Attitude Is Everything

By Nancy Stoops Do you see a half filled glass as half empty or as half full?  Do you tend to see what’s wrong with your life or do you focus on what is right with your life?  Would you consider yourself a negative person or a positive person?  Do you wake up everyday being […]

The Winner of Your Personal Revolution

By Nancy Stoops Do you ever feel like you just need to make a huge change?  Are you afraid and so you stay stuck because this is what you have always done?  Maybe it’s time to have a personal revolution and really shake things up.  I think it starts by making a list of what […]

Your Child’s Best and Most Productive Summer

B y Nancy Stoops I am a very big believer in rest and relaxation and feel summer is a great time to do that.  I take a lot of time off in the summer to do exactly that but I must feel my summer is also productive as well.  I force myself to move at […]

Understanding Our Purpose in This World

By Nancy Stoops When I was five years old my friends would line up on my front porch and give me a nickel to help them with their problems.  They would tell me that I had good advice even back then.  Even as a little girl I felt so good when I could make somebody […]

The Secret of Life

By Nancy Stoops       Do you wonder what it takes to live your life well?  Do you question what life is all about?  Do you always seem to be fighting something in your life?  I believe the secret to life is to make the best of what your life brings you. I think the idea of […]

Having Some Faith in Our Youth

By Nancy Stoops Soon they will be running our country and have children of their own.  Soon they will be telling their children all the things we told them.  I have had the honor of working with thousands of kids and teens of this generation and I’m here to tell you that they are amazing.  […]

Calling For Responsible Pet Owners

By Nancy Stoops It is on behalf of dogs everywhere that I write this article.  Being the proud owner of Midnight, the black lab/black shepherd mix shown with me in my photograph is truly a joy and honor.  Midnight is nine years old and very healthy.  Midnight and I take lots of long walks in […]

Fight Depression with Being Grateful Everyday

By Nancy Stoops Gratitude isn’t something that should only be felt once a year on Thanksgiving.  I feel we should acknowledge everyday all that we are grateful for.  Being grateful seems to take us out of our pity parties and focus more on what we have rather then what we don’t.  We take so many […]

Be Who You Want to Become

By Nancy Stoops Change is something that doesn’t happen overnight.  Just for a moment I want you to think about who you long to be.  For me I always want to be happy and peaceful.  The way that I work on this is by trying to smile, laugh and appreciate every day and then I […]

Are You Living to Die or Dying To Live?

By Nancy Stoops   Our lives are truly about our mindset and how we view our lives.  I must ask you if you are living to die or are you dying to live.  These two ways for which people live sure do look and sound the same but they couldn’t be more different.  Take a […]

Anxiety and Our Youth

By Nancy Stoops  I have been a psychotherapist for eighteen years and have worked with people of all ages with various issues.  I’m constantly amazed when I have a child or teen brought to me for anxiety issues. We seem to have created a generation that feels very inadequate and struggles with growing up and being successful.  The issues this generation worries about are […]

Spring Cleaning For the Soul

By Nancy Stoops I’m so happy to invite you to Spring Cleaning for the Soul, the latest wellness event facilitated by me and sponsored by the City of Walnut.  The event will take place on Saturday, April 14, 2018 from 8 a.m. until noon. This amazing opportunity to totally get cleansed mind, body and spirit […]

Finding The Good Is Possible

By Nancy Stoops Being the eternal optimist that I am I still believe there is so much good in our world.  I see it everyday in random acts of kindness and I think people really want to be good and kind.  I think people are afraid because of what they hear on the news.  Many […]

Are You Living to Die or Dying To Live?

By Nancy Stoops Our lives are truly about our mindset and how we view our lives.  I must ask you if you are living to die or are you dying to live.  These two ways for which people live sure do look and sound the same but they couldn’t be more different.  Take a look […]

The Amazing Power of Positive Thinking

By Nancy Stoops I’m always told that I’m a very positive thinker despite all the tragedy my life has brought me.  Yes I’ve experienced many horrific things in my life.  I don’t focus on all that I have lost and on all of the death that I have experienced in my life.  I stay focused […]

Healing Your Heart and Spirit

By Nancy Stoops It takes an incredible amount of courage to start therapy.   Many people start therapy but leave just as they are really starting to deal with their core issues.  In order to really heal, a person must not only face their demons but take them on and beat them.  This is a scary […]

Giving Up Isn’t Allowed

By Nancy Stoops I’ve always known since I was five years old or so I was put in this world to make it better and to help others heal.  People often wonder why I’m so very positive even though I have lost most of my family.  I feel I don’t have the luxury of giving […]

The Recent School Shooting

By Nancy Stoops The horrific shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14,2018 is something that will be so very difficult for so many to recover from.  I remember being in court seeing my brother’s picture after he was murdered by a bullet to the head.  I know it took a very long […]

Everyday Heroes

By Nancy Stoops There is so much good left in our world.  I run into wonderful people daily.  In my eyes you don’t have to acquire super powers or wear a cape to be a hero.  For me, a hero is somebody that models all the good characteristics one should have.  A hero is a […]

You Can Depend On You

By Nancy Stoops Just recently I had an experience that reminded me of how very capable I am and how I can depend on myself.  After my fabulous trip to Antarctica, I found out the airline to fly me home was on strike.  It seemed like I was so alone in this and must admit […]