Just A Thought…


Is Social Media really Anti-Social Media? With the advent of “smart-phones” our communication styles have perhaps become less intelligent. With everything from a lack of actual conversation to cyber bullying, Social Media may be ruining many lives.

Social Media is the apple, and we are Adam and Eve. With it, we’ve tasted the truth; we’ve been empowered. Do we think we are God-like, making our own rules; defying purity; defying morality? Were we ever emotionally equipped for the rapid advancement of the Facebooks, Twitters and Instagrams of this world?

There are now consequences for what we believe is acceptable, according to what the majority of a ‘conversational’ thread dictates. It is sad that our individuality is being convoluted by our need – our greed – to be accepted, loved, and “liked”.

Our need to feel right socially has become our weakness. God said the beast will try and destroy us; could the “beast” be technology? “It” is surely behind this weakness, encouraging some with immorality and introversion. Man created technology, not God. And with this obsessive socialism of technology, could man be unknowingly destroying man? Are we so ‘social’ that we are missing out on society?

Just a thought…