Paul the Church Planter

Pastor Ed Moreno

Pastor Ed Moreno

By Pastor Ed Moreno

The Apostle Paul is known for many things.  He was used by God to write most of the New Testament, he was a bold witness, and he was a martyr.  But do you know what else he was? Paul was a church planter.

Church planters are a special breed.  Not everyone is called by God to be a church planter, and not everyone has been wired by God to plant a church.

Typically, church planters go to new, emerging communities that don’t have any churches. Or, they go to areas that need more churches.  But any way you slice it, church planting is enormously difficult work.  In no way is church planting ever to be thought of as an ‘easy path.’   Quite the contrary- it is one of most difficult paths a person can travel in ministry.

In most cases church planters have to raise support from friends, family members, their home church and the like.  They have to recruit people with a pioneering spirit to join in the venture.  They have to go where they don’t really know anyone.  They have to have a spouse that is supportive of the call God has placed upon their life.  And they have to establish a congregation from scratch.  They and their team have to set up and tear down their “church in a trailer” for years, because years is how long it takes to get to a point where the new congregation can secure land and then build a church facility.

Why do men and their families put themselves through all the years of struggle that are inherent in planting a new church?  They do it because they love God and people, and because they want to make sure that the residents of the new emerging communities they go to have a ministry that will share the saving message and love of Jesus with them.

Eastvale residents, you are blessed to have among you nine church planters that have come to you specifically to plant churches for you and your families.   I encourage you to treat them with love and respect.  Additionally, I encourage you to connect with one of the churches they are planting and help them in this great effort.   They have sacrificed much and deserve your support.  They are heroes of the faith and should be recognized as such.

New Day Christian Church meets Sundays at 9:30 and 11 a.m.  They are located at 7155 Hamner Avenue, at Schleisman Road, next to the Fire Station.  For more information, call (951) 278-8367, or visit