Walnut City Council Recap

Many Thanks Given At Council Meeting

By Natalie Kim

Walnut – The May 11 Walnut Council meeting began with several presentations. The first of which was presented to the 2nd grade Rookie All-Star team for placing first in the NJB Championships, followed by the 5th & 6th grade boys team, who were undefeated for ten games. Next, Claudine Stines was recognized as the Older American of the Year for 2016. The Council thanked her for her many years and constant efforts to better the City, volunteering her services and being an active resident of the City. The Council then thanked West Coast Arborists for their work on maintaining the City’s greenery. West Coast Arborists gave their own presentation on drought resistant trees and other landscaping tips. Finally, Carol Anne Hagele presented information from the San Gabriel Valley Mosquito & Vector Control, urging residents to remove still pools of water, as they provide mosquito breeding places.

During oral communications, residents of the Three Oaks neighborhood complained of burglaries in the neighborhood. Residents called for more security from police, and a gate to keep suspicious persons out.

Following a public hearing, the Council approved a resolution regarding lighting and open space maintenance district assessments. The Council also approved all items on the consent calendar, including: a resolution allowing claims and demands in the amount of $490,018.61; a resolution acknowledging and confirming a court order in the matter of Los Angeles SMS, a limited partnership DBA Verizon Wireless vs. the City of Walnut; adopting a measure limiting the number of terms a member of the City Council may serve; a professional services agreement with Rincon Consultants, Inc. to prepare an environment and technical studies for the proposed 49 acre site specific plan; final acceptance of tract no. 73294; a revision of the fixed capitalization policy; a new website policy for the City of Walnut website; a request from Walnut Youth Softball for two additional tournaments; and the Mayor’s Agency Representatives appointments to fill vacancies.

Finally, after individual reports and comments, the Council adjourned with plans to meet again on May 25 at 7 p.m. at 21201 La Puente Rd.