Little Boys Are Superheroes In Disguise

   By Racine Guajardo  


Eastvale –Carter pic2There is a Superhero inside all of us; we just need the courage to put on the cape.” Carter Forsyth at just 6 years-old, wakes up every day and puts on his cape to fight this debilitating disease in order to live the most normal life as possible and to be happy again.

Carter is an Eastvale resident that is one of 300,000 U.S. children suffering from Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA). JIA is an autoimmune, inflammatory joint disease that presents with varying degrees of pain, swelling, stiffness, lethargy and a reduction or loss of mobility. Growth retardation is common in children with JIA, and this symptom is often exacerbated with medications typically used to treat the disease. Muscle weakness or loss, and osteoporosis are also possible conditions associated with JIA.

In an effort to find a cure for JIA, the Annual California Coast Classic bike ride will be held by The Arthritis Foundation and sponsored by Amgen. The 8-day bike ride will start on Sept. 24.

For last year’s ride, Team Carter, led by Carter’s “Papa” Jerry Davis, set a national fundraising record for the Arthritis Foundation. They raised over $210,000 and recruited 52 cyclist to join the team for the 525 mile ride, in which started in San Francisco and ended in Los Angeles. This will be the 3rd year in a row that Team Carter will be participating in the ride. The event is fully paid for by corporate sponsors such as Amgen and a few others, but 100% of the amount raised goes to research for better treatment and hopefully a cure one day, as well as provide education about the disease. The money raised also sends kids like Carter to a special summer camp with other kids who suffer from the disease.

There is not one treatment for JIA that works for everyone and most of them have heavy side effects when used long term, which may do even more harm to the patient’s body.

Carter is doing better than he was in the beginning of his treatments but recently, the treatments don’t seem to be working as well. The doctors are discussing other options which would include adding another medication to his treatment plan. He is now 6 years old and ev

Photo courtesy: Jerry Davis Carter Forsyth

Photo courtesy: Jerry Davis
Carter Forsyth

ery day is difficult for his family as they think of how heartbreaking it is that he will be on some type of treatment for the rest of his life, but most importantly that he will have to live in such pain.

In spite of his pain, Carter is a real warrior and rarely complains. His family believes he hides the pain as much as he can because he just wants to be a normal little boy and do the things boys his age like to do. He loves baseball and participated in t-ball and coach pitch this last year. His Papa says, “He’s actually really good and has a great swing. He told me he can’t wait until next season and that he is going to be on the All Star team.”

Recently, Carter made a fundraising video to post on the Team Carter For a Cure Facebook page for this year’s ride. He thought of what to say in his own words and he asked for people to “donate to Team Carter for The Arthritis Foundation so they can find kids sickness and so kids can be happy again.” Carter is one tough kid and he has a huge heart; he’s a real-life superhero. He wants to help other kids like him so they can all be happy again.

As usual, Jerry will be riding in the California Coast Classic in honor of his grandson Carter. “I’m just a grandpa that loves his grandson and I’m doing what I think any grandpa would do for his grandchild. I have 5 grandchildren and I’d do the same for all of them,” says Papa Davis.

For more information on where to donate to help Team Carter and other kids, you may visit: and visit this YouTube link to hear Carter’s personal message:

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