Let’s Go Shopping

mark-hopper-color-2x2By Pastor Mark Hopper

Recently, my wife heard that a clothing store was having a clearance sale.  Everything was on sale because the store was closing.

The friend that shared the news said that she had found some good bargains.  It sounded like a shopping opportunity.

I asked my wife if she wanted to go, but I was surprised that she said “no”.  She said that she really didn’t need anything.  But I encouraged her to go.  After all, everything was on sale!

It seemed a little ironic.  Usually my wife is the one who wants to go shopping and I am the one who wants to stay home and save money.

But, here I was encouraging her to go even though she said she didn’t want to!  I finally persuaded her and I offered to go with her.

The store was not as crowded as I expected and there was still a lot of merchandise on the racks.  My wife headed to the women’s section and I went looking for some new socks in the men’s department.

I found some socks pretty quickly and had time to look at some of the golf shirts on sale.  It took my wife a little longer to try on a number of items and decide which ones she could not live without.

One of the nice things that many clothing stores provide is a place for men to sit while the women are trying on clothes.  The marketing department knows that the longer the men sit, the more the women will buy!

When we finally got to the check-out counter, we had managed to buy more items than we had planned on.  I guess that is what happens when everything in the store is on sale!

Not only did my wife purchase several items, but I ended up with socks and a new golf shirt too.   How did that happen?

When we got home, I think we both agreed that we were glad we went shopping together.  The next time your husband says, “Let’s go shopping”, make sure you say “yes”.  You’ll be glad you did and he will too!

Pastor Mark Hopper is from the Evangelical Free Church of Diamond Bar, 3255 South Diamond Bar Blvd.  Sunday services are 9 a.m. and 10:45 a.m.  For more information, call (909) 594-7604 or visit Efreedb.org