reports

Santa Ana – On Mon., June 15, at approximately 7:30 a.m., a woman entered a 7-Eleven convenience store located at 2242 S. Grand Ave.; her 10-year old daughter waited in the car.

A man parked his van next to the woman’s vehicle and was able to look down into her car and see a wallet in the center console.  The man exited his van, opened the woman’s car door, grabbed the wallet and got back into his van.

The 10-year old got out of her car and opened the man’s van door in an attempt to retrieve the stolen wallet.  The man attempted to close the door, and a struggle between the two ensued with the door opening and closing for about a minute’s time.  Eventually, the man handed the girl the wallet.

As the man was about to leave, the mother exited the store.  When the girl told her mother what had happened, the mother ran up to the suspect and told him she was calling the police.  The girl used her cell phone to photograph the van’s rear license plate as the suspect drove from the parking lot.

The child was not injured, and the wallet – containing cash – was retained by the victim.

On Thurs., June 18, at approximately 4:50 p.m., Officers responded to the Mobile Gas Station at Edinger and Main streets after an anonymous citizen called to report that the suspect vehicle that was shown on TV news of the robbery that occurred at the 7-Eleven on June 15 was currently parked in the gas station lot.  Officers located the subject in question – Heriberto Escalera Contreras, 36, of Santa Ana – in the vicinity and detained him without incident.

Contreras had the keys to the vehicle in his pocket and acknowledged that the van was his.  Officers arrested the subject on an unrelated warrant for Burglary and possession of Methamphetamine. The suspect was also found to have concealed narcotics on his person while being booked into the Santa Ana Jail Facility. Contreras was interviewed by Santa Ana Police Department Robbery Detectives, where he made statements placing him at the robbery scene. Contreras was positively identified by the victim as the suspect in the June 15 robbery.

OC Man Arraigned For Hit And Run Deaths

Crash killed woman and her 2-year old granddaughter

Photo Courtesy:  Irvine PD Alec Scott Abraham, 20, charged with hit-and-run deaths

Photo Courtesy: Irvine PD
Alec Scott Abraham, 20, charged with hit-and-run deaths

Staff Reports

Santa Ana – On Mon., June 15, Alec Scott Abraham, 20, of Costa Mesa, was arraigned for causing a hit-and-run crash that killed a woman and her granddaughter in Irvine. Abraham is charged with two felony counts of gross vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence, one felony count of hit-and-run with permanent injury or death, one felony count of reckless driving with bodily injury, and one misdemeanor count of petty theft by taking and carrying away, and sentencing enhancements for fleeing the scene of a vehicular manslaughter and inflicting great bodily injury.

At approximately 8:50 p.m. on June 10, Abraham was driving a Ford Mustang and traveling westbound on Alton Parkway in Irvine. He is accused of speeding and failing to stop for a red light at the intersection of Alton and Barranca parkways. Abraham reportedly slammed into the driver’s side of a Chevy Cruze being driven by Katherine Hampton, 54, who was traveling southbound on Barranca Parkway through a green light – with her daughter and two grandchildren also in the car. The crash forced the vehicles into a Honda Civic that was stopped at the red light going eastbound on Alton Parkway. The solo driver in the Honda Civic was treated for minor injuries at a local hospital and released.

Shortly after the crash, Abraham allegedly approached a bystander and requested to use their cell phone.  He took the bystander’s phone, fleeing from the scene of the crash on foot.

The Orange County Fire Authority arrived on scene and transported the victims to local hospitals. Hampton died at the scene as a result of her injuries sustained in the crash.

Hampton’s daughter, 28-year-old Jane Doe, was seated in the passenger seat of the Chevy Cruze and was treated for a broken jaw. Jane Doe’s son, 7-year old John Doe, who was seated in the rear passenger seat, was treated for a broken collarbone. Jane Doe’s daughter, 2-year old Kaydence Hampton, who was seated behind the driver’s seat, was in cardiac arrest following the crash. She was revived at the hospital, but had significant brain swelling, and was pronounced dead on June 14.

Abraham was arrested at a Costa Mesa park on June 11 by the Irvine Police Department.  If convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of 14 years in state prison. He is being held on $1 million bail.

SAPD Arrests Suspect In Bank Robbery

Photo Courtesy:  SAPD Suspect Justin Thomas Yrrarazaval

Photo Courtesy: SAPD
Suspect Justin Thomas Yrrarazaval

Staff Reports

Santa Ana – On Thurs., May 28, at 4:41 p.m., Officers were dispatched to a bank robbery that had just occurred.  The investigation revealed that a Hispanic male suspect – armed with a black handgun – entered the Schools First Bank located at 2115 N. Broadway, demanding money and stating that he had a bomb.  The bank teller complied with the suspect’s demands and an undisclosed amount of U.S. Currency was taken.

The suspect – who was described as a male adult in his 20s, with a dark complexion, brown eyes, scar on his left cheek, wearing a trucker hat, plaid shirt and carrying a backpack – was last seen walking eastbound toward Main Street.

On Fri., May 29, at approximately 9 a.m., a Santa Ana Police Department Officer observed suspect, Justin Thomas Yrrarazaval, 20, of Santa Ana, walking in the 1300 block of North Spurgeon Street. The Officer believed Yrrarazaval was the same suspect he observed on surveillance video during the bank robbery the previous day.

Robbery Detectives responded to the Officer’s location and transported the suspect to the Police Department where he was questioned about his involvement in the Bank Robbery.  Yrrarazaval was then booked into the Santa Ana Police Jail on the charge of Bank Robbery.