General Plan Website

By City of Diamond Bar  

DIAMOND BAR– The early phase of a three-year effort to update Diamond Bar’s 1995 General Plan is now underway, and the City wants to encourage all residents to get involved and stay informed throughout the process.

Also referred to as a city’s “constitution” or “blueprint” for development, the General Plan is a policy document mandated by the state that addresses and serves as the basis for a number of land use planning activities and decisions related to such areas as housing, transportation, environmental quality, economic development, public services, and park and open spaces.

To facilitate participation and communication, the City of Diamond Bar recently launched an all-encompassing website – – exclusively dedicated to the Diamond Bar General Plan Update.

Housed on the website is extensive information about this significant effort, including a description of the current project, a frequently-asked-questions section, an at-a-glance project status, and a list of public participation and input opportunities. There is also a library section that currently contains a copy of the 1995 Diamond Bar General Plan, and will be supplemented with meeting presentations, studies and reports as they become available.

The website will remain live until the project is completed and the City Council has adopted the Diamond Bar General Plan Update, in late summer 2019. Questions or comments about the plan and process are welcome at any time, and you can subscribe to an email newsletter by using your computer mouse to hover over the link “Participate” on the top right corner and clicking on the “Submit Comments and Join Email List” button.


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