Walnut Goes Solar

New Expedited Solar System Permit Process Adopted

By Monique Valadez

WALNUT– Walnut homeowners and businesses looking to go solar now have a team of city officials backing them in their smart, energy efficient lifestyle. With the passing of a new state law AB 2188, all California cities and counties had until September to implement a state-standardized permitting process for the alternative energy systems.

The new law takes out the red tape and burdensome permit process allowing for an easier and faster process for residents and installers alike.

The Walnut City Council made it official on June 24 by adopting a new ordinance to help expedite and streamline a formal permit process for small residential rooftop solar energy systems.

According to city officials, they hope to advance the use of solar energy by all its residents, businesses, and industries by providing an expedited permitting process to assure the effective deployment of solar technology.

According to the new state law, which builds on the Solar Rights Act of 1978, seeks to reduce permitting barriers by mandating cities institute a more accessible and straight-forward permitting process, and by reducing opportunities for local governments to delay and unnecessarily condition approvals.

Under the new law, the city must allow homeowners to apply for the permits online, and must make all required documents available on their websites. A standard plan and checklist must also be provided to homeowners that explains the local building and safety requirements for rooftop solar panels. Cities must also complete the application process including inspections in a timely manner.

This new permitting process is also expected to save homeowners and solar energy installers a significant amount of time and money. In the long-run, this is a win-win situation for both governing bodies and residents converting to solar energy as well as helping expedite California’s “Million Solar Roofs” initiative.

For more information about solar energy systems and inspections, contact your city’s building division. The Walnut City Building Division can be contacted at (909) 595-7543.