CVUSD Juniors Score Better Than State & Nation On SAT


Chino- Chino Valley Unified School District 11th graders who took the SAT in March scored significantly better than similar students statewide and nationally on the standardized test that is widely used for college admission.

District wide, the 2,009 CVUSD 11th graders taking the test (evidence-based reading and writing, and math) had a mean score of 1,005. The State mean score was 965, and the national mean score was 971.

Chino Valley’s mean score on the evidence-based reading and writing portion of the test was 505. The State’s mean score was 486, and the national mean score was 490.

Chino Valley’s mean score on the math portion of the SAT was 501. The State mean score was 479, and the national mean score was 481.

The “new” or redesigned SAT was administered for the first time in March. The redesigned test is scored differently as well as on a different scale, so comparisons between results on this test and previous versions cannot be immediately drawn, according to Julian A. Rodriguez, Director of Assessment and Instructional Technology.

Participation in the test by Chino Valley 11th-graders greatly increased from previous years because the SAT was offered to all students, the District paid the students’ test fees and took care of the registration process.

Ayala High had 89% of its 11th-graders taking the test; Chino High, 83%; Chino Hills High, 77%; and Don Lugo High, 64%.

Prior to the 2013/2014 school year, CVUSD student participation in the SAT “hovered around 45%, consistently,” Rodriguez said. The district’s highest percentage of participation was 48.3% in the 2013/2014 school year, according to Ed Data Education Data Partnership. Participation percentage rates were formerly calculated for students who took the test at any time in their high school careers.

Now that the district is a part of the SAT School Day program, it can begin tracking participation numbers based on students who take the test that single day.