Chino: Holiday Safety Tips

Staff Reports


Chino – ‘Tis the season of joy, cheer…and theft. Shoppers nationwide are most vulnerable to theft during the holidays. While out, shoppers are urged to stay alert, and check their safety list twice.

The City of Chino offers the following tips to make your holidays more enjoyable:


  • Plan shopping trips to allow extra time, and avoid dark hours.
  • Use the buddy system and include a shopping partner.
  • Walk confidently with your head up, make eye contact with people and have your keys ready.
  • Be alert and aware (look for suspicious persons or individuals who appear to be loitering).
  • Know your surroundings at all times (location, exits, security staff).
  • Always lock your car doors and remember where you park.
  • Never hide spare keys in or on your car.  If you need spare keys, keep them in your wallet or purse.
  • Do not carry more cash/valuables than is absolutely necessary.
  • Be discreet with cash and valuables. Do not count money in your car or public areas.
  • Carry your purse with the opening flap next to your body and with the strap hung over your shoulder.
  • Place valuables out of sight (i.e. bags, purses, cell phones, tablets, etc.) in the trunk prior to parking, or take them with you.
  • Re-park your vehicle if you drop bags off in the trunk.
  • Tell children where they are (location)
  • Identify a safe place and instruct youngsters to contact a store employee or security guard should he/she become separated.
  • Talk to children about stranger-danger and staying away from candy or bribes while shopping.
  • Do NOT have your child’s name visibly displayed on clothing or bags.
  • Check your basic vehicle maintenance (gas, lights, tire pressure).
  • Drive defensively and courteously.
  • Do not drive across parking stalls; use marked driving lanes and obey all traffic signs.
  • Remember, parking lots will be more crowded and checkout lanes will be busier, so be patient and have a safe shopping experience.
  • For cyber-shopping, use familiar websites and apps from reputable retail companies.
  • Look for the Lock on website URLs to ensure it is a safe site for credit transactions.
  • Do not provide information like social security numbers and birthdays.
  • Ensure your PC has anti-virus software; most will have an identity theft prevention component.
  • Use strong passwords.