See For Yourself

By Pastor Ed Moreno

Pastor Ed Moreno of New Day Christian Church, Eastvale

Pastor Ed Moreno of New Day Christian Church, Eastvale

Have you ever been to a funeral where the deceased stepped out of the casket?  No?  Neither have I.  But did you know that over 500 people saw Jesus alive again after three days of a confirmed biological death?

Jesus told his followers several times that he would resurrect after being killed, but they didn’t believe him – that is until he did it!

What about you, do you believe in the resurrection?  No? Why not?  If it could be shown that the historical evidence overwhelming demonstrates that Jesus did rise, would you believe in Him and follow him?

Well, guess what, the historical evidence does overwhelmingly demonstrate that he rose!

In fact, did you know that if one could disprove that the resurrection occurred, Christianity would virtually disappear overnight?  Why?  Because the resurrection of Jesus is the very foundation upon which the Christian faith stands or falls.

Listen, instead of just taking some uninformed professor’s or loved one’s word for it to the negative, why not personally check out the claims of Jesus and the evidence for his resurrection?

I mean, why risk where you’ll be spending your afterlife (and there is one, you know)?  Don’t you think eternity would be a long time to have to regret not coming to know and accept Jesus while you had the chance?

Easter Sunday is on Apr. 5.  Please consider this my personal invitation for you to come to New Day to begin that journey of checking out Jesus’ claims and the evidence for the resurrection yourself.  I’m certain that you’ll be glad you did.

New Day Christian Church meets Sundays at 9:30 and 11 a.m.  They are located at 7155 Hamner Avenue (formerly “A” Street), at Schleisman Road next to the Fire Station.  For more information, call (951) 278-8367, or visit