Kim Possible


She swings from a rope she shot out of her sleeve. She dodges laser death rays and leaps to freedom. She saves the world and her side kick is a guy. She’s Kim Possible, a teenage secret agent. She’s the coolest. She is a hero each week on the Disney Channel and, most importantly, she’s a woman.

Kim Possible, although just a cartoon character, is such a great role model for women and young girls. Having grown up with six sisters, and having a daughter of my own, I’ve seen firsthand the importance of the equality of women. And I’m proud to see programs that depict women as leaders, and as equals. This is good for young girls to see; the truth that men and women are created equal.

When I think back about my life, I remember many shows that focused on beauty and sexism. Shows like Leave it to Beaver, Father Knows Best, the Brady Bunch, the Dean Martin Comedy Hour, and Laugh In. Their predominant message depicted women as housewives, as sex symbols, or the butt end of a joke.

My sisters have empowered themselves throughout their lives, and I’ve held onto the belief that women should hold equal positions within business and marriage. And when they can’t, I’ve learned that it isn’t because of their gender, it is because of their upbringing. My father taught my sisters to work. And work they did. Many women I know were encouraged to find a man and settle down to take care of the kids. And many women I’ve met still believe that men rule the planet. I hope that those women find out the truth about us men: we don’t run the planet; we just sometimes act like we do.

I know that someday all people will see the light that equally shines from our vivid sun. And I know that all people have the right to equally feel the energy within the stars that burn a million miles away. And as those rays of sunlight shine on us, and as we all watch the same stars with equitable vision, I know I’ll see our world grow stronger and more passionate than ever before.

And each week, on the Disney Channel, you can enjoy – and hopefully relate – to a young high school student named Kim, who reminds us that nothing is impossible.