Temporary Signs In The Public Right Of Way

City of Eastvale

Citizens, business owners, non-profit organizations and others are asked to please abide by the rules and criteria outlined below when placing Garage Sale signs or other temporary signs within the City of Eastvale. Temporary Signs in the Public Right of Way is defined as “any sign, including commercial, non-commercial or political sign displayed for a limited period of time.”

  1. Temporary signs may be placed in the public right of way during the period beginning 4 p.m. Friday and ending 7 p.m. Sunday. Signs in place outside this period will be subject to removal.
  2. Temporary Sign Size, Materials, and Maintenance Criteria. All temporary signs placed in the right of way must:
  3. a) Be free-standing and securely mounted on a wooden or metal stakes;
  4. b) Be no higher than four (4) feet above grade;
  5. c) Be no larger than six (6) square feet and no more than three (3) feet in either height or width;
  6. d) Be constructed of substantial sturdy, durable and weather-proof material;
  7. e) Be kept in good repair;
  8. f) Be non-illuminated;
  9. g) Include the contact name and phone number of the person responsible for the sign in a clearly legible manner, either on the front or back of the sign; and
  10. h) Be located in a permitted location as defined in this Section 5.E. 3.
  11. Sign Location. Temporary signs in the public right of way must be located at least 20 feet from the curved portion of the corner in order to maintain visibility for motorists, as shown in the illustration. In addition, the following apply:
  12. a) Signs must be located at least two feet from the edge of a curb or sidewalk, or from the edge of the pavement if there is no curb or sidewalk.
  13. b) Signs shall be installed so as not to damage plant materials, irrigation equipment or other public property.
  14. c) Signs may not be placed on a sidewalk.
  15. d) Signs may not be placed in a roadway median.

e) Signs may not be attached to utility poles, sign posts, f

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