Feeling Overwhelmed

By Nancy Stoops We tell ourselves that we are given what we can handle.  Sometimes it sure does feel like we are given way more then we can or should have to handle.  I laugh to myself and think my creator must think I’m superwoman and must think so much of me to give me […]

As Good As It Gets

By Nancy Stoops   Have you ever had a moment that just feels totally perfect?  Do you ever go through chunks of time feeling so in sync with the world?  Isn’t it just wonderful when you feel that blissful momentum just carrying though.  These are the times I believe that things feel as good as […]

Calling For Responsible Pet Owners

By Nancy Stoops   It is on behalf of dogs everywhere that I write this article.  Being the proud owner of Midnight, the black lab/black shepherd mix shown with me in my photograph is truly a joy and honor.  Midnight is nine-years-old and very healthy.  Midnight and I take lots of long walks in our […]

Anxiety And Our Youth

By Nancy Stoops M.A., M.F.T. I have been a psychotherapist for seventeen years and have worked with people of all ages with various issues.  I’m constantly amazed when I have a child or teen brought to me for anxiety issues. We seem to have created a generation that feels very inadequate and struggles with growing […]

All Great Things Are Possible If You Believe In Yourself

By Nancy Stoops What is it that seems to set you apart from somebody you consider a successful human being?  Do you find yourself always doubting your capabilities?  Are you really willing to always settle for less than you really deserve?  Don’t you understand that you have wings and that you really could fly if […]

Celebrating the Simple Things

By Nancy Stoops I believe each day that we have the honor of being alive is call for celebration.  Every morning as I awake and see the sun rising and filling the sky with majestic colors I am reminded of how lucky we are.  As I step out in the morning with Midnight my therapy […]

We Could Learn A lot From Dogs

By Nancy Stoops Have you ever noticed how dogs just take the time to really enjoy everything they do? Dogs never seem to be in any sort of a hurry and are content just being with us. I have also noticed dogs just love us unconditionally and their sense of loyalty is miraculous. I think […]

The Summer of Healing

By Nancy Stoops Can you believe summer is almost here?   Have you been putting off some very necessary therapy for your family or your child or maybe even yourself?  Well make this the summer of healing and don’t put it off anymore.  For the past twenty years I have been running a free counseling group […]

Don’t Ever Stop Believing

By Nancy Stoops We are going through some hard times right now.  There are many people losing their jobs, their homes and many budget cuts to very important programs are taking place.  I still believe things can be turned around.  I still believe that people are basically good.  I still believe anything is possible with […]

Happiness Is Free For Everybody

By Nancy Stoops They don’t sell happiness at the mall or online.  Happiness is free and available to all that want it.  Happiness is in those indescribable amazing moments.  Those moments that give you goose bumps and really let you know you are alive.  I call them as-good –as- it-gets moments.  I know the world […]

Be Proud To Be Unique

By Nancy Stoops I have always looked for the unique in this world.  Growing up I always heard how different I was and how differently I did things.  I take pride in being unique and not wanting to be ordinary.  For me, being unique has always given me a silent inner strength, never a weakness. […]

The End of the School Year is Near

By Nancy Stoops  Another school is almost over and every student can’t wait until summer.  Finals still must be studied for and taken.  Help your student do their absolute very best up until the very last test is taken, paper is turned in and last day has come and gone.  Help remind your student that […]

Focusing On the Good in Your Life

By Nancy Stoops We all have stories about our imperfect lives and childhoods.  Many of us have survived tragedy and horrific events.  There are many times where life seems to test us and just feels very hard and overwhelming.  These are the times we have a hard time seeing all the good, we have in […]


By Nancy Stoops I can remember gathering leaves of all colors and shapes, collecting sea shells and anything else that one might find in the water.  I would fill up my wagon with water and create an underwater adventure for everybody to enjoy with the use of a snorkel and mask.  My friends and I […]

Spreading Good In The World

By Nancy Stoops  I am very blessed in that, as a therapist, I help people heal and then allow them to become the best version of themselves.  This is truly why I was put in this world.  As awesome as my life’s work is, please don’t underestimate the power that you all have in this […]

Designing Your Own Life

By Nancy Stoops Do you let everybody else run your life?  Do you feel as though you have no choices and that life can’t ever get better?  What is it that seems to keep you stuck?  How many times have you asked yourself these questions?  Let’s see if we can’t answer a few of them.  […]

Everyday Mindfulness

By Nancy Stoops All we seem to be hearing about is “being mindful” and the benefits that come from it.  Be mindful involves being in the moment, being totally engaged in what you are doing.  For example, let’s say you are mindfully walking your dog.  As you walk, you really pay attention to the rhythm […]

Don’t Let Life Pass You By

By Nancy Stoops When we are young, we can’t wait to turn eighteen.  When we are eighteen, we can’t wait until we are twenty-one.  Now that we are adults, we can’t wait to graduate college and get married.  Now that we are married we can’t wait to have a family and buy a house.  We […]

Believe You Can and You Will

By Nancy Stoops Just for a moment, think about your mindset regarding yourself.  What is your internal dialogue?  Do you tend to tell yourself you can, and so you do, or do you tell yourself you can’t so you don’t?  Also what is that mindset based on, and is it really your truth?  If you […]

Deciding To Start Therapy

By Nancy Stoops Deciding to start therapy can be a very hard decision.  It’s hard to admit to ourselves that we can’t do it on our own and that we need some help.  The truth is even though we take care of ourselves sometimes we need the help of a good doctor or an antibiotic […]