Walnut Council Meeting Recap

By Natalie Kim
The January 27 Walnut City Council meeting began with an announcement from a Walnut United Taxpayers representative, who announced that Mt. Sac’s attempt to dismiss the injunction on the parking lot structure was dismissed by the court, and that Walnut United Taxpayers was able to add Mt. Sac’s proposed solar farm to their case. The case against Mt. Sac was reported to be very strong, although currently Mt. Sac’s current master plan still includes the contended parking lot structure.
Following the public comments, the Council approved all items on the agenda, including minutes from the January 13 City Council meeting; an ordinance imposing an express ban on marijuana cultivation, processing, delivery, and dispensaries; a resolution allowing claims and demands of $581,050; a resolution authorizing city application for all eligible CalRecycle payment programs; a first amendment to the purchase and sale agreement by and between the City and CalAtlantic Group Inc; appropriation of CalRecycle Beverage Recycling grant funds; awarding a bid to the Creekside Park Playground Renovation Project; a waiver of parking restrictions on La Puente Rd for a special high school event; a request from Mt. Sac Relays Executive Committee to conduct a 5k/10k Fun Race/Walk on April 9; a request for a film permit; a resolution approving the recognized obligation payment schedule for July 2016 to June 2017; the administrative budget for July 2016 to June 2017; appeal of Planning Commission Conditions and a tentative tract map for a two-lot subdivision of undeveloped land within the Single Family Residential and Rural Overlay Zoning Districts.
The Council adjourned with plans to meet again on Feb 10 at 7 p.m. at 21201 La Puente Road, in the Council Chambers.