Brazilian Leaders Visit U.S.

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Photo Courtesy: Michael Armijo Jerry Silva hosted a dinner for local officials to meet with Brazilian leaders as part of the IVCLA.

Photo Courtesy: Michael Armijo
Jerry Silva hosted a dinner for local officials to meet with Brazilian leaders as part of the IVCLA.

Ontario– Local resident, Jerry Silva, hosted a Home Hospitality dinner for Brazil Leaders last month thanks to the International Visitors Council of Los Angeles (IVCLA). The visitors were invited to the United States under the auspices of the Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program.

The Department of State has outlined the following specific objectives for the project: Meet with youth initiatives, campaign organizers, political candidates, party officials, and media representatives to examine methods of youth engagement; learn about the structure, processes, and financing of political campaigns; discuss the role of political parties, conventions, and grassroots political organizations in federal, state, and local elections; examine the influence of domestic and international issues, media coverage, and civil society on candidates; and study young people’s impact on the upcoming Presidential, Congressional, and State 2016 elections.

Silva’s event did just that, as many Brazilian leaders and dignitaries were in attendance, including the Mayor of El Monte, Councilman Jerry Velasco, and political consultant Luis Alvarado. Various media agencies were also in attendance, including

Silva said that he hosted and paid for this event because he loves bringing people and groups together. “It allows me to share my values and the values of my guests with these dignitaries from other countries.”

“As a board meeting with IVCLA, I am able to assist our organization on the programming that is done in IVCLA on behalf of the State Department, and the quality of meetings and dialogue we are to put together will help better understand our similarities, rather than focus on the differences,” said Silva.

Another benefit from these meetings can be that each country will have a better understanding of how one country may solve a problem, based on their resources and knowledge. “By sharing our experiences and knowledge, you hope there is better dialogue in the future of how we both learn and take it back to our colleagues and communities, regardless of their branch of government,” said Silva.

Silva said he believes the dinner went very well. “My guests and I were able to build new friendships in Brazil in better understanding their challenges and their resources. In return, they have done the same and hopefully see IVCLA and my involvement as a future resource.”

Silva plans to host future events, however he would only be able to if the state department approves travel and programming for dignitaries that request to visit Los Angeles as part of their education.

“I would like to do 3-4 events per year. As a traveler of many countries, I’ve learned to appreciate various cultures and their traditions,” said Silva.

Silva is a former Public Affairs Manager for Southern California Edison, board member for Hispanic 100 and a former White House Fellows regional judge, among other titles.

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