Licensed Marriage Family Therapist

Meditation is a Natural Way to Wellness

Licensed Marriage Family Therapist
Nancy Stoops M.A., M.F.T Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

By Nancy Stoops

I have been meditating most of my life.  I have been aware for years as to all of the benefits of daily meditation.  I have known for along time that daily meditation helps an individual focus better and manage stress better.  Recently, I was listening to the news and there was a story about a school district that has their students meditating daily.  They found a dramatic difference in how their students were able to concentrate and learn when daily meditation was incorporated into the student’s school day.  The other day a colleague was telling me about a study with the Dalai Lama.  They were able to show that meditation actually changes brain chemistry.   I personally would much rather meditate rather than use any other method, to adjust my mood or reduce my anxiety.

I must say that I’m very excited about these findings because they validate what I have believed for years.  Meditation takes daily practice and its’ effects can start early on, if done correctly.  True meditation occurs when one is able to clear one’s mind, by focusing on the deep breathing the individual is participating in.  Meditation isn’t a very easy skill to acquire but can be learned if the individual is serious. I meet so many people that are on medication for anxiety and depression.  I struggle with the concept of a magic pill for all that we suffer from.  Meditation is a much healthier and natural way of taking charge of you and your mindset.  On Saturday March 30 from 8a.m. -noon I will be facilitating a free wellness event at the Walnut Senior Center.  I will be teaching meditation as part of the event.  For more information contact me at (909)229-0727 or the senior center at (909)598-6200.  I hope you will join us for a wonderful morning of wellness and learn how to meditate and learn lots of other information about wellness.  Midnight the therapy dog will be helping me with the event.  We hope to see you all there!!!

  This article was written by Nancy Stoops M.A., M.F.T.  Nancy is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  Nancy runs free family support groups, a group on loss for seniors, and groups for teens.  For more information about any of these services feel.  You may call her at (909 229-0727).  You may e-mail Nancy at You may purchase Nancy’s books Live Heal and Grow and Midnight the Therapy Dog at