Pomona: Convicted Pomona Man Keeps Driving



Pomona – In what Pomona Police Department sources describe as a “habitual traffic offender,” Darryl Ursery has continued to drive on a suspended license despite being convicted of exactly that eight times since 2008. His arrest on Thurs., May 22, will hopefully end his reign of endangering others on our roadways.


Ursery, 46, despite his previous convictions, has continued to drive with a suspended license, and has been involved in two injury crashes within the last year, which led to the District Attorney filling criminal charges.


A Pomona Police Department report states the Ursery was involved in a traffic collision on April 16 that resulted in serious injuries to a 4-year old boy and his mother. Ursery lost control of his vehicle and collided with two other vehicles, and mother and child had to be airlifted to a hospital. His license was suspended at the time.


In August 2013, Ursery was also involved in a collision in Pomona where he lost control of his vehicle and injured four people. His license was suspended at the time.


According to the Pomona Police Department’s Traffic Services Unit, Ursery, 46, faces criminal charges of driving on a suspended license and being a habitual traffic offender, and is being held on $200,000 bail.