City Council Update

By Natalie Kim

Walnut – The August 24, Walnut City Council meeting began with the Council recognizing several different organizations and individuals. The first was the summer 2016 Business of the Month, Fruit Revolution. Next, the Council recognized the AYSO Boys U19 Team for their remarkable performance in the Florida National Games. The team placed first in the games, and the Council praised the team for their hard work and excellent sportsmanship. The Council then recognized outgoing commissioners, although not all the outgoing commissioners were present to be recognized. The Council thanked the commissioners, both present and absent, for their hard work and dedication into making Walnut the beautiful city that it is and never ceasing to improve the City. The final presentation of the night was a presentation concerning fire safety. The sheriff warned that in the event of an evacuation, people in the endangered areas will only be warned once about the potential fire threat. Residents can choose to stay despite the warnings, however no manpower will be available for evacuation should residents choose to stay. All available manpower will be patrolling empty homes to prevent robbery and keeping alert for any potential danger.

During the oral communications, several residents expressed concerns about fire safety, especially concerning Mt. Sac’s lack of cooperation of a joint evacuation plan. However, the sheriff ensured that the police were working with Mt. Sac staff to prepare a proper evacuation plan in the event of a large emergency.

Next, the Council approved the minutes of the June 29 Joint City Council/Planning Commission Workshop minutes and the minutes of the August 10 City Council minutes. The Council tabled an ordinance concerning noise limitations and construction. The City staff will perfect the ordinance and bring it back to the Council at the next meeting.

Finally, the Council approved all items on the consent calendar, including a resolution allowing claims and demands in the amount of $1,207,316.11; approval of a three year contract renewal with RPW Services, Inc. for Trail and Right of Way Maintenance; the 2015-16 year-end request for additional appropriations; a request for additional appropriations for unexpended fiscal year 2015-16 appropriations; a withdrawal of appeal of the Planning Commission’s denial of Site Plan Case and Architectural Review to construct over-height fences in the front yards of four homes on Sunset Circle; and a cancellation of City Council and Walnut Housing Authority meetings for the holidays, cancelling meetings on November 23 and December 28. The Council adjourned until September 14 at 7 p.m. at 21201 La Puente Rd.