Diamond Bar: Burglary Suspects Caught, Reward Paid


Diamond Bar – Two more criminals have learned the hard way that it does not pay to attempt a home burglary in Diamond Bar, and the resident who helped identify the suspects is now $500 richer.

The attempted burglary occurred last May on the 300 block of San Leandro Drive. A resident was working from home on a Wednesday morning when he noticed an unfamiliar vehicle pulling up in front of a neighbor’s home. Moments earlier he had seen his neighbor drive off, so he knew the home was empty.

He watched as the driver exited the vehicle and casually walked up to the front door. As he continued to watch, the suspect appeared to knock and ring the doorbell. After getting no response, the suspect made his way to the side yard of the home where the neighbor saw him peer through the windows and eventually move to the back of the house and out of view.

The resident immediately called the Diamond Bar-Walnut Sheriff’s Station with a description of the suspect and vehicle. He was still providing an account of events to the station dispatcher when he heard a Sheriff’s helicopter circling overhead. Through his office window he saw the suspect run from behind the house and get into a car. He then saw him drive toward Golden Springs Drive.

A team of Sheriff’s personnel pursued the vehicle and stopped it in the City of Pomona, at which time they found a second suspect seated in the front passenger seat. They also found a worn tire iron and a black fleece glove; the matching glove fell from the suspect’s clothing during the pat down search.

Based on the initial statements and positive identification by the witness resident, Sheriff’s deputies arrested the suspects for attempted burglary and possession of burglary tools, and transported them to the Diamond Bar-Walnut Sheriff’s Station for booking.

Under the City’s newly implemented Report for Reward program, the witness resident was nominated, and presented with a $500 reward last month.

Report for Reward aims to help combat residential and vehicular crimes within city limits by providing members of the public with a monetary incentive of up to $500 for information leading to the arrest of individuals who damage or destroy property while attempting or executing a residential or vehicular burglary. The program is open to everyone; however, City and Sheriff’s employees are not eligible for a reward.

A phone call to the Sheriff’s Station at (909) 595.2264 (call 911 if the burglary incident is in progress) is currently the only way to report suspicious activity as part of the Report for Reward program.

For more information about the program, visit diamondbarca.gov/RFR.