One Year Of Love

By Michael Armijo


There’s a song by Queen called, “One Year of Love,” that brings me peace. The lyrics say, “Just one year of love is better than a lifetime alone.”

I’ve chosen to apply this song and this philosophy to my life and to the passing of my friends.  At times, I have chosen to sulk and miss those who were close to me, but are now gone.  Now, I reflect on how lucky I am to have had many years of love, instead of “a lifetime alone.” I am very fortunate to have such beautiful memories when others have none.

Today marks the anniversary of the death of one of my closest and most loving friends. I can cry about missing our past, or I can remember how fortunate I am to have had so many years of love and friendship. I choose the latter.

It’s during these trying times that our abilities and our philosophies are tested. I believe that how we spend these times of pain and reflection is a testament to how appreciative we are for that love and friendship. I also believe if we do sulk and wallow in pain, then we are, in a way, insulting that friendship. We are ignoring that love. The people that we love throughout our lives are placed there for a reason. We are fortunate to have such experiences and wonderful memories.

So today, I will not insult the love I received from these individuals. Today, I will appreciate that I was fortunate enough to have such valuable and priceless relationships given to me. It’s just like giving a gift to someone.  When you receive a gift, like a jacket or a warm scarf, you wear it and it comforts you when you’re cold and alone. You have that feeling of warmth and memory of their thoughtfulness with you. When that person is no longer in your life, do you throw out that jacket or scarf? Or do you keep wearing it and using it for as long as you can?

My friendships and loving memories should be the same.  I will not discard them and throw them out by being hurt and feeling sad. I will not sulk and wallow in selfishness. I will not abandon those wonderful and priceless times that enhanced my life and contributed to the success that I worked so hard to achieve and deserve. I will remember those precious gifts that were given to me and I will continue to wear them to warm my heart and comfort me during cold and lonely times.

So, today I smile. Today I enjoy. Today I remember and cherish those wonderful gifts of friendship that were given to me. And I will be thankful that I will, once again, have “one more year of love.”