Inland Empire: Straight Talk With Danice

Dear Danice Akiyoshi, ND:

My sorority sisters and I plan to take a cruise to Mexico this summer.  There are eight of us going, so we drew names to decide how the rooms would be shared.  I am nervous because I drew the girl who has OCD, and she has to have everything perfect all the time.  I’m a spontaneous person and never plan a thing.  Do you think it would be wrong of me to see if any of the other girls might be willing to switch roommates with me?   We are the worst match.


Dr. Danice Akiyoshi, Naturopathic Doctor, Coaching, Counseling

Dr. Danice Akiyoshi

Dear Gabriella:

Your roommate is bound to discover your feelings if you approach the other people in your group.  Names were drawn; all is fair, so accept the outcome and get off to a good start.  Partnering with this person only applies to your stateroom right?  Where you sleep and shower should not have a significant bearing on how much fun you experience with your sorority sisters on this cruise.  I am old enough to know that things often happen for a reason.  You may find yourself forming a magnificent friendship with your roommate.  Maybe you even have something important to teach each other.  Carry on and concentrate on having a good time.

Danice Akiyoshi,ND