Inland Empire: “Sell Your Casa” With Gil Rivera


Southern California – In this day and age, it’s important to know all aspects of your business.  For Gil Rivera from, he absolutely knows every aspect of buying and selling a home.  He is a reliable, experienced, and an affordable Realtor, Broker, and Certified Appraiser.

Rivera sells houses, condos, and two to four unit investment properties in Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, and Orange counties. He also does real estate appraisals for banks, estates, trusts, divorces, attorneys, refinances, home purchases, and probate/inheritance for tax purposes. In addition, Rivera has assistants that work with him who are fluent in Spanish and Chinese, helping to reach people of different dialects all over Southern California.

Rivera is in his 21st year of business and has SOLD homes in 26 different cities in Southern California; his coverage area is expansive.  Rivera said, “I can do this because I appraise homes in so many different cities and have the knowledge and expertise associated with your marketplace. Give me an opportunity and you will surely be happy you did!”  In February 2013, Rivera listed a home in Monterey Park worth $470,000. Rivera received 53 offers in seven days and SOLD it for $515,000. In November 2013, he listed a home in La Puente for $299,000 and sold it in 5 days with 18 offers at $325,000, all-cash.

Rivera’s philosophy is to “treat my clients the way I want to be treated.” In fact, Rivera said that he became a Realtor because he did not like the way his Realtor treated him when he was buying his home. Rivera shows respect for his clients at all times. He listens to what they say, so that he can better serve them.

Rivera also does not push his Buyers into a sale. Rivera said, “I always tell Buyers: ‘You will know right away when we walk into the house that’s meant for you’.  Whether it takes a week or months, my Buyers will always be satisfied with their purchase and never pressured into it.”

Rivera’s Sellers love the fact that he offers a discounted commission, but with full service.  Rivera offers a 4% Total Commission for Sellers.  This includes 2.5% to the Buyer’s Agent and 1.5% to Rivera’s office.  Most Realtors negotiate a 6% commission because they have to split the fees with their brokerage. But, as Rivera is the Broker, he passes on the savings to the Seller. This will save Sellers thousands of dollars in commission fees.  His team offers full service for that discounted rate including high quality flyers, professional photos, open houses (as allowable by Seller), and extended advertising coverage on the Internet and social media.

Rivera’s current promotion is, “We will SELL your house in four weeks at highest value! We only request a listing period of four weeks, while most other Realtors ask for a six month listing.” Rivera says that “Buyers need to know that they do not need to pay their Realtor any fees for representing them on a purchase. The Buyer’s agent is paid by the Seller, not the Buyer.

Rivera absolutely loves what he does.  He loves selling homes to Buyers because he helps fulfill their dreams of home ownership. His favorite part of selling homes to is transferring the keys to excited Buyers. Rivera loves selling homes for Sellers because he enjoys the uniqueness that each property offers and selling the positive attributes of the home.  Rivera says, “Many agents spend their time showing houses….I SELL them!”

Check out Rivera’s website at to see how many different cities Rivera has sold in and for additional information about his company. You can also call the toll free number at (877) 888-SOLD (7653), or cell phone numbers (909) 967-4525 and (626) 340-9950. He also currently has a large freeway billboard where the 57 and 10 freeways meet, near Temple Ave.

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