Great CA ShakeOut “Drop, Cover, and Hold on”

By Racine Guajardochino-shakeout-web

Chino- On Thursday, October 20, millions participated in the annual Great California ShakeOut drill that takes place worldwide. The practice was to “Drop, Cover, and Hold On” at 10:20 a.m. during the Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill. It’s a drill that began as an annual event for California starting in 2008.

By participating in this drill, it’s become a great way for families to be prepared and become organized in the emergency of a big earthquake and how to recover quickly. In 2015, there were 10.5 million who had participated in California, and over 53 million who had participated worldwide.

The City of Chino participated in the Great CA ShakeOut. The city used this opportunity to test Chino Notify, the mass-emergency notification system used by the city. According to the City of Chino, they upgraded the City of Chino mass-notification system to allow community members a choice in the types of alert notifications to receive and the preferred method to receive them. If you were previously registered, you continued to receive emergency alerts from the Chino Notify. City of Chino also requested that registrants revalidate their information in order to access the updated features and subscriptions.

Also according to the City of Chino, the City Manager, Matthew Ballantyne states, “It is critical for community members to register and maintain their contact information in our mass-notification system.  We know cities with the ability to communicate with residents during emergencies and natural disasters can save lives.  Chino Notify is an additional communication tool in our arsenal of emergency preparation.”

The Great California ShakeOut is the perfect time to sign up for emergency alerts as well as update family, business and organization profiles at


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