Diamond Bar: The Skin Of Our Teeth

Thorton Wilder’s Pulitzer Prize-Winning Play Makes Its Way to DBHS Stage


Courtesy of Diamond Bar High School Drama Department
DIAMOND BARThe Diamond Bar High School Theatre Company begins its fall season with a performance of Thornton Wilder’s play The Skin of Our Teeth in the DBHS Theatre, with show times at November 6, 7, 13 & 14 at 7 p.m. Pre-sale tickets are $11 for adults and $9 for students; at the door adult tickets are $14 and students are $12. Tickets are available online at seatyourself.biz/dbhsdrama.

Written immediately after the attack on Pearl Harbor, The Skin of Our Teeth is an allegory dealing with themes of human nature, human struggle, and humanity’s search for higher purpose and meaning in times of turbulence. The story follows the trials and tribulations faced by the Antrobuses, a sort of “Everyman Family,” whose members are archetypes found throughout human societies. Though the story is imbued with the concerns of America at the inception of its involvement in WWII and allusions to biblical characters, its themes of recurring violence and the effects of hedonistic lack of concern with the consequences of humanity’s actions speak to the current concerns of modern audiences in the turbulent beginnings of the 21st century.   The audience’s glimpse into the lives of the Antrobus family and their struggle for survival in a world on the precipice of ending, gives insight into the boldness and resilience of the human spirit.  Wilder’s play sees humanity as Phoenix-like ever rising from the ashes and never giving up hope for a better future.  Though the play deals with heavy themes, its anachronistic self-referential, theatrical approach is still fresh and packed with very funny moments.

Advanced Theatre Arts students at Diamond Bar High School work in a company structure to create and produce all aspects of their shows from design, to set construction, to publicity and performance.  Students are working hard to achieve high production values since this is the first time that a DBHS production has been submitted for adjudication by the California Educational Theatre Association.  The production will highlight the play’s theatricality by featuring several elements of audience participation that seek to immerse the audience into the drama and make them part of the creative process.

Celebrated playwright, Paula Vogel, has written, “For an American dramatist, all roads lead back to Thornton Wilder…The Skin of Our Teeth was a remarkable gift to an America entrenched in catastrophe, a tribute to the trait of human endurance.”