The Resurrection

Pastor Ed Moreno

Pastor Ed Moreno

By Pastor Ed Moreno

After just celebrating Easter, it dawned on me that there might be those in our city who are not Christians, and who may be wondering why the followers of Jesus make such a big deal about the resurrection.  It is to such curious minds that I humbly offer this brief explanation.

Jesus made a lot of claims.  He claimed to be divinity – the very Son of God.  Jesus claimed to be the only way to God.  Jesus said that He came to die in our place-to pay the just penalty for our sins.  He said that if we accept what He did on our behalf and commit to follow Him as the Master of our lives, that we could then be justly forgiven, reconciled to God, and receive the promise of eternal life with Him in heaven.

But what proof do we have that what Jesus claimed, said, and promised is true?  The resurrection is that proof.

What other religious figure ever said he could die for our sins; was willing to die for our sins; and that he would resurrect after three days of confirmed biological death to demonstrate that he really does have power over death, and because of that, can resurrect us to new life as well?

The resurrection is the “proof in the pudding” so-to-speak, that Jesus is who He claimed to be; that what He said is true; and that He can do what He promised to do.

Now if it could ever be shown that the resurrection did not literally happen, then Christianity would crumble, disintegrate, collapse, and go completely out of existence because the resurrection is the very lynchpin upon which the whole Christian faith stands or falls.

This is why the resurrection is so important.   And since the resurrection of Jesus is an irrefutable historical fact, it should come as no surprise that every year we Christians can be found celebrating and making a big deal about it.

If the religious leader you are following did not resurrect, a question you may want to consider asking is this: “What’s the proof that what he/she said and taught about the afterlife is true?”

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