Burn Out

Dennis Morales X-ORIGBy Pastor Dennis Morales

Leviticus 6:12  “And the fire on the altar shall be kept burning on it; it shall not be put out.  And the priest shall burn wood on it every morning…”

A first-grader wondered why her father brought home a briefcase full of work every evening. Her mother explained, “Daddy has so much to do that he can’t finish it all at the office.” “Well, then,” asked the child innocently, “why don’t they put him in a slower group?”  I believe there is much truth to this.  We find our fast paced environment creeping its way into our lives more often these days.  We can walk into worship at church lacking energy and being a spectator rather than a willing participant.  This may not always mean it’s time for vacation, but it may be an indicator to at least “slow down.”  The fire on the altar of “burnt offering” was to never go out.  If your time with God is dissipating, you will burn out.  God is calling upon us to burn brightly for Him in our daily lives, but there needs to be fuel for the fire.  The priests would throw wood on the fire every morning to keep the fire burning.  It may be time to prioritize, slow down, and put wood on the fire.  There is no greater fuel for the Christian heart than the Bible.  In Luke 24 after Jesus rose from the dead, he met two disciples on a road and opened the Scriptures to them.  After their encounter with the Risen Christ they proclaimed “did not our hearts burn within us while He talked with us?” (Luke 24:32)  Make it a priority to get back into the “daily” practice of reading your Bible and praying.  It will bring fuel to your life.

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