Artist Corner

“Some Days I’m Humble, Some Days I Struggle, Every day I Hustle”

Jaime “Cartoon” Diaz

By Racine Guajardo

Diaz was born in San Diego California where he lived until about the age of 6. artist-webHe then moved to Fallbrook which is just North of Escondido. In his high school years, he always tried to stick with attending an Art class. As Diaz exited high school, drawing and learning to build tattoo machines with his cousin George Serna became a hobby.

However, Diaz went through life working random jobs in the beginning then deciding he would get certified in auto repair. As he did that for a few years, he got comfortable and stable enough before he went back to practice drawing then tattooing, saying “and yes of course on friends and family.”

Eventually, Diaz was contacted by one of his close friends Cesar Speedy Gonzalez. Gonzalez opened up his tattoo shop, Skin Distortions and Diaz saying “I was honored when he asked me to work for him.” Although, Diaz found himself moving around shops trying to find where he would be most comfortable, he decided to open up his own spot, saying, “where I’d be the perfect boss or at least be near it.”As he had a passion for art, he states, “I never thought I would be tattooing especially not so lucky to being able to open up Family First Tattoo in Fallbrook, California.”

When Diaz was asked who influences him he said, “If I had to say who influences me to be a great artist I would have to say Nikko Hurtado.” However, he says the guys he works with have an impact on who also influences him “I see how they’ve grown and how great they are becoming they help me grow and I learn something new from them every day,” Diaz said.

Diaz wasn’t too sure about what makes him different from other artists but goes on to say, “Tattoo artists are almost a dime a dozen nowadays. Maybe some might see me as nothing spectacular. Others might see me cut from a different cloth. I guess if there’s anything different than what I see, I’d say it’s got a lot to do with the fact I haven’t forgotten what it’s like to be in the client’s seat. I don’t rush things. I don’t forget how nervous the whole process can be. Yes, I do this for a living but I haven’t lost my patience with the entire process. That’s been an invaluable tool for me.”

Many artists find a certain style they cling to or specialize in, Diaz says, “I think every artist wants to be known for something particular. Possibly a certain style or look. I want to be recognized for something more than just that. I want people to be able to look at my artwork and see where I came from. I want each line to covey how priceless this career is to me. How I got here. The type of dedication I give to this line of work.”

If Diaz could give any advice he said, “To follow your dreams. I’ve always had those haters you know the ones whom said you’ll never make it, I’m not where I want to be but I’m closer n closer every day.”

Jaime Cartoon Diaz can be found in upper San Diego County at 1442 South Mission Road Fallbrook CA 92028. As well as multiple social media sites including; Facebook: Jaime Cartoon Diaz, Instagram: @cartoon760, SnapChat: cartoon760 or j.cdiaz