Jurupa Valley: Funtional Turf Areas Will Undergo Overseeding

JURUPA VALLEY, CA (November 17, 2014) – At the beginning of each fall season, Jurupa Community Services District (JCSD) overseeds lawn areas at Eastvale parks that appear to be “worn out.” As a result of California’s drought status and mandatory state and local ordinances, only functional turf areas such as sports fields are being overseeded. Ornamental turf at Eastvale Parks will not be reseeded.

The overseeding process requires additional water in order for turf to be re-established. Repairing heavily used areas help also protects the grass from irreparable damage. JCSD is committed to only using the amount of water necessary to ensure the reseeding process is successful. Overseeding is the process of planting grass seeds directly onto existing turf. As part of the process, grass seeds require constant moisture in order for it to take root or germinate. To ensure the newly seeded turf areas are successful, JCSD will be conducting additional watering cycles of newly seeded areas during the day for the next few weeks.

While there are certain watering restrictions during California’s emergency drought status, the restrictions are for ornamental landscaping and do not apply to functional landscape that that uses non-potable water or water-efficient devices that are operated properly. These water-saving devices include:

  • Drip/micro irrigation systems
  • Stream rotor sprinklers
  • Operation weather-based irrigation controllers
For more information about state and local drought regulations, please visit JCSD’s website at www.jcsd.us. If you have any questions about the overseeding process, please call JCSD’s Parks and Recreation Department at (951) 727-3524.

About JCSD
Founded in 1956, the Jurupa Community Services District is a public agency known as a Special District, governed by a five-member, elected, Board of Directors. JCSD serves over 107,000 people in a 48-square-mile region of western Riverside County in the newly-incorporated cities of Jurupa Valley and Eastvale by providing a variety of critical services such as water, sewer, street lights, frontage landscape maintenance, and graffiti abatement. JCSD is also responsible for parks maintenance and recreation programming within the JCSD parks territory. For more information, visit our web site at www.jcsd.us.