Walnut: Maple Hill Star Student And Partner Honored



Maple Hill 4th Grader, Allison Yuh, was honored as a Super Star Student by the WVUSD Board of Trustees (shown with Principal Nancy Stingley, teachers Tami Barry, Kelly Morris, and Board President Cindy Ruiz). Photo Courtesy: Kelli Gile

Walnut – The Walnut Valley Unified School District Board of Trustees recognized the Super Star Student and Partner in Education from Maple Hill Elementary on Oct. 15.

Maple Hill 4th Grader, Allison Yuh, was recognized as a Super Star Student.

“She represents the best of Maple Hill and there’s a true connection between her head and her heart,” said Principal Nancy Stingley. “Allison is not only an outstanding academic student, she has great character and integrity, and she is highly motivated, helpful, responsible, respectful, and always willing to help.”

Former teachers Tami Barry and Kelly Morris described Allison as the perfect example of a 21st Century learner. She also possesses the five C’s traits, as a collaborator, critical thinker, creative mind, communicator, and heart of a citizen.

“We do a lot of small group work in Common Core and all the kids have roles. Allison is the leader and encourager. Kids flock to her because she allows them to share their perspective and she has such a good heart. That is the key to collaboration – willingness to hear what others have to say,” Morris said.

“Our future is bright because we have students like Allison Yuh!” the teachers exclaimed.

Volunteer grandfather Cor Grieve was lauded as the school’s Partner in Education.

“Mr. Grieve is being recognized for the tremendous support he has given in transforming the landscape at Maple Hill,” said Stingley.

Last year, during the year of construction, the 81-year old Grieve created ten beautiful murals on the handball walls. He also painted a mural on the front of the campus identifying Maple Hill as a California Distinguished school.

“When we started construction, it was really important to keep our school beautiful and to let our community know that we were still open for business,” Stingley explained.

Stingley asked parents for their ideas at the first Community Club meeting. Member Sarah Ramirez, Grieve’s daughter, was at that meeting and shared the school’s inquiry with her father. The artist immediately came up with the answer and volunteered his talents to Maple Hill.

Grieve painted murals, including the American symbols Statue of Liberty, White House, American flag, and Liberty Bell. He also painted the mural for the front of the Main building identifying Maple Hill as a California Distinguished school.

“He has a twinkle in his eye that lets you know he has a wonderful, caring heart.” Stingley said.