City Council Meeting

By Tiana Goegebuer

The September 14th 2016 City Council Meeting was attended by Council members Clint Lorimore, Adam Rush, and Richard Simmons, as well as Mayor Pro Tem Joseph Tessari and Mayor Ike Bootsma. The invocation was led by Pastor Rob Norris from The Crossings Church.

Cub Scout Pack 803 lead the Pledge of Allegiance before presenting awards to Ike Bootsma, Richard Welch, and Jane Anderson for their work and dedication to the City. Student Liaison Natalie Diaz updated the Council on the local school’s upcoming events before the meeting progressed to the next Item on the agenda.

During the Public Comment section, multiple residents came forward to express their concerns about “birthing hotels,” where foreign mothers allegedly give birth with the purpose of having a child born as a U.S. Citizen. The residents claimed that there are approximately 12 apartments and 16 houses in Eastvale being used as a birthing hotels. They cited concerns about the safety, health, and even the effect on the housing market that these “businesses” will have on the community in the present as well as the future. In response to the statements made by the residents, the Council asked that the City Staff provide some form of report on the investigations and actions that are currently taking place to try and combat the problem and present the information at a future City Council Meeting.

After the Public Comment’s, the meeting moved to the Consent Calendar, and Item 6.1 was continued so that Staff could make amendments to previous minutes.

The Council then proceeded to 8.1, which authorized the Eastvale Chamber of Commerce to host the 2017 State of the City Address. It was approved 5-0.

8.2 authorized City Staff to spend the amount of $10,000.00 to administer the Military Banner Program. It was passed 5-0.

Item 8.3, the Chandler/Selby Project Award was passed 5-0.

8.4 was passed 5-0 in favor of awarding a contract to Econsolutions for Economic Development Consulting Services and authorized the City Manager to execute the necessary documents.

The City Manager, Staff, and Council Members presented reports before the meeting closed at 8:23 p.m.



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