Eastvale: An Interview With Mayor Ike Bootsman

By Jennifer Madrigal

Eastvale Mayor Ike Bootsma

Eastvale Mayor Ike Bootsma (image courtesy of Google Images)

Q:  What do you feel is the City’s Biggest Challenge for 2014?

A:  “Our biggest challenge is economic development and bringing new businesses into our city.  We need customers, but we also need businesses and it’s kind of a Catch 22. We have to convince businesses to come into our city because we already do have the customer base needed to support them. Things like “Shop Eastvale” have helped since so much of our city income comes from the sales tax. I also hope that we can get some more industrial business parks and office spaces here in Eastvale so more residents can live, work and shop in Eastvale.”

Q:  What is your number one goal for the City this year?

A:  “Definitely increasing the money we get from sales tax via promoting Shop Eastvale, bringing businesses here, getting more residents in our city and others outside of our city to shop here.”

Q:  What feels great about Eastvale to you?

A:  “The parks.  We have so many great parks and facilities around us and I love how many people are involved in the parks and sports. Kids are participating in sports and using the trails and the equipment and it’s nice that so many local sport programs have the facilities right here available to them. I am so excited for the new Eastvale Community Park to open up and for the community to enjoy those soccer fields and the jogging trails, etc.  Hopefully we will be able to get more regional tournaments here which will help us economically as well.”

Q:  How long have you been here in Eastvale? What’s your history with the City?

A.      “I was born and raised five miles from here in Chino, on a dairy that was one of the first dairies in the Chino Valley area founded in 1938. I moved to the Eastvale area in 1974 and started the Bootsma Calf Ranch with my brother. At one point we had about 8,500 head of cattle. My wife, Squeaker, and I have called Eastvale home ever since.  We have enjoyed watching the city grow and expand.