Pokémon No Go for Sex Offenders

Staff Reports  No-Pokemon-Go

Walnut – Assemblywoman Ling Ling Chang of Diamond Bar announced earlier this month that she plans to push legislation to prohibit sex offenders from using the game Pokémon Go in California. To prohibit a sex offender from being able to lure minors into their location because of how easy it can be to use geo-location games to abuse children.

A press release by contact person Chris Wangsaporn has him stating, “I am Pokémon Go’s biggest fan- that’s no secret, but as someone who uses the game you can see how easy it is for criminals and predators to attract people to certain locations and many of those players are minors.”

Also stated in his release, “Pokémon players have fallen victim to criminals in a number of ways in the one month the game has been released in the US. For example, armed robbers have been known to bait victims using the game’s features that allow players to lure others hoping to ‘catch’ more Pokémon characters. Meanwhile law enforcement has expressed concerns that sexual predators could use the game in a similar way. Reporters in California have found that the game can bring players within feet of the residences of sex offenders.”

Chang also stated, “Before new games are released and they grow even more popular, it’s critical we establish protections for kids.”

The proposal will be to prohibit sex offenders from using interactive video games like Pokémon Go in an effort to prey on children. The deadline to send the bill to the governor for consideration is August 31.