Walnut City Council Recap

By Natalie Kim

Walnut – Mayor Pacheco began the Oct. 14 Walnut City Council meeting by recognizing the recently retired Assistant Chief Fire Director Dave Stone. The Council thanked Stone for his invaluable commitment and tireless work keeping Walnut safe, and wished him a happy and peaceful retirement.

Following the presentation, two ordinances were approved by the Council: one ordinance amended the City’s municipal code regarding purchase and sale of equipment and supplies; the other amended the City’s municipal code regarding the drawing of warrants. The amendments to the municipal code were a response to Councilmember Tragarz’s concern over the lack of checks and balances in the Council, as the City Attorney and City Manager were able to draw warrants without bringing the warrants before the Council.

The Council then approved all items on the consent calendar, including the minutes from the Sept. 23 City Council meeting; a resolution allowing claims and demands in the amount of $1,094,204.78; a resolution to deny Verizon’s plans to construct a new wireless telecommunication facility; final tract maps for Francesca Senior Housing; awarding a bid of $46,980 for storm drain maintenance; a memorandum of understanding between the Los Angeles County and the City regarding the administration and cost sharing for a coordinated integrated monitoring program for the upper San Gabriel River watershed; and a request for formal bids for auditing services.

The Council also approved waiving all applicable City fees for the destruction and subsequent reconstruction of the San Jose Hills road walls located at 20648, 20630, 20624, and 20618 Loyalton Drive. The Council also discussed Mt. San Antonio College’s plans to construct a photovoltaic solar system, and how to cease construction on the site. Many residents expressed concern over the aesthetics and increased traffic on the intersection of Grand and Temple, and the Council agreed that action was necessary against the project.