The Worms Are Back

mark-hopper-color-2x2Mark Hopper

This has been a long, hot summer.  Recently, we have enjoyed cooler weather in Southern California, but the hot summer weather took a toll on my vegetable garden.

The tomato plants produced very few tomatoes during the hot summer months.  But, now the plants look better and there are more blossoms again.  I hope we are in for a second harvest in the weeks ahead.

But, there is a new adversary in the garden.  Along with new green leaves and tiny new blossoms are some big, ugly green worms.

These green tomato worms have a large horn on their head.  They blend in with the green leaves and are very hard to see.

I am not sure where they come from or how they get into my garden, but I suspect that some butterfly’s may be responsible.

Two ways I can tell that the worms are back are the black droppings that they leave behind and the twigs that they have consumed.

These ugly, green worms can devastate a healthy plant very quickly.  They must eat night and day.

I don’t like to use bug spray in my garden.  My best way to get rid of the worms is to pull off the branch they are eating and toss it and the worm in the trash.

I have been vigilant, keeping an eye out for these determined adversaries.  It is man against nature.  It seems like nature and the worms are winning.

If you have had any success against these green tomato worms, please let me know.  If you have a homemade or secret remedy, I would like to hear from you.

Raising healthy tomatoes is more difficult than you think.  The little seeds that I planted last spring have grown into big, healthy plants.  They have survived the heat of summer and seem to be ready to produce a new crop.  But, the worms are back – they seemed determined to prevail.

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